“Jarvis, crack the War Machine program and check if the pilot inside now is Colonel Rhodes.” Seeing the War Machine standing on the deck while a few Extremis soldiers followed next to it, something was obviously not quite right. Tony immediately stopped the plan and issued an order to Jarvis.

“Yes, sir.” A moment later, Tony saw Killian’s face in his helmet.

War Machine was originally a gift from Tony to Rhodes, and although scientists in the army had given it some modifications and protection, he could still hack into it if he wanted to.

“What does Killian want to do in the War Machine?” Seeing that it was not Rhodes in the War Machine but Killian, Tony had a bad feeling in his heart.

“I can’t let him leave.”

Seeing the War Machine was about to take off. Tony finally made a plan to rush up to him and attack him with a chest cannon. Killian used the War Machine disguised as Colonel Rhodes. It is obvious that is weird. If he is going to use the identity of Rhodes to make any terrorist attack, then it will be a problem.

At this time, he could not care less about infiltrating to save Rhodes but first chose to stop the more threatening Killian. Although Killian barely learned the basic operation of the War Machine, it is still problematic if he gets away.

Tony suddenly appeared in front of him and blasted him with a chest cannon. He had no time to control the War Machine to dodge and was blasted directly in the face.


Those soldiers standing on the deck watched as Killian fell at a faster rate than when he had just taken off, smashing through the deck and landing in the underground cabin. Killian holds all the technology of the Extremis serum, and if he dies, then it won’t be long before all of the soldiers are blown up into fireworks.

“Damn you, Tony!” However, a roar came out from the underground.

Immediately after, Killian jumped from the cabin to the deck. At this time, his stomach obviously missing a large piece of flesh, but was recovering quickly.

“Come!” Tony flew high in the air, heard Killian’s shout below, and provoked him.

He surprisingly spewed out a breath of fire toward Tony. He directly moved away so that Killian’s flames wouldn’t hit him. He roughly looked around. Now there are at least close to fifty Extremis soldiers below. He will certainly be torn into pieces if he goes down.

The most important thing to do now is to keep provoking him to stall for time and wait for the arrival of his iron legion and The Wizard.

“Look at me, dumbo.” Tony relied on dodging the attacks of the group of soldiers below and the long-range weapons such as rocket launchers and machine guns they picked up.

“This is useless, go and bring our dear Colonel Rhodes here!”

Killian wasn’t stupid and knew that it would be hard for them to hurt him as long as Tony didn’t come down. He immediately had his men go to the cabin and bring Rhodes out. When Tony saw Rhodes, who the soldiers brought, he was shocked.

“Tony, I order you to come down now immediately and take off your suit, or I will kill him immediately!” Killian came in front of Rhodes and shouted toward Tony in the air.

“If I came down here, you’re just going to kill both of us in the spot. Do you think I’m that dumb to fall for those kinds of tricks?” Tony looked down at Killian and taunted him.

He wants to save Rhodes, but according to Killian’s request, he can not save Rhodes at all.

“Fair point. I’ll give you a chance. You can come down in that suit of yours, and then we fight one-on-one. If you win, I’ll let you and Rhodes leave. How about that?” Killian put away the flames and lifted Rhodes up by the neck with one hand.

“Or I can kill him right now.”

“Wait, wait, wait. I’ll take that offer.” Tony saw that Rhodes was choked to the point of suffocation and hurriedly landed on the deck.

Although he knew that he and Killian alone were good because his purpose was to delay the time and wait for his iron legion and the Wizard to come.

Killian let go of Rhodes, whose face had turned purple. Flames came out of his hand, and he rushed towards Tony like lightning.

“Eleven years since in that rooftop, you know how desperate I am? And now I want you to experience my desperation at that time!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that to you.” Tony replied as he desperately fended off the attack.

Back then, when he was young, he was hitting on Hansen. Killian was there hoping to get funding for his research. To avoid being disturbed, he tricked Killian into waiting for him on the rooftop.

Of course, he didn’t go to the rooftop; now that he thought about it, he acted quite a jerk. But he didn’t expect him to be engaging in terrorist activities.

“I sincerely apologize for it.” Killian slammed Tony hard on the deck with one fist and ripped off one of Tony’s mechanical arms.

Now what he wants is not an apology but revenge.

The serum in Killian’s body has obviously undergone special optimization. Even Tony wearing the suit, was having trouble, but most of the time, he had the upper hand,

Tony took advantage of his opponent’s carelessness and blew off one of his arms. In just a few seconds, his arm completely regenerates.

Just when Tony had been violently ripped off the entire upper half of his suit by Killian, almost defenseless and about to be killed, a voice suddenly made everyone stop what they were doing.

“Oh? Am I interrupting you guys?”

The crowd looked up, and a stranger with huge white wings spread out. As if an angel appeared above them at some point.

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Published On: July 4, 2023

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