“Is it true?” Hearing that the Wizard had a way to restore his daughter’s health, the vice president’s emotions instantly lit up.

In his early years, he had offended many political enemies in order to run for the vice presidency, and those political enemies could not retaliate against him, who was strictly protected. They then took revenge on his wife and daughter.

In a deliberately arranged traffic accident, his wife was killed on the spot, and his daughter did not die immediately because his wife used her body as protection. Still, she lost her right leg and became a disabled person who could only sit on a chair for the rest of her life.

It was too late after running for the position, although he sent all his political enemies who caused the accident to jail. In his heart, he has always had a deep guilt for his daughter. This is why he was willing to be controlled by a terrorist organization.

It was him that brought those soldiers who were discharged from the army because of their disabilities, and those soldiers are now no longer disabled.

“Miss Wizard, if you can restore my daughter to normal, I will repay you well, and I will do my best to help you whenever you ask for anything.”

After grasping the vice president into his hand, Jerry smiled and walked up to the vice president’s daughter, pulled out the magic potion prepared in advance, leaned down, and asked, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Alice.” The girl’s expression was a little shy and a little excited.

“Alice, drink this potion. The magic will make you feel something and regain your ability to walk.”

Jerry handed Alice the magic potion in his hand. Alice took the magic potion and drank it down without hesitation in one gulp. A moment later, she let out a cry of pain, and next, a scene that she could not believe appeared.

Her right leg, which had been amputated three years ago, actually began to recover at a speed visible to the naked eye, and in less than ten seconds, it was completely back to normal. Alice tried to stand up from the wheelchair and then carefully took two steps.

Then, she jumped into Jerry’s arms at once.

“Thank you, the Wizard! Thank you for giving me a chance to stand up again!”

Jerry froze for a moment, then patted Alice’s back and laughed, “Actually, you should thank your father even more!”

He only has one magic potion that could do this, so he’ll have to make it worthwhile because he can’t save everyone in the world. He does not have time to cure them one by one, that’s why he said Alice should thank her father.

The vice president was also very excited and even had some tears in the corners of his eyes. However, when he opened his hands with the intention of giving his daughter a big hug, he saw that his daughter had actually jumped into the arms of the wizard.

But hearing the Wizard’s words, his mood instantly got better again. Alice turned to her father’s arms to jump over.

“Miss Wizard, thank you so much.”

The vice president let go of Alice and was about to express his gratitude to the Wizard. However, he found that the Wizard had disappeared, leaving behind only a mirror and the words that had not yet dissipated, “I’m going to solve more problems. If you have any news to tell me later, shout my name into the mirror.”

The vice president picked up the mirror for a moment of silence before shouting loudly toward the door and saying, “Smith!”

“Yes, sir?”

A few moments later, a tall agent pushed the door and walked in.

“Get me Mr. President on the phone!” The vice president commanded.

“Yes, sir!”

Agent Smith’s pupils shrank when he saw Alice, who was standing next to the vice president and had completely returned to normal. He did not say anything but quickly took out his phone and dialed the president’s secretary.

“Mr. Tony and Miss Wizard have found the terrorist organization’s lair at a pier in Florida. I request to send F22 fighter planes and troops to support.”



Tony, who was on his way to the pier, asked Jarvis, “Jarvis, how’s the situation in Malibu?”

“The cranes arrived last night, and the basement exits have now been cleared,” Jarvis replied.

“Good, initiate The House Party Protocol.”

Tony heard that the basement exit had been cleared, and his face was relieved. He wanted to use all of the legions of his iron suit to fight Killian, hence initiating his fully prepared protocol.

In Los Angeles, Malibu.

A group of workers are driving a crane, clearing the ruins of the stone. In the first location, they cleared as requested by their employer. There was a sudden sound of a machine turning far away.

Immediately after that, they saw the ground start moving, and the lights below lit up. A series of iron suits of different shapes turned on by themselves, flying out of the hole.

At this time, at the pier in Florida.

Killian relied on the lava-like heat inside his body to force Colonel Rhodes to take off his War Machine suit voluntarily.

“Lock him up. Let’s go and bring Mr. President here.”

According to the vice president’s message, the president would leave the security reserve today and head to Air Force One. He would wear the War Machine, disguise as Colonel Roddy, and enter Air Force One in a dignified manner to bring the president here.

“Jarvis, enter hide mode.” A few hundred meters away, Tony ordered Jarvis.

His dozens of suits with different functions were rushing over at supersonic speed, and it would take some time to get here. Originally, he would wait until all the suits arrived and then wait for the Wizard to come over.

But now, Rhodes was in danger. Waiting for another second later might dangers his life, so he had first to try to sneak in quietly to see if he could save Rhodes.

“Huh, War Machine suit?” Just as Tony was about to descend slowly and approach, he suddenly saw the War Machine that appeared.

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