Imperius Curse has been cast, and the female soldier’s emotion has changed. However, just as Jerry intended to ask her, she surprisingly bit her teeth and immediately returned to normal.

“Huh, she resisted the Imperius Curse. It seems she’s quite strong-willed.”

Soldiers who had undergone the effect of the serum were no worse than the mercenary leader that tried to assassinate him before. Many of them have undergone torture-resistant training, so their aspect of mind control resistance is more potent.

Since the mercenary leader was immune to the Imperius Curse, it makes sense that this female soldier would also be immune. Of course, if the Imperius Curse does not work, Jerry also has other ways to get the desired information from her mind.

Under normal circumstances, if the Imperius Curse spell does not work. He can use Crucio to torture her first, and until her mind starts to give up, he can use the Imperius Curse once again.

Jerry used this method before as the mercenary leader. But now, Tony is around. The Crucio spell will probably make him think differently about Jerry. Therefore, he gave up this option and used the second option instead.

When Jerry’s gaze met with the female soldier’s gaze, he immediately unleashed the Legillimency technique he learned from Voldemort.

The most important thing is that he can read her mental activities of her as long as he looks at her. A powerful master of the art of Legillimency can even read the activities of the mind and the memories deep inside the brain. This is the first time he has used it in the main world since he learned it.

He can’t use it in everyday situations, and he doesn’t like to read other people’s minds.

“Tell me, why did Killian plan the terrorist attack? Where is he now?”

The female soldier sniffed and silently closed her eyes, obviously not going to answer his question at all.

“She doesn’t know why Killian is planning a terrorist attack but knows where Killian is now. But we need to be quick because your friend, Colonel Rhodes, seems to have been captured by them.” Jerry retracted his thoughts and turned his head to Tony.

“Impossible. How do you know that? I didn’t say anything!” Her eyes widened when she heard Jerry’s words, revealing an unbelievable look.

Jerry looked down at her, “In case you forgot, I’m a wizard, and just now, I just used mind-reading magic.”

“They captured Rhodes?” Tony immediately became anxious when he heard that.

Jerry suggested, “Tony, your flight speed is fast. Go save Colonel Rhodes first. I’ll stay and take care of this place. Then I’ll rush over to help you right away.”

“Okay, I’ll go first!” He nodded, left the villa, and flew at full speed toward the location of the pier where Killian was.

After he left, the female soldier suddenly thought of something and looked at Jerry and said, “You just said I do not know Killian’s plan. If you really can read my mind, it is impossible not to know. Either you were really bluffing or lied to him just now.”

Just now, she was stunned by Jerry’s mind-reading magic, but now that she thought about it carefully, it wasn’t right. She obviously knew about Killian’s plan, so why didn’t he say that to Tony but only the location of Killian and the fact that they captured Rhodes?

Jerry looked at her and smiled, “Sorry, you know too much.”

He then cast the Sectumsempra Curse on her. This scene caused The Mandarin and the three women behind them to scream in fear once again.

“Obliviate!” Jerry cleared the memories of the four people just about his conversation with that female soldier.

Regarding Killian’s plan, he had indeed known it from her. He did not tell Tony because he also had his own plans. Killian’s plan is very big. He plans to make more Extremis soldiers in order to expand his terrorist organization.

At the same time, his purpose of capturing Colonel Rhodes was also to seize Colonel Rhodes’ War Machine suit with help of the suit, get close to the heavily protected president, and kidnap him.

They also got the Vice President on their side by using the Extremis serum to help restore the Vice President’s daughter as a bargaining chip.

After the success of the plan, Killian will control both the largest national government in the West and the world’s most famous terrorist organization. After which, he can continue to take over other countries and rule the Earth.

However, Jerry felt that his plan was too ambitious. Even if Killian completed the plan, trying to control a country with these Extremis soldiers that could explode at any time.

Wouldn’t S.H.I.E.L.D. intervene later?

Let alone him. The Avengers probably would also intervene with his plan.

Jerry doesn’t care pretty much regarding the safety of the president itself. So he’ll leave that kind of matter to Tony to take care of it. He really cared about the vice president’s betrayal of the country by listening to a terrorist organization so that his daughter could recover.

In other words, in the eyes of that vice president, the role of the father is far more important than the role of the vice president. That’s why he went to cooperate with a group of terrorists who wanted to kill the president to rule the country just to save her daughter.

Coincidentally, in his suitcase. There happened to be a bottle of amputation regeneration magic potion, a gift from Professor Snape to him at Christmas. This potion can be consumed without any side effects to help the vice president’s daughter get rid of her disability.

This is why he did not tell Tony about Killian’s plan.

He couldn’t let anyone know that the Vice President was serving Killian. He needed the Vice President to stay in that position for the rest of his life and even further after the President left office.

That way, he could gain something like a favor for helping him in the long run.

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Published On: July 3, 2023

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