At this time, inside the master bedroom, there were three beautiful-looking women wrapped in quilts, huddled together, shivering. They saw Jerry walk in and suddenly let out a cry of fear.

“What the hell….” Jerry saw the corners of his mouth slightly twitch.

He raised his hand to indicate the three women to be quiet, then opened his mouth and asked, “Where is The Mandarin?”

The three women stopped screaming and pointed in unison to the toilet next to the bedroom. Just as Jerry was about to pull out The Mandarin hiding in the toilet, a large hole was suddenly knocked out of the wall of the master bedroom.

Tony and the male soldier wrestled and crashed in together. Tony’s suit each has its own characteristics. Although his current suit has the most advanced remote control and automatic assembly function, relatively speaking, it lacks any weaponry.

So, he had a bit of a problem when it came to close-quarter combat. Especially these soldiers are retired veterans, and their fighting experience is higher than Tony’s.

But Tony also has his advantages. He doesn’t always use his hands and foot to fight. He can also skillfully use the various techs in the suit that assist him in fighting.

“Tony, can you do it? Do you really not need my help?”

Jerry turned his head just in time to see Tony fighting the same male soldier. The soldier pressed his hands against the wall, with one leg against his lower body. His arms are starting to glow red with the intention of melting Tony’s suit.

As a man, how can Tony admit that he needs a little girl’s help in a fight?

“No need, I can do it!” Tony yelled. He concentrated most of his energy on his chest. A super-sized blast cannon directly shot that male soldier, and it opened a big hole in his chest.

The male soldier never thought Tony would have something like this on his sleeve. After all, he was fighting someone in a high-tech suit, not a normal person.

Looking down at the big hole in his chest, the soldier directly fell to the ground. The soldier’s body has an extremely powerful self-healing ability. If the limbs were cut off, it could slowly generate a new one because it is not a fatal injury.

But if it is fatal, like a large hole in the chest, the head being cut off, and so on. Then the self-healing ability would not do much as they’re already dead.

“I told you I could do it.” Tony kicked away the body of the soldier.

He made the three women on the bed scream again.

“Oh, sorry ladies!” Tony saw the situation and hurriedly picked up the body of the soldier and threw it out of the bedroom.

However, when he threw the corpse, he saw a female soldier flying in the air and spinning the whole time.

“Jay, I hope we will always be friends. I do not want to have such a terrible enemy as you.”

“The Mandarin is in the toilet. You can have your revenge there.” Jerry shrugged, then pointed in the direction of the toilet.

“Let me see if this terrorist leader can still act as arrogant as he did on TV now.” Tony smiled and walked over to the location of the toilet with a cold smile on his face.

Tony pulled him out of the toilet and quickly explained, “Wait, wait, wait! This is just a misunderstanding. I’m Trevor Slattery, and I’m just an actor.”

“Are you serious? Are you sure you’re not a double?” Tony looked at the cowardly old man in front of him. His face showed a look of surprise.

The Mandarin on the TV looked like the old man in front of him. Tony thought that this old man was just a stunt double for the broadcast on TV. That’s why he doubted him and thought he was just a stunt double.

“No, this is The Mandarin that was shown on the TV. My owl had never been wrong about it.” Jerry replied with a frown.

The owl’s ability to send letters to find people will not be wrong, even if that person’s name is similar to the others. Since The Mandarin that Tony wrote on the envelope at the time was the one he was thinking of on the TV, the one that the owl found now will definitely be the one that he was looking for.

“Since you’re just an actor, explain yourself now.”

“It is like this, I am The Mandarin, but I’m not the real Mandarin. Because The Mandarin that you see is just a character that I play. You can see these costumes and props that are in the house. I’m just a low-class actor that they just found by accident.” The Mandarin knelt on the ground and quickly told the story.

“Was it Aldrich Killian who found you? He recruited you to pose as the leader of the Ten Rings and then plan the terrorist attack?” After listening to The Mandarin’s explanation, Tony generally understood the truth.

The mastermind behind all these terrorist activities, such as explosions and killings that happened in recent times, including the bombing of his mansion, was not The Mandarins at all, but Aldrich Killian. The guy who worked with Hansen to develop the Extremis serum and create the Extremis soldiers.

“Since there is no The Mandarin at all, what is his purpose in planning these terrorist attacks?” Tony once again fell into deep thought.

“We can always ask her about it.” Jerry waved his hand to lift the whirlwind magic and put down the female soldier who was about to vomit.

“Good idea!”

Tony’s eyes lit up. He turned his head and walked to the female soldier who was lying on the floor, leaned down, and asked, “Hey, why did Killian plan these terrorist attacks, and where is he now?”

The female soldier suddenly stopped coughing when Tony looked down, quickly got up, and blasted toward him. As a soldier injected with the Extremis serum, she did not get too dizzy even after being whirled around thousands of times. She just did that to lower the enemy’s vigilance.

Originally, she was planning to sneak up on the Wizard. But Jerry was too far away from her, so she had to do it on Tony first. She planned to punch Iron Man and send him flying in the direction of the Wizard and then take the opportunity to escape.


However, how could her sneak attack be faster than Jerry’s magic? The Wizard cast the Shadow magic and created four black ropes to instantly tied all her limbs so that her plan to sneak attack completely failed.

“Look, let me do it.”

Jerry gestured to Tony to move aside and walked up to the female soldier, “Imperio!”

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Published On: July 2, 2023

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