“Oh, Jay, you are really amazing.” Tony saw the instantly fully charged suit and almost could not help but go forward to give Jerry a big hug. But knowing that there’s Pepper next to him, he immediately gave up this idea.

Tony looked at his suit and moved his hand. The suit’s whole body swayed for a moment, but not much change occurred.

“Give me a moment.”

Tony saw this and laughed awkwardly, then shouted again at the suit, “Come!”

This time, the suit did not malfunction but instantly disintegrated, divided into ten parts, flew to Tony, one by one quickly put on his body.

“That’s cool!” Jerry showed a thumbs-up to Tony.

He feels that Tony has a unique ability that no ordinary people have. Using his own intelligence alone to transform his suit into a more powerful and advanced creation is indeed worthy of recognition.

According to Tony, because of the last alien invasion. He felt that he needed more upgrades. This time he is a full set of more than thirty different types of iron suits. The Mark 42 suit is the recent creation with this kind of upgrades and features.

As long as there is network coverage, he can let it fly through the remote control automatically and assemble it on his body parts by parts.

Getting Jerry’s affirmation, Tony opened the mask, revealing a smug smile, and then said, “Okay, let’s go then.”


In Miami, Florida.

They arrived in a large villa. Jerry put away Norbert, which carried him and Tony. The owl landed on the second floor of the villa balcony. Due to the limited speed of the owl, even though Tony’s speed is amazing, the dragon is still faster than his suit, which is why Tony spent the whole night riding the dragon with him.

As for Pepper and Hansen, they stayed at Harley’s house for their own safety.

“It seems that the terrorist leader named The Mandarin is in this room.” In order to prevent the owl from being attacked, Jerry let it land on his shoulder first.

“You don’t need to do anything here, Jay. I’ll handle this because The Ten Rings and I have some personal problems to take care of.” Tony raised his hand and knocked two bodyguards with his repulsor.

Jerry looked at Tony. He wanted to do some action too. Because gun-wielding terrorists and seemingly powerful Extremis soldiers are nothing, he came to participate to earn some red stars.

However, Jerry just walked into the second-floor living room along the big luxurious balcony and saw Tony being punched backward by an Extremis soldier,

“Uh, Tony, are you sure you don’t need my help?”

“No, I just got careless.”

Tony activated all the jets on his suit, controlling the suit at a great speed towards that soldier. He choked the opponent, crashed through three walls, and wrestled with him.

“This man is relentless.” Jerry shook his head, casually took out his suitcase, released his twelve robot soldiers, and commanded.

“Surround this villa, and don’t let anyone leave.”

“Yes, Master!”

The twelve robot soldiers opened their steel wings, opened their stealth mode, flew out from the balcony one after another, and then surrounded the whole villa in twelve directions. After ordering the twelve robot soldiers to surround the villa, Jerry let go of the owl and followed it with his steps toward the villa.

When he was about to step into the main bedroom, his keen five senses suddenly sensed something and immediately chanted, “Shield!”

In an instant, a semi-circular transparent shield instantly enveloped his entire body. Immediately after, a red fist penetrated the wooden door of the main bedroom and smashed hard on the transparent shield that Jerry had cast.

It turned out that there was not one Extremis soldier in the villa, but two.

The male soldier guarding the outside got tangled up with Tony. In contrast, the female soldier guarding the master bedroom was smart enough to hide behind the door, intending to give a sneak attack on Jerry, who was about to enter.

The female soldier found her fist was blocked, and the wooden door began to shatter. She continued to punch Jerry’s shield with multiple punches.

Jerry stood still, looking at the female soldier. After a series of fierce punches, he said, “I am a person who generally does not hit women. But if you continue to act like this, I will have to take certain measures.”

His Protego Charm has been improved with the new magic system he learned, so its defense is bigger than before. Even Hulk wouldn’t do much about it.

“Fucking hell!” the female soldier is obviously not an ordinary person. She is a retired soldier. Her character is quite fierce. She walked to the side to get a steel pipe, intending to use the pipe as a hammer to destroy Jerry’s shield.

Killian’s brain is quite smart. He can make disabled people stronger than ordinary people by injecting Extremis serum.

While normal people would die from the serum, people who can become so powerful after injecting the serum are these retired soldiers who have trained in the military for years and have war experience.

“You don’t know when to give up, huh.”

Jerry saw this and once again recited an incantation, “Wind!”

The female soldier just picked up a steel pipe and jumped toward Jerry, a green whirlwind suddenly rose from beneath her feet, carried her in mid-air, and kept spinning her up.

She can not resist the powerful force of the whirlwind. She spun in mid-air, and there was no place for her to force. She had to clutch the steel pipe in her hand, trying to see if she could use the pipe to break through the whirlwind.

It’s comical to see this happening in the bedroom. A female soldier, grasping a steel pipe, under the action of the whirlwind and kept spinning in circles.

At first glance, it was as if she was doing a pole dance. Without caring about the female soldier, Jerry continued to walk forward and go past her.

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