Tennessee, in the town of Rose Hill. Tony is talking to an old woman at a bar.

After being attacked, he was taken by his suit to the location where he originally planned to come to investigate the explosion, the small town of Rose Hill, Tennessee.

But when he woke up, the suit’s power had completely run out. He had to drag it with difficulty to a bungalow nearest to his landing spot. The adults of the house were not there, only a child named Harley Keener, who was his fan.

With his help of him, he barely managed to give the broken suit a certain degree of repair and charge.

Unfortunately, the voltage was too low, and it took a long time to charge up the suit completely. He had to go to town with his repulsor to investigate the suspicious bombing and see if he could find clues related to the terrorist attack carried out by the Ten Rings.

Now, the person he was talking to at the bar was none other than the mother of the murderer of the town bombing not long ago.

However, just when Tony convinced the old woman to come up with relevant information about his son, a woman whose skin seemed to be filled with hot lava inside attacked him.

Several police officers who wanted to stop her chased her.

“Tony Stark, I didn’t expect you to be alive. In that case, let me give you a ride!”

The woman casually twisted a rifle that was pointed toward her. She walked over with a sizzling breath and a fierce smile on her face toward Tony.

Tony doesn’t have his suit right now. He is as vulnerable as normal people. Although he has been practicing martial arts, but he obviously can’t beat the person in front of him.

His eyes turned sharply, and he began to think about the solution quickly. He hadn’t thought about the solution. Another bald man had surrounded him from another direction.

“I gotta find a place to hide!”

Tony was about to jump into the back of that store when suddenly an owl descended from the sky, landed on his shoulder, and threw a letter held in his mouth. This sudden landing of the owl and the letter immediately let Tony and the two attackers froze for a moment.

“From: The Wizard, To: Tony Stark.”

Looking at the words on the envelope, Tony looked up at a man and a woman in front of him, then shrugged and said, “I advise you to run. My friend may be coming over in a moment. She has never been very good-tempered with bad guys.”

The two glanced at each other. Both revealed a disdainful smile and continued to walk toward Tony.

A loud sound can be heard, and the two of them are sent directly lying on the ground.

“It’s been a long time, Tony!”

Along with a blue magic light, a familiar voice sounded. He saw Tony and two attackers on the back. Tony saw the huge dragon and saw Jerry, Pepper, and Hansen on the back.

“I told you to run, but you didn’t believe me.”

Tony loosened the handcuffs, looked at the two who were stepped on by the dragon, and went up to greet Jerry and hug Pepper.

The dragon stepped on the two. Although they were lightly injured because of the attack by the dragon, they still struggled hard to crawl out from under Norbert’s claws.

Unfortunately, as a dragon, no matter the strength or weight, they are far more powerful than them. Even if the two struggled so hard, they couldn’t break free from the powerful dragon claws.

The two then began to unleash the hot temperature in their bodies. Half of their bodies instantly turned red, as if they wanted to rely on the heat that could melt steel to make the fire dragon loosen its claws.

However, this time they once again miscalculated.

The dragon egg is hatched in the flame, and the dragon itself can also spit flame. It can be said that they were immune to flames and hot temperatures. They can even bathe in lava, so how can this heat emitted from the two bodies make any impact on the dragon?

“What are these two guys?” Jerry came in front of them, watching two people there trying to exert heat.

Tony let go of Pepper and shook his head, “I’m not sure, but they should be related to that Ten Rings.”

“They are called an Extremis. A super soldier experimented with the biological genetic sequence I developed.” At this point, Hansen at the back explained.

“A genetic sequence? What the hell is going on?” Tony looked at Hansen.

Hansen sat on the back of the dragon and explained the situation. Eleven years ago, when Hansen was a young female scientist in her twenties, she invented a technology that allows plants to heal themselves.

Her dream was to apply this technology to plants and the human body so that those with disabilities could regain their lives. So, he found the most wealthy and most famous genius scientist like Tony for cooperation.

However, Tony was still young and arrogant. He did not pay attention to Hansen’s research and only focused on hitting her. After that, Aldrich Killian found her, convinced her to cooperate, and finally invented the Extremis.

After the injection, the missing part of the body will grow back. The recovery ability is greatly enhanced. The power is greatly enhanced, but it allows the body to exert temperature extremely high and can even melt steel with only one hand.

The Extremis used on the human body and the plant has a different result, which is very unstable. Many of the disabled veterans they recruited exploded and died in the experiment.

Hansen had been working to improve the Extremis for the benefit of humanity but later discovered that Killian was the Extremis to serve the terrorist group and the boss, The Mandarin.

This is why she escaped and wanted to tell Tony about it and seek help.

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Published On: July 1, 2023

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