He will be able to personally assist Gryffindor in achieving Professor McGonagall’s goal of defeating Slytherin in the Quidditch match after he receives the Nimbus 2000 for free. You should be aware that the Gryffindor squad didn’t actually take home the Quidditch trophy until Harry was in his third year, as stated in the book.

Because he stopped Voldemort from stealing the Sorcerer’s Stone in his first year, Harry spent some time in the school infirmary. As a result, he missed the game versus Ravenclaw, which resulted in the Gryffindor team’s final devastating loss.

Because the Chamber of Secrets was opened in the second year, the Quidditch match was immediately canceled.

The Gryffindor team didn’t actually beat the other three houses and take home the Quidditch Cup at Hogwarts until the third year. He decided that enrolling in Gryffindor was the best move for him right now after giving it some more thought.

Gryffindor will be decided at tonight’s sorting ceremony.

Hermione’s face lit up with joy as she learned that Jerry shared her interest in Gryffindor. She should wish to study in the same house as Jerry, who is such a unique and ideal companion.

“Trevor? Trevor! where have you been? Trevor has left me once more!” Hermione was startled when Neville, who was on the other side, suddenly let out a fear.

“Neville, what’s wrong? Trevor? What’s the matter with you?”

Hermione swiftly stood up and inquired after seeing Neville sobbing and looking for something on the ground. After looking around, Neville eventually collapsed on the ground and sobbed.

“The toad my uncle got for me as a thank-you for allowing me to attend Hogwarts is my Trevor. It was constantly attempting to get away from me, and now it’s gone!”

“Neville, cheer up! I’ll help you discover it with Jerry!”

Hermione was a little haughty, but she had a lot of heart and was a very good person. She drew Jerry over as soon as she saw Neville sobbing, comforting her.

“Neville, relax. The train is only this big, and since your toad is unable to fly, he cannot escape the vehicle. He must thus be hiding in a nearby room. We’ll quickly find it if we ask each question in turn!”

Jerry could only shrug his shoulders in consolation because Hermione had already spoken while also knowing that Neville’s toad could not be lost. Neville finally stopped crying after hearing the two provide consolation and got up from the ground.

“We must be getting close to the station. Let’s get dressed in our school clothes and then go look for Trevor.”

Jerry pulled the two large pieces of luggage belonging to him and Hermione from the shelf as he stared out the window at the fields going by and the steadily fading sky. The three eventually changed into fresh Hogwarts robes and left the space.

Jerry, take a look there while I take Neville and take a peek here.

Hermione greeted Jerry in the aisle before directing Neville to inquire in one room after another on the right, leaving Jerry with no choice but to turn around and begin looking to the left.

“Just picture getting a red star as a prize!”

One or two red stars are typically awarded for such a task of assisting others in finding missing stuff.

“It’s incredibly difficult to find this little thing!”

Jerry searched every box on the left after waiting for twenty minutes, but he was still unable to locate Trevor.

On this journey, he did see a lot of magicians with well-known names, though. For instance, Marcus Flint, the captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team, George and Fred, who are so like to one another that even their mother Mrs. Molly has trouble telling them apart.

“Crookshanks?” Jerry had just opened the door to the room he was previously in when he noticed Crookshanks prodding Trevor.

As Jerry and the other three went from room to room looking for Trevor, Crookshanks was also assisting and quickly discovered Trevor in a concealed area of the train.

At this point, in the private room, Crookshanks used his claws to knock Trevor back to the original location in an effort to keep him from escaping once more.

“Wingardium Leviosa!”

Trevor kept attempting to jump up and run away, but the wand was pointing at him, and a floating spell lifted him into the air.

Crookshanks was given some of the small dried fish that Jerry had previously taken from the orphanage and was fed as a reward by Jerry after he scooped him up and gave it two gentle strokes.

“Let me take you to Neville. He’s in a hurry!”

After lifting the levitation spell, Jerry grabbed Trevor, left the room again, and walked towards the direction where Hermione and Neville had just left on the right side of the train.

Perhaps because he heard that he was going to find Neville, Trevor’s legs immediately started kicking wildly, struggling violently in Jerry’s hands. Seeing this, Jerry frowned, stopped and, lifted Trevor, and narrowed his eyes.

“Braised toad, dry pot toad, garlic toad, flavored toad, boiled toad… I like to eat toad meat the most, and then make various medicinal materials from the peeled toad skin…”

Trevor’s frog body shook, and he immediately retracted the legs and put them under the stomach, and began to tremble. Seeing that Trevor was no longer struggling, Jerry nodded in satisfaction and continued to look for Neville and Hermione.

What he said just now was just to frighten Trevor. Trevor’s appearance is the same as the toad that was common in his hometown in his previous life. Who would eat a toad covered in pimples?

However, if it was a bullfrog, then he would have to think about it. After all, Bullfrog is really delicious.

“Neville, your Trevor!”

After walking through for a moment, Jerry quickly saw Neville and Hermione walking back, so he waved to Neville with Trevor’s legs.

“Thank you Merlin, thank you Jerry. My Trevor!” Seeing Trevor, Neville immediately stretched out his arms and ran towards Jerry in ecstasy.

“You have to thank Crookshanks. It’s him who helped you find Trevor!” Jerry smiled and handed Trevor to Neville.

“Crookshanks is really dependable!”

At this time, Hermione also followed, and said to Jerry a little proudly, “Jerry, guess who I just saw?”

“Who?” With a twitch in Jerry’s heart, he already had the answer.

“Harry, Harry Potter. The Boy Who Lived, the Harry Potter who defeated the Dark Lord when he was born!” Hermione looked a little excited.

“Harry Potter?” Jerry pretended to be puzzled.

“The Rise and Fall of Black Magic, Important Magical Events of the Twentieth Century, and Modern History of Magic all mention it. Oh, I forgot that you haven’t read the extracurricular books I bought.”

Hermione realized that Jerry wasn’t from a wizarding family like she was, and he hadn’t studied as many books on wizarding history as she had.

“Let’s go there and get to know each other.” He didn’t anticipate Hermione to be as composed when she first saw Harry in the movie. She was a bit excited, just like other young wizards.

It seems that Harry Potter’s name is indeed very influential in the wizarding world.

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