Aisha, who came back to her senses, grabbed the dragon floating in mid-air, then pulled its whiskers and began to study it carefully.

“Strange doll, is it a high-tech product that Dad bought from somewhere? Where is the battery?”

If it was a year ago, she undoubtedly believed it immediately. But now, she is no longer that naive child. She is twelve years old, and such tricks couldn’t fool her easily.

“Let go of me. You’re choking me out!”

The dragon struggled to get out of Aisha’s clutches, and if she weren’t the master’s sister, he would have reverted to its original body that would have sent her flying.

“Windy, Watery, Shadow, Wood, Rain.” The dragon used magic power to hold up the book and command. The twenty pieces of Mahjong in the book immediately float behind him.

“We are the magic Mahjong created by the world’s greatest and most powerful magician Carmen, who possesses the power to destroy the sky and the earth. According to the order of our master, Archmage Carmen, whoever opens the Book of Carmen will become our new master. Since you’re my new master, can you tell me your name?”

Seeing the green dragon, the magic book floating in the air, and the twenty different figures transformed by the twenty pieces of Mahjong, Aisha finally believed that this was not a new high-tech product bought by her father, but really encountered a magical being.

“My name is Aisha, Aisha Hathaway!” She straightened her back and said her name loudly.

The dragon pointed behind Aisha.

“Take a few steps back and stand still!”

Aisha immediately nodded her head back in the distance.

“O’ Key of Sealing, I hope the one who signed the contract with you is here. This girl is called Aisha. The Key of Sealing, please give her divine power to release the magic within her body!”

With the sound of the dragon’s voice, a small key in the Carmen book suddenly flew out, floated to Aisha, and quickly transformed into a magic staff.

“Now, take the wand.”

Aisha took a small jump to the front of the floating magic wand, then grabbed it in her hand.

“The New Carmen Book Master is here!” the dragon saw this and finished reading the last line out loud.

Holding her magic staff in her right hand, Aisha heard that she was sealed as the new master.

“I, Aisha, have finally become one!” Aisha said while laughing excitedly.

At this moment, Aisha felt that she finally found herself again when she got her wand. This wand looks so familiar. It’s the same wand that she had thrown away before.

“Although you are now the new master, but to use the magic smoothly, you still need a lot of practice. Moreover, as the new master, your main task now is to find the other Mahjong tiles.” The dragon explained with a flick of his tail, allowing twenty pieces of the tiles to return to the book by themselves.

“Collecting?” Aisha was filled with confusion.

“Yes, Carmen Mahjong has a total of one hundred and eight tiles, but now there are only twenty of them. As Carmen’s Book’s new master, the most important task is to collect the remaining tiles. If you let these tiles left in the world, it will pose a great threat.”

The dragon flew to Aisha’s shoulders and began to tell the story Jerry made up about the Book slowly. Aisha also picked up the book and the wand while walking out of the basement.

When they walked out of the basement, Jerry showed himself up.


After everything had been taken care of, he Apparated out of the basement and returned to his place.

Back to his home, Jerry once again started to do some research. Whether that be several attacks from intruders or extraterrestrial threats, he shouldn’t be worried about it much as there are more defense options with the existence of the Azure Dragon and The Carmen Book.

Jerry believes that as long as someone is not throwing a nuclear bomb over the villa, then their safety can be guaranteed.


More than a month later, around eight or nine o’clock at night.

Jerry was inside the suitcase, studying a book called “Five Elements of Taoism”, when suddenly a familiar magic fluctuation came from his waist, and it turned out to be his magic mirror lit up.

“Oh, it’s Tony. What is he up to this late?”

Seeing the fluctuation displayed on the magic mirror was from the mirror he gave to Tony Stark. Jerry then connected the image after changing his body shape with the illusion.

“Is this Miss Wizard?” The one who appeared in the magic mirror was not Tony Stark, but her girlfriend, Pepper.

“Good evening, Miss Potts. You don’t look so good.” Jerry was a little surprised to look in the mirror.

After confirming that it was Jerry, Pepper immediately pleaded anxiously and said, “Miss Wizard, we have encountered an attack. Tony is in danger. Can you help him?”

“Give me a moment.” He felt that he could use this to earn more red stars.


As Pepper just answered. Two seconds later, she heard a familiar voice from beside her.

“Who would blow up a huge mansion like this?”

Now Tony is one of the world’s most influential and powerful people. Even the military generals and government officials do not dare to offend him. Jerry felt surprised that someone would dare to attack him like this.

Pepper did not spend much time wondering how did Jerry came here so fast and started to explain the situation to Jerry quickly.

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Published On: June 28, 2023

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