Today was Halloween, and the school where Aisha was staying had already let school out early, before 3:00 pm. Although Halloween is not the kind of holiday that will be closed, because it is very famous, most schools will close school early to let students go home for the holiday.

So, Aisha is also among the first to return to the villa.

Belle is a bit busy at her school. It is estimated to be a little later to come back, while Haas works at the police station, so he’ll be home at about seven or eight o’clock. Jerry had come back last night to give them a table of food to celebrate Halloween.

After returning to the villa, Aisha turned on the TV normally, picked up a large bag of snacks her brother had given her before, and began to eat.

Previously, when her brother was at home, she was more restricted to eating snacks. Because he said that many snacks are unhealthy, eating too much is not good for the body and affects their growth.

Now every time he comes back, he brings her a big bag of snacks and doesn’t restrict her from eating snacks anymore. She was also instructed to eat it all within a week; if she couldn’t finish it, she would throw it away.

Every time she ate these snacks, she always had a feeling that she couldn’t get enough.

The TV was on, and it was playing a cartoon about magical teens. Aisha’s eyes lit up, but then hesitated for a while and pressed the remote control again, changing it to a very popular dance variety show.

In class today, she also heard a few students talking about this variety show, so she just had to watch it. Otherwise, she wouldn’t know what to say the next time the topic came up.

However, she suddenly heard some strange sound coming up from the first floor.

“Who’s there?”

Aisha hurriedly ran to Haas’ room, picked up a miniature sword from his cabinet, and carefully walked downstairs.

At this time, Jerry is currently invisible and can see the situation. He can’t help but secretly sigh. Her temper still has not changed at all. However, it is also because of his understanding of Aisha’s temperament he felt that Aisha needs more protection.

Haas and Belle are adults, so they can care for themselves when in danger. In addition, there are house elves that can always take them out of danger.

Aisha is still young and not very brainy. He was afraid that the house elf would be too late to transport her away when danger came.

Although, he doesn’t know if she will do anything weird once she gets his magic cards. But Jerry was still willing to give his set of cards.

Aisha carefully came downstairs, and after some search, she did not find any thieves. She followed the sound and came to the villa basement.

The villa’s basement has a dozen bookshelves filled with at least a few hundred books and is said to be left by the previous owner. Because the villa was big enough, the basement was not usually used. After moving in, Haas and Belle didn’t look for someone to clear out those books specifically.

“What’s that?” Aisha just walked into the basement, and immediately, her eyes were flashed by a blinding light.

She reached to pull out the strange glowing book. The cover of the book was a dragon with chains, and the name “Carmen” was written on it in English, the same name as her brother.

Just when Aisha thought about why a book would glow, whether it was smeared with glitter, the book’s latch suddenly popped open, startling her. Opening the book, inside was a card slot, and inside the slot were a lot of small-sized cubes.

“What is this?”

Aisha picked up one of the cubes. The front of which was cyan in color, the cover was a woman with her eyes closed, and the top of her head was a dragon head pattern with a Chinese character she did not know, while the bottom of the woman’s feet was “THE WINDY” written in English.

“Windy?” Aisha pronounced.

As her voice fell, a sudden gust of wind appeared out of nowhere in the basement, blowing all the books nearby flew out of the shelves. It scared her so much that she couldn’t help but let out a shout.

“Seal!” At that moment, an old voice suddenly rang out from the book in her hand, and the gale subsided.

Before Aisha could figure out what was going on, a small dragon unexpectedly flew up from the book in her hand and then slowly opened its eyes to look at her, “Little girl, each Carmen Mahjong has a powerful magic power. It can not be used at will. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of trouble. Also, thank you for waking me up. I am the guardian beast of Carmen Mahjong, the Azure Dragon of the Four Auspicious Beasts!”

“Carmen Mahjong? Azure Dragon of the Four Auspicious Beasts?” Aisha blinked her eyes, and her whole body was frozen.

Jerry floated in mid-air, looking at the scene below, trying hard to restrain himself from letting out a laugh. Clow Reed used fifty-four kinds of magic to create fifty-four Clow cards, exactly the same number as a deck of cards.

He intended to use one hundred and eight kinds of magic to create one hundred and eight cards. But then he thought about it that there are no cards with one hundred and eight cards, and he could not just use two sets of card decks to make one.

So, he had a bright idea and temporarily changed the cards to Mahjong because Mahjong is exactly one hundred and eight cards. Both Bridge Cards and Mahjod would actually work and would not affect the power of the magic.

Of course, this is entirely left to the creator’s taste whether or not to use that medium or another type of medium.

He was now using this way to give Aisha the twenty completed Mahjong tiles and the guardian beast. In just three days, he made twenty tiles.

He had studied a total of twenty-one of the fifty-four magic cards of Clow Reed, except for the Time card. He had studied The other twenty thoroughly, so he quickly copied and created them. The other cards were not needed because as long as he studied the magic principles, it was not too difficult to reproduce the other cards.

What was really difficult was the remaining new tiles that he wanted to create alone. But the current one should be able to handle most situations as well.

He was looking forward to seeing his sister’s face when she found out she’ll be a real magical girl.

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Published On: June 27, 2023

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