After listening to Haas’s explanation and looking at Aisha’s appearance, Jerry immediately understood what was going on. This is quite normal. He had this experience in his previous life.

So what are you more interested in now?” Jerry did not say anything more and asked because he didn’t want to push her too much.

He felt that growing up, does not necessarily have to give up hobbies. No hobbies can be considered childish. While Haas is already an adult, the house is full of Transformers, lightsabers, Iron Man helmets, and many other things.

Aisha lifted her chin, “I prefer to sing and dance now, and I’ve made an appointment with Anne and Susan to sign up for the school cheerleading squad in a few days.”

“It looks like your name of the Magical Three Sisters will have to disappear in the future.” Haas joked from the side.

Aisha rolled her eyes towards Haas, “Don’t mention The Magical Three Sisters! They also understood that magic kind of thing won’t do much to us any longer in the future, so cheerleading is more suitable for us!”

She now imagines the stupid things she did before. Her heart still feels quite shameful. Fortunately, there was no video or anything like that, or her classmates will know about it and would have died laughing.

“Well, that’s good to hear.” Jerry listened to Aisha’s answer and felt relief.

In addition to earning red stars every night, he continued to improve and optimize his magic and try to make his own magic deck. He made the magic deck to consolidate his knowledge of magic on the one hand and for his family’s safety on the other.

Now he can still keep going home once a week, but in the future, when there are more things, he may not be able to go home often. He has done a lot of security measures for his family, but if he really encountered a more powerful enemy, those measures are still not enough.

But Aisha has no magic talent. There is certainly no way to inherit the magic cards he made and become the new master of magic cards like Sakura.

While magic cards are powerful, it also relies on the strength of the master itself. Just like the strength of Clow cards in the hands of Clow Reed and the strength in Sakura’s hands were completely different.

After he made the magic cards, he can think of ways to hand them over to Aisha so that the owner of the magic cards is still himself, and the strength of the magic cards can be cast to the maximum as long as he orders those magic cards to obey Aisha’s command.

So that even if he is not there when powerful enemies appear, Aisha can also use the magic cards to protect the family.


Inside the suitcase.

Jerry closed his eyes and sat cross-legged on the ring, chanting a spell. While his hands were constantly waving in front of him, he released different magic runes over time and the continuous disappearance of magic power in his body. Above his head, a hundred-meter-long dragon is gradually taking shape.

Half an hour later, only to see Jerry fiercely open his eyes and get up. His hands formed a seal and pointed at the giant dragon that had been fully formed above his head, and the powerful magical power turned into an arm-thick ray of light and shot above the dragon’s head.

Jerry shouted, the magic power enhanced again. The dragon suddenly seemed to be injected with life, slowly opening its eyes. A loud dragon roar sounded in the suitcase, followed by the dragon’s divine tail swinging straight into the sky.

After flying around in the air, the dragon transformed into the size of a palm and came to Jerry’s eyes with a small cloud, lowered its head, and said in a respectful tone,

“Azure Dragon, at your service.”

“Good, very good.”

Seeing the dragon finally succeed in being created by himself, Jerry calmed down the magic in his body, and a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

When Clow Reed created the Clow cards, he combined the power of Eastern and Western magic using Yin and Yang as the base. He divided the four elements: wind, earth, water, and fire, then used the four elements to control and balance the other magic cards.

Jerry integrated the four magic systems based on the Four Auspicious Beasts: Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise.

With that, he’ll try to make as much as elements as possible with possible combinations and more sub-elemental constituents of the magic system.

In addition to the magic cards of Clow Reed, he also had to fuse the magic of the world of Harry Potter, the world of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and the Asgardian magic system to create more magic.

If he could create this set of cards according to the plan, he believed the power of the magic cards would definitely exceed Clow cards. He would also have a great increase in his magic strength because of the experience of making magic cards.

Of course, with his current strength, completing the Four Auspicious Beasts and plentiful cards is impossible. But he could take it slowly, step by step. Just like now, creating the Azure Dragon first and then creating the cards one by one.

It just so happens that he can give it to Aisha for every cardhe creates.

Thinking about it, he did understand the fun that Clow Reed had when making the cards. Jerry felt that Clow Reed did not create magic cards for the purpose of enhancing his strength.

He believed that the magic power released by Clow Reed himself must be stronger than the magic power released by the magic cards he created.

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