The “Time” card is a powerful Clow card that can manipulate time, although it can only manipulate a maximum of one day. In Jerry’s opinion, it is pretty strong.

After Sakura took in the Time card, he had Sakura try to use this card. With Sakura’s magic power now, it is surprising that she can stop time for a moment. It can even be expanded for a whole day at the longest.

In Jerry’s opinion, Clow Reed is powerful. But when it comes to magic spells versatility, he’s not bad at it. After all, his Sectumsempra Spell, Fire Dragon Spell, and other magic spells are not weak.

However, he knew that if he really had to fight with Clow Reed, it would be himself who would die.

Because Clow Reed’s application of time magic has reached the point of perfection. From the production of the Time card, and has not yet found a counter for it. If he fights with Clow Reed, he will be able to kill him effortlessly by stopping time.

Unless he is also able to be proficient in time magic, he might be able to fight against him. But, He has not touched it before. He doesn’t know how the Time card works because the basic foundation is too different.

Without the bloodline of Clow Reed, he could not use the Time card.

Now Sakura has collected a total of twenty-one Clow cards, each of which, except for the Time card, has brought him great benefits.

The Windy card gave him a huge boost to his Tornado Spell, enlightening him on the mysteries of operating the four elements of wind.

The Fly card allowed him to reach a speed close to the speed of sound for his Flight Spell, and he was able to continue to develop it subsequently, making the speed even faster.

Although he now has learned to Apparate, Apparating only teleports to places he has been. The farther it is, the more magic power it consumes, and in unfamiliar environments, he still needs to fly by himself.

The Shadow card allows him to come into contact with shadow magic for the first time. He can launch a sneak attack on the enemy without any sound.

The Water, Wood, Rain, and Flower cards gave him a new appreciation for life magic. He has the ability to produce plants in large quantities and quickly with magic.

The Jump card strengthens his jumping ability, the Illusion card enhances his illusion level, and the Silent card allows him to manipulate voices.

The lightning magic he learned from the Thunder card strengthened the Lightning Ball and allowed him to summon lightning to attack from above, like Thor.

The Sword card allows him to become a master of swordplay instantly. Also, it gives the weapon the ability to break magic attacks. While the Shield card allows him to find a way to improve the Protego Charm, giving it a special defensive ability that can resist most magic spells and can be applied to others.

The Force card allows him to learn to act on his own power-enhancing magic, which when used allows him to have great strength. The Mist card can be cast around a large area, and the Storm card can summon storms.

The Dash card can only work on individuals at most. Now after studying the card, he can cast this magic on groups of creatures and non-creatures.

The Float card allows his Levitation Charm to hold up heavier items, the Light card makes his Lumos Spell brighter.

Although it was only six months, his magic power and magical ability have improved significantly because of his study of Eastern magic and Clow cards. Now with his strength, he wasn’t afraid if his enemy was at the level of Dumbledore.

“Maybe it’s time to go back.” He put the Time card away and opened his panel.

At this time, the number of his red stars is still about 130,000 or so. In the six months since he came to this world, except for the first few days, he almost stayed in the house to study magic, Clow cards, and Eastern magic.

When he was tired, he practiced meditation, and later changed it to his new method to improve his magic power. So he was almost always using the “Refreshing” 24 hours a day.

Now with his body, the “Refreshing” has no side effects. He could also learn and meditate in an efficient way even without the use of “Refreshing”.

One red star a minute, twenty-four hours a day is one thousand four hundred and forty-four, six months and one hundred and eighty days. It consumed close to two hundred and sixty thousand, plus he stayed in this world every day with a fixed consumption of one hundred stars a day.

This leads to just six months, originally more than 400,000 little red stars; now are 130,000 left. One hundred and thirty thousand will only last a few months. So, Jerry decided to return to the main world first while he still had some stock of the red stars.

He can earn some more red stars because at least he will not consume one hundred red stars per day. This way he can continue to study magic and improve and optimize his magic in the main world.

At present, although through the study of the Clow cards, he has improved much of his own magic. But it is only the first stage of improvement and still needs to do more research before he can really release it at will.

However, the most important reason is that he needs to go to the world of Harry Potter.

At present, only “Harry Potter” world has the corresponding more specific magic knowledge, like London’s Knight Bus and The Time Turner are using some principles of time magic.

Although, there is no way to use powerful time magic directly. Only through alchemy that the magic can be used. But they still have the relevant basic knowledge of the principles.

As long as he learns the basic knowledge and then studies the Time card, he will certainly gain something and master the time magic.

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Published On: June 27, 2023

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