The next day, at four o’clock in the afternoon. They came to Jerry’s magic house again.

Only today, it was replaced by Syaoran as the teacher. It can’t be said to be a teacher because, with Syaoran’s age and experience, he really can’t go into as much detail as Jerry did yesterday to explain the basic magic theory.

Jerry is proficient in many magic systems and attended a school of magic called Hogwarts. He naturally knows how to teach them how to learn magic.

Syaoran is only ten years old, although because of his talent, his magic is very good. His magic foundation is also very solid, but it’s going to be a little bit difficult for him to teach things like this.

Therefore, today’s teaching is mainly Jerry taking out the dozen or so books he finished reading yesterday and, through Syaoran’s explanation figuring out those places he couldn’t understand.

The whole process was Jerry asking some questions, and Syaoran acted as a human dictionary to answer those questions, like explaining some Taoist slang or explanation that would not appear in the books.

As for Sakura and Tomoyo, due to Syaoran’s level of understanding of the books, they gave up the study of Eastern magic and went to the bookshelf to look for some magic books they were interested in.

They are not like Syaoran, who aspire to become stronger than Clow Reed, so they do not need to learn Eastern and Western magic.

Sakura learned magic to be better at collecting Clow cards and use magic to make life easier, just like those household and culinary magic.

Tomoyo learns magic just because she wants to study with Sakura and take some pictures of Sakura learning magic along the way, not because she is particularly interested in magic itself.

As for Kero, he just went with it because of the various desserts prepared by Jerry.

With Syaoran, Jerry was able to understand the book he read before. As was said before, Eastern and Western magic were only different in expression form. There was no difference in essence.

When Jerry figured out the specific content of the book he read, with his solid basic theory of magic, he was able to start practicing it very quickly.

When he finished reading the new meditation method, he couldn’t help but let out an awe, “Clow Reed is really talented!”

Combining the cultivation methods of the East and West, although there is no way to live forever, no way to improve the physique, the efficiency of gathering the magic power really left Jerry stunned.

If he had to make a comparison, the method from the book is probably three times more efficient than his current meditation method. No wonder Syaoran was only ten years old and had such a lot of magic power in his body.

However, both of the methods cannot be compared to each other, whether or not which is the best. Even so, the value of this method should be the highest because of its efficiency.

This made Jerry even more determined to take the time to fuse both of meditation methods to maximize its potential.


A week later, a truck stopped at the entrance of Jerry’s house.

It turned out that the books sent by the Li family had finally arrived, and Syaoran had asked Wang to grab a truck to bring all the books to Jerry’s place.

Jerry looked at the books, and his face immediately opened up with a smile because he knew that with these books as the foundation, no matter whether it was the research of the Clow Cards or the research of the fusion meditation method, there would be a huge breakthrough in the next period of time.

After learning the Eastern magic system, he will certainly have a substantial increase in magic power.


It had been nearly half a year since Jerry came to this world and nearly three months since he started researching Eastern magic. After these three months of research, he had finally completely integrated both of the meditation methods.

Closing his eyes, he sat cross-legged on the Ring of Merlin and ran the newly fused meditation method.

Only to see that the energy that permeated the space was attracted by the huge suction force generated in his body, seeping from the pores of his skin into his. After a series of complex transformations and purifications, it was transformed into magic power and stored in his body.

After running for about two hours or so, he stopped with a satisfied face, “I should give it a new name. What should I call it?”

After the fusion of the new method, Jerry intended to give it a new name.

After thinking for a while, his eyes suddenly lit up, “How about the Everlasting Life Method?”

After the fusion of both meditation methods, its efficiency has been greatly improved. People could meditate and gather a lot of magic power faster. In other words, as long as they learned this new method, they could both get longevity while increasing their power greatly.

Therefore, Jerry felt that it was more appropriate to call it the “Everlasting Life Method” now.

After experimenting with the effects, Jerry picked up a Clow card from the table next to him. This was the Clow card he had been studying for some time but hadn’t made much headway, the Time card.

So far, Sakura, Tomoyo, and Syaoran have managed to seal a total of eleven more Clow cards: Sword, Flower, Shield, Time, Dash, Mist, Float, Light, and many more.

Since they are no longer competing for Clow cards, and the three of them are studying magic together almost every day at Jerry’s house. Their relationship has become much closer, mainly because Sakura and Syaoran have suddenly become much better after getting to know each other.

In addition to learning magic with Jerry, Syaoran also helped Sakura collect Clow cards.

Sakura and Tomoyo also learned a lot of magic in this period of time, so their strength also improved. With the three of them, it made it easier to get the Clow cards.

In addition to spending most of his time researching Easter magic and creating new meditation methods, Jerry also spent part of his time in researching the Clow cards.

Because of his growing understanding of the Eastern magic system, his efficiency has increased even though he spends much less time than before studying the Clow cards every day.

Therefore, he has basically mastered all eleven of Sakura’s newly sealed cards, except for the “Time” card, which controls time.

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Published On: June 26, 2023

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