“I’m not sure if I can live forever or not. After all, I haven’t tried it. Except that when I learned this method, it was introduced that way. However, what is certain is that, in addition to being able to improve their magic power, practicing meditation techniques can also strengthen your physical qualities, just like this!”

Jerry walked to the octagonal pavilion and reached out to a big stone. He squatted casually and picked up. He tried to play with it like it was an apple without any trouble whatsoever.

Meditation can improve your longevity, Balthazar is living proof, but Jerry did not go on to argue and explain. In the future, Syaoran and Sakura will reach a high level. They will naturally understand the value of meditation.

“Wow, you’re so strong!” Watching Jerry casually pick up a big stone, Sakura and Tomoyo were surprised.

Syaoran and Kero were dumbfounded. Syaoran is not strong. He jumps around on the roof because of his magic spell and learns a bit of martial arts, which makes him just a little stronger than ordinary people. But in his current condition, it’s impossible to do what Jerry did just now.

Kero has the same thought. Eastern magicians do not pay attention to physical exercise. They are always concerned about casting spells. Before the emergence of Clow Reed, no magic could make their power increase immensely.

But then later, Clow Reed made the Power card which can do that.

The key now Jerry also did not use magic, but only his own strength. It means that Jerry said this meditation method can really enhance a person’s physique.

“I want to learn that meditation method!” Syaoran thought about it and quickly answered.

Many spells also need to be combined with physical movements in order to bring out great power, and this meditation technique can obviously allow him to have a huge breakthrough in this area.

“Good. I will guide you to learn meditation techniques!” Jerry, who had expected this, casually dropped the stone and walked back with a smile.


“Close your eyes, and concentrate on sensing the surrounding magic or spiritual power. According to the method, those magic power will be gathered into the body. Tomoyo, you do not have magic in your body, it may not be so easy to sense the magic for a short time.”

They sat on the Ring of Merlin, and Jerry began to guide them to practice meditation. Sakura and Syaoran have magic in their bodies, so they can focus on sensing the magic around them and gathering it into their bodies.

As for Tomoyo, she is just an ordinary person. She must first sense the magic. Whether or not she can sense magic depends on whether Tomoyo has the talent to become a magician. If she lacks the talent, she can’t do any magic.

“Huh, not bad at all!” Half an hour later, sensing that Tomoyo had finally inhaled a strand of magic into her body, Jerry revealed a surprised expression.

At Tomoyo’s age, she has excellent grades. She is proficient in a variety of skills like clothing design, photography, tea making, cooking, etc.

Jerry felt that she was very likely to have the talent to learn magic. He did not expect that her talent was really not weak because it’s only been half an hour.

“Well, that’s it for today. You guys can go home and practice slowly at night.” Seeing that the time reached six o’clock, Jerry woke them up from their senses.

“Kero, let’s go. Don’t eat too much. We will be back here soon enough!” After waking up, Sakura pulled out Kero, who was eating a cake

Jerry prepared a lot of snacks just before the training session. Sakura took Kero back to her home, and Tomoyo was picked up by her bodyguards, while Syaoran just flew away to his home.

The first day of magic training came to a perfect end. After the three left, Jerry picked up the books that Syaoran brought and read them.

The Collection of Talismans, The Two Methods of Thunder and Fire, The Secret of Talismans, The Collection of Taoist Treasures, and The Many Methods of Taoism.

There are those that explain the basics of Taoism, the five elemental spells, the talismans, and that secret book of meditation created by Clow Reed, “The Secret Book of Return to the Origin”.

According to Syaoran, it is a highly efficient meditation method created by Clow Reed by combining the East and West meditation methods and improving it.

Although the meditation technique he has now can improve his longevity. But the speed of magical power improvement is not particularly fast and can even be said to be somewhat slow.

In the world of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, many of them could not meditate to level 300 to obtain long life because of the low efficiency of meditation practice.

If he could fuse this meditation method with that meditation method, it would be possible to solve this problem.

Of course, if the meditation method is really as efficient as Syaoran said, he will have to wait until tomorrow to know exactly. Because he still wanted to research his wizard blood and find a way that can greatly improve his magic level.

However, it is obvious that researching the purification of bloodlines through scientific means is not something that can be done in a short time. At this time, it would be a good choice to improve the meditation method and strengthen his power.

After reading all the books once, Jerry found that he could not understand much. Although he could read what it was written, he could not understand it all. There are only a dozen of books that explains the basics of the Eastern way of magic, and it’s already confused him.

Therefore, it is still necessary to wait for Syaoran to explain tomorrow or for Syaoran to bring over all his books at home so that he can rely on self-learning to understand the Eastern magic system in detail.

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