“Nice job!” Seeing the books brought by Syaoran, he chuckled in his heart.

Initially, he also considered that although Syaoran has good magic strength. He is still young and may not have much knowledge of Taoism.

However, with a large number of books, it may go differently.

He is quite experienced in reading and self-taught. If Syaoran really gets a copy of his family’s book, even if it is self-study, he will definitely be able to understand a lot of knowledge. Syaoran also explained and demonstrated basic knowledge.

Although he has never studied Taoism, he still knows some theories about it. If you’re a total foreigner who wants to learn Taoism, reading it for the first time would only confuse you.

If Clow Reed was not of mixed blood and had not been exposed to Chinese and Western cultures since childhood, it is estimated that it would be challenging to integrate Eastern Taoism and Western magic.

“If there is no more anything to do, let’s start the first day of study!”

Jerry made them take a few steps back. He raised both of his hands, and a circle of green flames immediately rose on the ground. Kero suddenly let out a burst of awe because he used powerful magic to control the green flames, draw circles on the ground, and the corresponding rune symbols.

“This is called The Ring of Merlin. If you stand on it, you can increase the speed at which you learn magic.” He waved his hand to disperse the green flames, revealing the Ring of Merlin in front of them.

“Try it!” They cautiously set foot on the Ring of Merlin.

On the side, Kero looked at Merlin’s ring on the ground and couldn’t help sighing to himself. Jerry said that he wanted to become a magician that surpassed Clow Reed. He didn’t believe it before, but now, he thinks it may be possible.

Since getting in touch with Jerry, he has really seen a lot of new magic that he has never seen before, and although there are many effects similar to some of the magic it knows, he shows a lot of new types of magic.

He has never seen anyone else do it except his own creator, Clow Reed.

“I really feel energized all of a sudden.” Sakura, Syaoran, and Tomoyo stood in the ring with a look of surprise on their faces.

Although the ring is not as good as the “Refreshing”, it is still very helpful to the brain. It can restore the brain to its best state in an instant. It’s like you sleep deeply for eight hours, and then you wake up completely.

“If only I could stand here during the exam.” Sakura recalled the content of today’s math class and suddenly felt that the geometric subject she heard before seemed to make sense a bit to her mind.

Syaoran couldn’t help rolling his eyes when he heard the words. It’s a waste if it’s used only for school exams. If he learns this magic and returns to the Li family, everyone in the family will be shocked about it.

Learning this ring can at least make it easier for the Li family to learn magic.

At this time, he couldn’t help feeling that it was the correct decision to let his family send all the books because the exchange of information he got was really worth it.

It turned out that when Syaoran called his family and asked them to send the books, he didn’t tell them the real reason. He just said that he wanted to study and improve his magic while collecting Clow cards. Because he knew that if he told the truth, they would never agree.

“Today is the first day I will teach you magic. What I want to do today is the concept of magic and the importance of magic. At the same time, I will also teach you the method of absorbing magic: meditation.”

Jerry saw that the three of them were standing on the ring. With a wave of his hand, he pulled the blackboard in front of him and began to explain the most basic magic knowledge.

Both Jerry and Syaoran will exchange information in turn. Today Jerry will teach him some Western Magic, and Syaoran will teach him about Eastern Magic. Sakura and Tomoyo can learn both at the same time on the side.

Sakura is born with the powerful magic power left by Clow Reed. As long as she learns it seriously, she can still learn a lot of magic knowledge.

As for Tomoyo, it depends on whether she has the talent to learn magic. If she can learn meditation or Syaoran’s Taoist practice, she can absorb and store magic and mana in her body. Naturally, she can learn magic, but If she can’t, then she should watch both of them on the side.

However, judging from her appearance. It seems that she is not particularly concerned about learning magic and Taoism. Perhaps in Tomoyo’s opinion, magic doesn’t captivate her much, but more to Sakura in learning new magic.

An hour and a half later, Jerry finished teaching about basic magic and meditation.

“Okay, let’s talk about the theoretical knowledge first, and then I will guide you to practice meditation.”

“Do I need to learn meditation too?” Syaoran closed the magic book and asked.

In his view, their magic actually the same, but they are called differently in the East and the West. The meditation method he is using now is the best method in the world that Clow Reed created by combining Eastern and Western magic.

The meditation technique that Jerry explained now is only the Western method, which is not as good as the meditation method he is using now.

Jerry replied with a smile, “Whether you want to learn it or not, it’s up to you. But I want to tell you that this meditation is not an ordinary meditation method, but a method that I learned from ancient history.”

Its efficiency in absorbing magic power may not be as good as your current method. But it has the biggest advantage because you can attain longevity after a certain level of meditation!”

“Longevity? Impossible!” Syaoran and Kero were shocked when they heard the words.

Because Kero knows that there is no meditation method for longevity in this world, even his master can’t live long. The best magic he can do is to control time itself, but he cannot have an infinite lifespan.

But now Jerry said that practicing this way of meditation can lead to longevity.

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