“I have been practicing Taoism since I was a child. Although I can’t say that I am proficient in all aspects of Taoism, I know most of the basics. If you don’t mind, I would like to cooperate with you.” His face turned red after speaking.

Because the word “cooperation” seems a little too much.

Jerry pretended to be stunned when he heard the words and then smiled, “Of course, I always think that whether it is magic or Taoism, there should be more cooperation. In this era, there are fewer and fewer magicians who existed.

“I don’t mind to share the knowledge I have learned with you. I have thousands of magic books, and as long as you are willing, you can come to exchange some information and learn.”

“Brother Jerry also gave away a magic book about housework magic!” At this time, Sakura raised her hand, confirming Jerry’s words.

“I didn’t expect him to be such a generous person.”

Syaoran was still thinking about it just now. At this time, when he heard Jerry’s words, he suddenly felt a little ashamed. He was willing to give everything, but he still had selfishness.

“When can we start?”

“After school every day or on weekends, you can come to me whenever you have time. Now I basically stay at home and study Clow cards.”

After Jerry finished speaking, he turned to Sakura and said, “Actually, Sakura. I think if you have time, you can come with Tomoyo and learn some magic with Syaoran. As a magician, you can’t just rely on Clow cards!”

Jerry is proficient in three systems of magic, and most of them are magic that does not belong to this world. Even if Syaoran only learned a small part, combined with his Taoism, he will learn the magic of the Clow card. Maybe he can surpass Clow Reed.

“Ah, alright then!”

Sakura is not like Syaoran. She is interested in magic but not so good at it. It’s good for her to learn more magic. At least it’s easier for her to collect Clow cards.

“Okay, let’s do it later. It’s getting late. You should go back to sleep and have class tomorrow.”

Jerry looked at the time. It was twelve o’clock in the middle of the night. He waved the pavilion back to the penguin slide and, at the same time, lifted the Muggle Repelling Spell.

“See you tomorrow then.” Syaoran said to Jerry, then turned his head.

Syaoran looked at Sakura, “You will collect the Clow cards in the future because I have a new bigger goal.”

After a few jumps, he disappeared into the night.

“Did he really need to say that?” Sakura glanced at her looking at Syaoran, who disappeared.

Tomoyo glanced at Jerry, covering his mouth, and said with a smile, “That’s good, I think. At least he won’t compete with you for Clow cards in the future.”

If among these people, there is still a little bit of sobriety under Jerry’s story. It may be his knowledge of magic. But she could feel that Jerry had no ill will, and Sakura also benefited from this talk, so she didn’t have to worry about anything.


The next day, afternoon.

Syaoran, Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kero came to the house address given by Jerry according to the agreement last night. Tomoeda Elementary School usually dismissed after three o’clock, so it was not even four o’clock when they got to Jerry’s door.

“Brother Jerry’s home is so close to ours!” Sakura looked at her own house diagonally opposite, with a surprised look on her face. No wonder she could see it every morning when she went to school.

“You can even go to your home without worrying about getting late.” Tomoyo smiled and took out the camera.

Syaoran ignored the two, took a deep breath, and was about to ring the bell.

“Welcome!” However, before the doorbell rang. Jerry had already opened the door with a smile.

“Wow, It’s so big!!”

“So beautiful!”

They were stunned by the scene inside when they entered the door.

It looks like a house of more than 100 square meters from the outside, but it looks bigger inside. It gives them the feeling that they are not entering a house at all but entering another world.

A magic training ground with various targets, an oversized blackboard, an octagonal pavilion, and a huge bookshelf full of magic books, surrounded by various beautiful flowers and trees as decoration.

“Because I will learn and communicate magic Taoism here in the future, I made a small makeover in the living room.” Jerry led them to the octagonal pavilion of the magic training ground and explained it with a smile.

Remodeling the living room is too easy for Jerry. First, he used the Extension Charm and the Transfiguration Charm to make blackboards, pavilions, and other things. He copied the magic book again with the Geminio Spell. He get some dirt and sprinkle some seeds, then unleashed the growth magic created by the combination of The Rain card and Wood card.

It didn’t take ten minutes for him to complete the transformation of the entire living room.

“These are some of the books that I have brought with me. I have already contacted Wang Wei and my family to send a large number of books here.” Syaoran opened his schoolbag and took out more than a dozen thread-shaped ancient books.

Wang Wei is the guardian who takes care of his daily life. As soon as he went back yesterday, he asked Wang to find the books and contacted his family, asking them to send a copy of all the books about Taoism.

Originally, he thought that this should be able to bridge the gap between the two sides. But now that he saw the densely packed magic books on the bookshelf beside him, he knew he was shorthanded.

As one of the strongest Taoist families in China, the Li family owns the largest number of Taoist books. There are at most, thousands of them. Jerry’s magic books are a lot in number compared to his.

He also removed some magic books about dark magic and magic books that were not suitable for them to learn. Otherwise, the number of magic books would have to double again.

Of course, most of these magic books are explanations about magic theories and techniques, but not all of them are magic spell books.

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Published On: June 26, 2023

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