After a few pieces of snacks and a few sips of tea, the atmosphere has changed from a bit of tension at the beginning to a bit of harmony.

Jerry coughed, then asked Syaoran softly, “Syaoran, can you first talk about why you collected Clow cards? Sakura collected Clow cards because she accidentally let go of the Clow cards, so she made an agreement with Kero.”

Syaoran quickly put down his teacup and explained, “Our Li family is also a descendant of Clow Reed, and I grew up listening to Clow Reed’s story since I was a child. I know every card very well, so I just want to get all the Clow cards back.”

“You think Clow Reed has something to do with the Li family, so the Clow cards should belong to your Li family. Is that how you think it is?” Jerry said deliberately.

Syaoran was stunned for a moment, “That’s not what I meant. I think I should collect Clow cards!”

“I understand. I don’t think you are a selfish person, nor are you greedy for the power of the Clow cards. I think the real reason you collect Clow cards is just because you worship Clow Reed and want to be as powerful as him, am I right? ” Jerry looked at Syaoran with a look on his face.

He always felt that something was wrong, but what he said was quite in line with his inner thoughts.

Jerry didn’t wait for Syaoran to think too much and suddenly sighed, “You are very similar to me, do you know?”

“Similar?” Not only Syaoran but also Tomoyo, Sakura, and Kero were stunned.

Jerry continued, “You may not know that my original purpose in coming to this town was actually to collect Clow cards. Because I also grew up listening to the story of Clow Reed, and I want to become a magician as powerful as him one day. But then, when I sealed the first Clow card, I changed my mind. Do you know why?”

“Why?” Syaoran, Tomoyo, Sakura, and Kero asked in unison.

Jerry looked at them, his eyes firmly, and slowly began to make up a story, “Because when I got the first Clow card, I realized that the Clow card is just a magic card created by Clow Reed. Even if I get all the Clow cards, I can’t be stronger than Clow Reed himself.

“So, at that time, I came up with a new goal. I want to create a set of more powerful magic cards better than Clow Reed that belongs to me.”

“Create your own magic card and surpass Clow Reed?” Syaoran listened to Jerry’s story.

He thought about it. He should have a bigger goal, like making his own magic weapon and surpassing Clow Reed. This is what he has to do.

He is the most talented magician in the Li family of this generation and a genius who is no less talented than Clow Reed himself among all the people of the Li family. He should create his own magic cards just like the powerful magician in front of him and become an existence that surpasses Clow Reed.

Jerry glanced at Syaoran, and the smile on his face grew wider, “I helped Sakura collect Clow cards and started researching Clow cards. Look, this is the result of my research!”

Jerry waved his hand and began to show all the results of his research on Clow cards in the past two months.

“You actually mastered the magic of Clow Reed?”

Syaoran watched Jerry cast “Shadow”, “Rain”, “Wood”, “Fly” and other magics. He no longer had any doubts about Jerry’s words. In this world, as long as there is magic or mana, according to the specific methods handed down from ancient times, people can make one with the basic principles.

Those who can create new magic are the powerful ones. Clow Reed is called the magician in the world because he created a lot of new magic and made the Clow cards.

However, Jerry shook his head regretfully at this time, “It’s not that simple. Although I understand some of the magic in the Clow card, it is still difficult to fully understand it and create my own magic card.”

“The reason why Clow Reed is so powerful is because he combines Eastern Taoism and Western magic. Although I have mastered most Western magic and even created some new ones, I do not know anything about Eastern Taoism.”

Syaoran was moved, and he also frowned. Only then did he realize that it was not so easy to surpass Clow Reed because he was only proficient in Eastern Taoism and knew nothing about Western magic.

Even if he trains Eastern Taoism to be the strongest in the future, he will only be the strongest Taoist magician, and he will not be able to surpass Clow Reed.

If the two of them can communicate and learn from each other, then he can overcome this problem.

However, Jerry is already powerful in Western Magic, and he has been able to create new magic. Will he be willing to teach him the ways?

“Jerry, I have an idea. Do you want to…” Syaoran raised his head, gritted his teeth, and looked at Jerry expectantly.

Jerry turned his head and replied softly, “What is it, Syaoran?”

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Published On: June 25, 2023

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