“You speak Mandarin?” Syaoran turned around and looked at Jerry in surprise.

Jerry looks like an out-of-the-ordinary foreigner, and he just used Western magic.

“My friend, although I am a magician from New York. I have a good understanding of Chinese culture and language.” Jerry smiled back.

“Huh, not bad.” Syaoran looked at Jerry’s appearance with a hint of doubt.

“I just heard about it from Sakura. Your name is Li Syaoran, right?” Jerry smiled.

He hurriedly bowed back and said, “Yes, Li Syaoran from the Li family.”

Maybe Jerry’s words and actions made Syaoran feel familiar, so he was less vigilant about his attitude. As a young boy who traveled far from the East alone, even though Syaoran is relatively strong, he has far more strength than ordinary people. He also feels a little bit of loneliness from time to time.

Seeing that Syaoran’s attitude has changed, Jerry’s tone softened a bit, “Syaoran, I think both of you had the same purpose in capturing Clow cards. Why don’t we sit down and talk about it? It will be more or less troublesome in the future.”

When Syaoran heard the words, he thought for a while and said, “Okay, but I won’t give up collecting Clow cards.”

If it was just Sakura, then he felt there was nothing to discuss. For a rookie, with his strength, it was completely unnecessary. He must get the Clow cards, but Sakura is not alone.

“Kero, what are they talking about?” Sakura doesn’t understand Chinese and doesn’t know what Jerry is talking about.

Kero can also be regarded as a half-native Chinese language; of course, he can understand the conversation between Jerry and Syaoran.

“Jerry is inviting him to sit down with us and talk about collecting Clow cards in the future to prevent conflicts.”

“Oh, that sounds delightful.” Sakura also didn’t want to conflict with Syaoran, but Syaoran targeted her from the very beginning.

Today at school, he tried to take away all her Clow cards forcibly. Fortunately, Touya and Tsukishiro showed up in time to prevent him from doing so.

When Syaoran agreed to a talk, the smile on Jerry’s face became even better.

“In that case, let’s go to the small park over there to talk.” Jerry pointed to a small park with oversized penguin slides not far from them.

Syaoran nodded, turned over, and jumped off the house. Sakura took out the Jump card and jumped with Kero to Tomoyo, who was still holding a camera below to film them. Jerry also cast his Flight Spell and slowly flew from the roof.

“Hey, although you are a descendant of the Li family, Sakura is the new owner of the Clow cards.” As soon as Sakura and Kero came to Syaoran’s side, Kero folded his arms and said viciously to Syaoran.

“What is that?” Syaoran looked at Kero and poked his head with his hand.

“It’s Cerberus, one of Clow Reed’s beasts!” Sakura hugged Kero.

When Syaoran heard the words, his eyes suddenly widened, and he pointed at Kero in Sakura’s arms with a face full of disbelief, “What? Is it actually Cerberus? That Guardian beast that protects the Cards?”

“Ah!” Kero broke free from Sakura’s tight hug and bit Syaoran.

“Argh! It hurts! Let go of it!” Syaoran hurriedly waved his hand, but unfortunately, Kero bit too hard and couldn’t get rid of it at all. In the end, Sakura stepped forward to remove him.

Seeing this, Jerry, who was walking in front, just smiled and shook his head. Although Kero has lived for so many years, his mind is still a child. When he came to the small park, Jerry pointed at the penguin slide, and the slide immediately turned into an octagonal pavilion.

Inside the pavilion is a mahogany square table with four round marble benches on four sides of the square table. He reached out, took out a large lunch box from the suitcase, and laid out the foods prepared with Culinary Magic.

Shrimp dumplings, pork buns, custard buns, red bean cakes, egg tarts, cakes, black tea, etc., were presented.

“I made this. Let’s sit down, eat and chat.”

“Ohh!” When Kero saw dessert, he rushed over immediately.

Sakura and Tomoyo were amazed. They also went forward and sat down. Only Syaoran was stunned for a while before sitting in the last seat. Suddenly, seeing a familiar pavilion and food in a foreign country touched his heart.

The first impression is everything when it comes to meeting a new person. Jerry had specifically done all of this to appeal more to Syaoran’s taste. Because that’ll make him let go of all vigilance and trust him more.

It is difficult to reach a point of agreement with a person if the person in question is someone who is a person that’s always on alert. It will definitely be harder to convince him to do something that favors them both.

This is why Jerry is doing all of this to gain his trust first and then talk it out how both sides can agree on something given that they have the same goal.

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Published On: June 25, 2023

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