“It’s you.” Seeing Sakura holding a magic wand, Syaoran frowned.

Two months ago, He learned from the elders that it was the most powerful magic weapon left by Clow Reed. As the most talented person of the Li family’s generation, Syaoran has always regarded Clow Reed as his idol.

Knowing that Clow Reed’s magic card is in the world, after discussing it with his mother. He took his magic weapon and spell to Tomoeda Town.

Clow Reed is of mixed Chinese and British descent. His father is the son of a famous British magician, and his mother is the daughter of the Li family, the most famous Taoist family in China at that time.

Therefore, Li Syaoran, as a descendant of the Li family, also has the bloodline of Clow Reed and can obtain Clow Cards.

It’s just that on the first day of the transfer, he met Sakura, the new owner of the Clow card, after confirming that Sakura turned out to be the magician chosen by the Cerberus. He was unconvinced, so he competed with Sakura for the Clow card.

“The Thunder card is not so easy to deal with. You are weak. I advise you to get out of the way.”

Syaoran raised his chin and then looked at Jerry, “Who did that before?”

Lightning Ball knocked the Thunder card back to its original shape. Obviously, that magic is not weak.

“I did-.” Jerry was about to speak when the Thunder had gone back to its original form.

Seeing that its lightning could not break the shield in front of Jerry, it turned its head and rushed toward Syaoran.

“Be careful!” Seeing this, Sakura hurriedly opened her mouth to remind.

Although Syaoran had a bad impression of Sakura, seeing that Syaoran was in danger, she immediately warned him.

“It’s okay. He’s not weak.” Jerry smiled.

Syaoran is not a beginner like Sakura, who has only been exposed to magic recently. He has practiced Taoism since he was a child and is proficient in the five elements of Taoism. At only ten years old, his strength surpassed most of the adults in the Li family.

If it is not strong enough, how can the Li family rest assured that he will come to Japan alone to collect Clow cards?

Sure enough, when the Thunder card rushed towards him, he did not panic. But drew out the magic sword, placed it on his chest, and chanted,

“Fuuka Shourai!” The magic sword swung forward fiercely, and a wind gust flew out. It hit the Thunder card with precision, knocking it upside down.

Watching Syaoran’s wind magic, Jerry felt something in his heart. He knew that he hadn’t fully mastered the Windy card because of his lack of understanding of the Five Elements of Taoism.

In Jerry’s view, the Magic and Taoism in this world are essentially a means of using the rules of the world to achieve their goals. But the ways of using the rules have their advantages and differences.

In the West, magic wands are needed; in the East, Taoism is performed with a sword. Magic requires mantras, and Taoism also requires mantras.

The reason why Clow Reed is so powerful is not only because of his unique talent. As a Chinese-Western mixed-blood, he has the best learning conditions and has been exposed to the most powerful Western magic and Eastern Taoism. Using both systems, he created the Clow cards.

If Jerry wants to understand all the Clow cards fully, he must come into contact with Taoism.

Initially, he was thinking about going to China in person when he had time, but now it seems that he may not need it for the time being.

“Kashin Shourai!” Syaoran used the fire-type magic again to send the Thunder card into the air.

However, although the Thunder card is now in an unowned state, it also belongs to an advanced deck with strong aggressiveness and won’t be easy to capture. Syaoran’s magic could only knock it flying but could not capture it or injure it.

“Suiryuu Shourai!” The fire-type magic didn’t work, so Syaoran had to try the water-type magic, but it still didn’t work.

The Clow cards created by Clow Reed must be violently subdued with a much stronger power than them. Although Syaoran is a great magician, he doesn’t have a Clow card that could be used, and he still relies on his magic.

However, he is definitely much stronger than Sakura. Without the Clow card, Sakura is just an ordinary elementary school student.

“Hmph, underestimate me.”

Syaoran saw that ordinary magic could not subdue the Thunder card, so he immediately took out a golden talisman paper from his robe, threw it into the air, and used his sword.

Immediately, a flame nearly twice as strong as before flew out of the talisman paper and wrapped around the Thunder card. This time, the Thunder card finally struggled a little, struggling for a while before breaking free from the flames.

However, after breaking free from the flames, The Thunder card feels that it has no chance of winning. It stopped attacking Syaoran and flew directly into the air to escape.

“He’s running away!” Seeing the Thunder card try to escape, Syaoran instantly panicked.

At this time, Jerry finally made a move and teleported into the air, spreading his huge white wings. He faced the Thunder card and cast a Fire Dragon Spell. After ten huge fire dragons appeared, they instantly blocked the Thunder card.

If it’s only one, the Thunder card might have been able to break free. But if it’s ten, that’s a different situation.

After a while, it was beaten completely. He let the fire dragon wrap around The Thunder card and brought it to Sakura.

“Sakura, seal it!”

“Oh, right!” Sakura immediately tapped the Thunder card with her wand and turned it into a card.

“Who is this person?”

Seeing that Jerry used teleportation magic and then defeated the Thunder card with a much stronger fire element magic than him, Syaoran was really surprised to see him.

“You guys are amazing this time.”

Seeing that Sakura got the Clow card, Syaoran didn’t want to stay any longer. He turned around and was about to leave.

But just as he turned around, he heard someone speak in Mandarin, “Don’t go anywhere. Please stay for a while here.”

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Published On: June 24, 2023

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