Although the Rain card and Wood card do not have strong attack power, they have magical auxiliary abilities. Using it alone may not do much, but it has the magical ability to increase the growth rate of plants when combined into one.

Suppose Jerry can figure out the magic principle of the Rain and Wood cards. In the future, he doesn’t need to do much transporting more plants and trees into his suitcase. He needs to put the seeds on the ground and then use the Rain and Wood card. He can make them grow directly from seeds into towering trees in just a few seconds.

Not only ordinary trees but also some rare herbs for making potions. As long as he gets the seeds, he can also grow them quickly and on a large scale. You must know that the herbs used to make potions are not all magic plants. They are just relatively rare.

With rare herbs, he can practice potion-making without worrying about the cost. That way, when he re-enters the world of Harry Potter, he will no longer have to worry about Galleons. This is one of the reasons why he chooses to prioritize the study of Wood and rain cards.

Giving the Wood and Rain card to Jerry, Sakura saw that the house had been cleaned under the influence of magic and immediately called Tomoyo.

“Sakura, this is for you. It contains some magic about housework. You can learn it when you have time, and it will be much easier in the future.” Before leaving, Jerry left Sakura a magic book about housework magic.

Sakura is different from Aisha. She has inherited some of Clow Reed’s magical power in her body, so as long as she learns the knowledge according to the magic book, she should be able to master housework magic in a short time.

But the magic book is in English. Will Sakura understand it?

Thinking about it, Sakura might have no problem with it.

Jerry hasn’t been to school since his partnership with Sakura. For him now, going to school is just going to be a waste of time, especially since his time is still very tight. He needs to concentrate on learning the Clow cards.

He usually stays in the suitcase unless Sakura uses the magic mirror to capture the Clow card. In this way, time flies, and it has been almost two months since Jerry came to this world.

The suitcase space at this time has new changes from before. The most prominent point is that there are a lot more plants in the suitcase than before.

Although a lot of trees were planted before because they were transplanted, the overall appearance was not very natural, and the artificial traces were evident.

But it’s different now because Jerry has mastered the magic of the Wood and Rain card. He planted a lot of seeds, and now the entire suitcase space is full of greenery. Various kinds of flowers and trees, as well as some bees, butterflies, and the like, are present.

The herbal field next to the villa has expanded by more than ten times, so Jerry has recently practiced making potions. The potion room is now filled with potions of various functions that he has refined.

During this period, Sakura collected The Jump card and The Illusion card, which can make people hallucinate. Neither of the two cards is a powerful card. After Jerry borrowed it, it didn’t take long to study it.

However, while researching the Clow card, he also found a problem. In the process of creating a Clow card, in addition to using a lot of magical knowledge, it also incorporates many Chinese Taoism concepts.

On the Clow card, there are some Chinese characters and Taoist runes in China. Jerry is a little ashamed that he has almost no knowledge of Clow Card’s Taoism.

This also led to great obstacles when he studied the Windy and Watery cards.

Because of the creation of the four element cards, in addition to using the theory of magic elements, it also incorporates a large number of Taoism, which makes it impossible for him to fully analyze it.

“Brother Jerry, I need your help!” At night, Jerry, who was meditating, suddenly sensed the magic power fluctuations on the magic mirror. When he grabbed the mirror, it was Sakura who asked him for help.

“The Thunder card?”

Seeing the magic mirror, Sakura used the Jump card to keep dodging the thunder and lightning attacks. Jerry roughly guessed that it should be the Thunder card with strong attack power.

Although Jerry had said that he wanted to help Sakura obtain the Clow card, Sakura generally wouldn’t ask him for help unless there was an emergency. Like the Jump card and the Illusion card, these two Clow cards with almost no attack power were conquered by Sakura herself.

“Hold on. It’ll be there soon.” Jerry came out of the suitcase and Apparated to her.

He cast out his Protego Charm to block the Thunder card’s attack and turned his head to look at Sakura.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m okay. It’s just that it attacks too fast. I can’t seal it!” After Sakura recovered, she aimed the wand at the Thunder Card.

“You have to punch him out of his original shape before it can be sealed.” At this time, Kero on Sakura’s shoulder reminded.

“Let me do it.” Maintaining the Protego Charm with his left hand, Jerry’s right hand slowly began to condense the Lightning Ball. When it was about the size of a human head, he threw it toward the lightning that kept attacking him.

After a loud bang, the lightning was beaten back to the form of the Card spirit, turning into a thunder beast composed of lightning. At this moment, a boy wearing a robe and carrying a magic sword jumped over from a distance with a compass.

“Finally found you, Clow Card!”

“Syaoran Li?” Seeing the boy appear, Sakura suddenly showed a surprised expression.

This boy who was wearing a robe was Syaoran Li, a transfer student from Hong Kong.

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Published On: June 24, 2023

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