In the living room, in her apron, Sakura was on the phone with an apologetic face, “I’m sorry, Tomoyo. I totally forgot that it’s my turn to clean up the house today!”

She had initially arranged to go out camping with Tomoyo today but realized in the morning that she had asked to swap cleaning chores with her brother Touya.

“It’s okay, Sakura. You can go finish your chores.” After reassuring Sakura on the other end of the phone and hanging up, Tomoyo looked at the table full of camping snacks that she had carefully prepared and showed a sad look.

When she heard the doorbell ring, Sakura had just finished hanging up the phone.


“Good morning, Sakura. It’s Sunday, and I was worried you weren’t home.” Jerry watched as Sakura opened the door and waved at her with a smile.

“Good morning Brother Jerry. I was supposed to go camping with Tomoyo today, but I forgot that I have to do chores these days, so…” Sakura invited Jerry in.

Hearing Sakura’s words, Jerry couldn’t help but sigh that a child without a mother really has to work harder.

Sakura’s father is a professor in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Towa and is usually quite busy at work. While her brother Touya is a high school student, he works part-time to earn money during his breaks. So the household chores of Sakura’s family are done by three people in turn.

In other words, Sakura has to take up the burden of doing housework. Although the environment in Sakura’s house is very good, but if her mother is still alive, she wouldn’t be doing all of this.

This also reminds Jerry of his sister Aisha because she is never used to doing housework in the house. Because there is his brother in the house. If not because of him, then Aisha must also needs to take up the burden of doing housework early.

“Sakura, go call Tomoyo and say you can make it to the camping on time.”

“But what about the housework?” Hearing Jerry’s words, Sakura suddenly froze.

Jerry smiled, “Don’t worry, leave it to me!”

“No, how can I let you do the chores while I’ll go out and play?” Sakura shook her head as soon as she heard Jerry let her go out to play. Jerry is a guest, and letting the guest do the housework was impolite.

Jerry can appreciate Sakura’s feelings as a child who has been understanding since childhood.

“Did you forget that I’m a magician? Of course, I’ll do it with magic.” Jerry raised his hand and cast the Household Magic.

All the cleaning tools in the whole house began to move under Jerry’s magic. The broom itself began to sweep the floor, the mop followed, and the kitchen’s bowls and plates flew into the sink. Sakura was frozen by the scene she just saw.

Since the appearance of Clow cards, she is also exposed to a lot of magic. But seeing something like this is just incredible. At this moment, she finally appreciated the authentic charm of magic.

“What’s going on?”

In the bathroom, Kero, who was taking his clothes and throwing them into the washing machine, suddenly noticed that the clothes started to wash themselves under the influence of magic.

“Good morning, Kero!” Jerry waved his hand towards Kero.

When Sakura saw Koko appear, she immediately took him into her arms and happily explained, “It’s Jerry’s brother’s magic. Now we can go camping!”

“Magic?” Kero looked at the whole house and froze. Is there this kind of magic that can do housework? How come he had never heard of it when he had followed Clow Reed for so many years?

Although Clow Reed’s magic is amazing and he can even manipulate time with his own power. Jerry, that has learned different magic systems, was on another level.

“It seems that I have found something interesting.” A smile suddenly appeared on Jerry’s face.

It turned out that when the broom was cleaning the living room, it found a Clow card under the carpet, and when the vacuum cleaner was sucking up the dust in the basement, it also found another Clow card stained with ink.

“The Wood card and The Rain card!”

Looking at the two Kuro cards flying into Jerry’s hands, Kero exclaimed with delight, “Looks like we got something good from this cleanup!”

Handing the Wood card to Sakura, Jerry released a Mending Charm on the Rain card to remove the ink from it instantly. The ink disappeared, the little doll opened its eyes, immediately showed a sly look, and began gathering its magic power.

However, Jerry felt the fluctuation of magic power directly on the Rain card. A seal magic formation formed and the Rain card’s magic power was directly locked so that it could not launch the ability to cast a rain.

The Rain card and The Tree cards have been obtained. These are not considered powerful cards, and the magic power is not considered powerful until the master is recognized.

“Sakura, take a pen and sign your name on the back of the Clow card!” Kero saw this and quickly instructed Sakura.

In addition to using the wand to cast a sealing spell, taking a pen and signing your name on the back of the Clow card would also allow it to be recognized.

Sakura hurriedly picked up the pen from the table, took the Rain card handed over by Jerry, signed her name on the back, and then signed another one on the Wood card as well.

“Sakura, this is the Fly card. I have studied it fully.” Seeing Sakura take in the Wood and Rain cards, Jerry pulled out the Fly card and handed it to her.

Sakura took the Fly card and took out all the Clow cards in her hand, “Which card do you want this time?”

“Maybe the Wood card and the Rain card.” Jerry thought for a moment.

Initially, he was going to pick the Windy card or the Watery card. But now that she had the Wood and Rain cards, he changed his mind. Windy and Watery cards were higher cards belonging to the four elements, and even with his current magic foundation, it was not easy to study them thoroughly.

It would be better to study the Wood and Rain card first so that he could be more familiar with how the Clow cards were created and also master more magic concepts that Clow Reed made.

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Published On: June 23, 2023

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