When Kero heard that Sakura agreed so quickly, he was a little anxious. He always felt that something was not right. He just wanted Sakura to think carefully about it.

“You all must be hungry, come and eat some of the small snacks I made to replenish your energy.” Jerry perceived Kero’s intention and immediately pulled out a large meal box prepared in advance which was full of all kinds of desserts and cakes.

There are even a few cups of milk prepared thoughtfully.

“Come, Cerberus. Try this super sweet pudding!” Jerry picked up the pudding in the lunch box and handed it to Kero.

“Pudding? I like pudding the most, Jerry. You are very kind!” Kero hugged the pudding.

“Thank you, brother Jerry!” Seeing Jerry take out all kinds of desserts, Tomoyo and Sakura also both had their eyes lit up.

They have tasted the muffin that Jerry gave them before. It can be said that it’s the most delicious food they have eaten so far. Even her friends praised it so much. Now is the perfect time to eat from all the running and fighting in the aquarium before.

After some eating and drinking, Tomoyo left the park with four bodyguards who had arrived again.

“Do you want me to take you guys back in an instant?” Jerry asked.

Sakura and Kero shook their heads and waved their hands at the same time, “Uh, brother Jerry. I think it’s better for us to fly back on our own.”

Now her stomach is so full. She is worried that she will vomit after Apparating.

“Well, we can fly back together. It is good to see the scenery of the town at this time.” Jerry did not object and recited a flight spell.

Sakura used her wand to fly. The town of Tomoe is not small, but it is just a town in the end. It will only take ten minutes from the park to Sakura’s house.

“This is my Clow cards. You can take it and return it to me when you’re finished.” At the entrance of the courtyard, Sakura pulled out her three Clow cards and handed them all to Jerry.

Jerry froze for a moment, pulled out the Fly card from the middle, and then took out the “Shadow” card, which had been almost studied.

“I’ll only need one at a time. This is a card from two days ago. I accidentally found a Clow card. Take this as a gift.” Each Clow card contains a large amount of related magic knowledge, especially the four element cards.

Even if Jerry has mastered the many magic systems, He needs to study them one by one to carry out research slowly.

Sakura now has three Clow cards in her hand, the easiest is the Fly card, so he plans to start with the Fly card first.

“Another Clow card?” Looking at an extra Clow card without having to do anything, Kero suddenly realized that having Jerry seemed a really good choice.

“Good night, Brother Jerry!”

“Good night!”

Cooperation was reached, and the card exchange was successful. Sakura waved her hand and led Kero to quietly open the door and go home, while Jerry also disappeared in the same place.

“Well, Kero. Now we finally do not need to worry about the Clow cards!” In the room, Sakura changed into her pajamas and threw herself into her bed.


A week later, the suitcase.

Jerry pointed his hand at Norbert, and the huge shadow under Norbert instantly seemed to come to life. Norbert does not seem to be surprised by this. After being bound by the shadow, Norbert began to shrug it off.

“Twenty seconds, that’s good.”

Looking at the black shadow violently broken free by Norbert after about twenty seconds, Jerry nodded in satisfaction.

Like an opponent with extremely high magic resistance like Norbert, general magic can’t affect it, and now the shadow magic card can restrain Norbert for twenty seconds.

Especially Norbert as a fire dragon, its strength is quite strong. If it was a normal person, they can not break free from it. Shadow magic has one more advantage, which is still unlike most of the attack magic he uses now. It is not easy to dodge.

The attack of shadow magic comes directly from the enemy’s shadow, which is basically difficult to defend against.

But there is also the disadvantage that it cannot be activated when the enemy does not have a shadow, such as in places that are too bright or in the air.

After experimenting with shadow magic, Jerry began to experiment with the new flying technique he had developed through the Fly card during this time.

Jerry’s body directly took off in place and then quickly flew over. At this time, his flight speed was obviously twice as fast as his fastest speed a week ago.

Originally, his flight spell speed was at about 300 kilometers per hour. Now at this time, it had probably reached 600 kilometers per hour.

However, Jerry did not stop there. He recited another incantation, and the shoulder blades on his back manifested a pair of large white wings. With the appearance of this pair of wings, Jerry’s flight speed immediately doubled again, reaching a speed of 1200 kilometers per hour.

The normal speed of sound is 1235 kilometers per hour. At this time, Jerry was already very close to the speed of sound. After flying for a while, Jerry fluttered his wings and slowly landed on the ground.

“If I go back to the main world, I might’ve been mistaken as an angel.”

Jerry would very much like an angel if he strode around the city with an angel-like robe or appearance rather than his typical wizard-like appearance.

“Time to go to Sakura for another card.”

The current research for the Fly card has almost finished. He wanted to research it more to improve it, but he thought today was probably enough, and now Jerry intends to go to Sakura for The Windy card or The Watery card to study it.

Jerry left the house, crossed the road to the door of Sakura’s house, and rang the doorbell. Today is the weekend. Sakura should be at home.

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