“What should we do?” Looking at the messy first floor below, ruined by the Water card, Sakura was confused.

If the staff who guarded the park saw this, they wouldn’t be able to explain it clearly.

“Don’t worry. I’ll handle this.” Jerry mobilized a lot of magic power in his body, stretched out his hand toward the first floor, and cast a spell.


Suddenly, the entire first floor seemed to be reversed in time. The water and fish flowing out of the glass all returned to their original positions, and the broken aquarium was fixed. All the tables, chairs, and tableware that were washed away by the waves were returned.

In less than five seconds, the first floor was completely restored to its appearance before they came. The Mending Charm can restore broken items to their original appearance, provided that the items do not have magic power.

If the research of this spell goes deeper, not only can the item be repaired, but also the appearance of the item can be restored as it is now. However, the longer the recovery time and the wider the scope, the more magic power will be consumed.

Fortunately, the magic power in Jerry’s body is bigger than ordinary wizards. It is still possible to restore the first floor of the aquarium to its appearance ten minutes ago.

“Wow, you are amazing!” Seeing that Jerry used magic to restore the first floor to its original state, Sakura and Tomoyo were surprised.

When Kero saw the magic Jerry used, he immediately exclaimed, “Time Magic?”

Among the Clow cards is The Time Clow card created by Crow Reed’s understanding of time magic. Of course, he knows about time magic. It’s just time magic is a very advanced magic. In this world, except for his master Clow Reed, no magician has ever heard of such powerful magic.

Therefore, Kero was so surprised that Jerry could use time magic. From Kero’s point of view, the various strengths shown by this young magician who appeared suddenly may be far from Clow Reed. But definitely surpassed most of the other magicians he had seen.

Therefore, he paid more attention to why Jerry appeared here and why he helped Sakura obtain the Clow cards.

“Grab my hand. We’re getting out of here.” Hearing footsteps at the door on the first floor, Jerry smiled and extended his hand to Sakura and Tomoyo.

Sakura and Tomoyo didn’t hesitate and grabbed Jerry. Kero also followed and quickly grabbed a little finger that Jerry specially set aside for him.

After a crackling sound, they disappeared instantly in place. Less than two seconds after they disappeared, five staff members in uniform rushed into the first floor with flashlights.

“There’s nothing? but who turned on the lights here?” Turning around in the hall of the aquarium, the five staff members found nothing. They turned off the lights and returned to their previous positions.


They then appeared in an empty place near the park.

“I’m so dizzy.” Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kore held their heads and felt dizzy.

For someone not used to Apparate, being Apparated can be quite disorienting.

“Let me introduce myself again. I’m Jerry Carmen, a magician from New York.” Seeing that the two of them had finally recovered from the dizziness, Jerry smiled and held out his hand to Sakura.

Sakura shook hands with Jerry in a daze, “Hello, Brother Jerry.”

“What is your purpose for coming here?” At this time, Kero flew between Jerry and Sakura with a bit of vigilance in his eyes.

Although Jerry helped them obtain the Watery card just now, a foreign magician came to this small town specially and appeared near the Clow card was indeed questionable.

“You are the legendary powerful Clow Reed’s beast Cerberus, right?” Jerry turned his attention to Kero.

“Oh yeah, it is indeed me. I didn’t expect that after so many years, magicians still know my existence!” Hearing Jerry’s words, Kero put his hands on his hips and showed a smug smile. Even his hostility towards Jerry is instantly gone.

“I came to Tomoeda Town because of the Clow cards.” Jerry’s words immediately changed Xiao Ke’s expression.

“Of course, I’m not a robber. I’m not here to snatch and collect Clow cards. You can rest assured about this. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have helped you guys out just now.” Seeing Kero’s reaction, Jerry explained with a smile.

“I also inadvertently found out from some information that the Clow card was made by the strongest magician Clow Reed in Tomoeda Town. So, I came here to take check it out. Now it seems that they are indeed here, and they have found their new owner. “

“Brother Jerry, since you are a magician and you are so powerful. Why don’t you become the magician and help Kero collect Clow cards?” When Sakura heard Jerry’s explanation, her eyes lit up, and she suggested.

She didn’t become the magician voluntarily, but she felt ashamed because she accidentally opened the Clow magic book and let go of the Clow cards. Thinking that she is only a fourth-grade elementary school student, it is really embarrassing for her to bear such a big responsibility.

“Not everyone can be the owner of the Clow card. Since the Clow card chose you, there must be a reason. However, if you have trouble collecting the Clow cards, I will be happy to help you just like today.” Jerry didn’t accept Sakura’s proposal.

At this time, Kero and Tomoyo also voted against it.

Kero knows Sakura better, and Tomoyo still wants to take pictures of Sakura wearing the magic suit made by her while recording it in action.

Sakura looked at Kero and Tomoyo and said helplessly, “Oh well.”

She bowed to Jerry again, “Thank you, brother Jerry, for your help today. And I hope that you can continue to help me obtain more Clow cards in the future.”

“I can do that. But if it’s convenient, I have a small request.”

“As a magician, I also want to create my own set of magic cards. When Sakura collects a new Clow card, can you lend them to me? I want to see if I can get something out of it. “

“No problem at all.” When Sakura heard that it was such a simple matter, she immediately nodded and agreed.

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