“Who are you?” Kero looked at Jerry warily.

“Now is not the right time to ask the question. Let’s seal her first. I think she seems very angry now!” Jerry pointed to the Watery card on the first floor.

At this time, Watery Card stared at Windy Card angrily. As if she was questioning why he plotted against her since we all grew up together? Because of anger, Watery Card started to gather all the water in the aquarium, intending to teach Watery Card, Sakura, and others a lesson.

“Kero, what shall we do now?” Seeing that it was getting higher and higher, Sakura suddenly panicked. She was only a fourth-grade elementary school student, and she was just started doing this stuff.

Kero flew in front of Sakura, put his hands on his hips, and said, “Sakura, don’t be afraid.”

“Then what should we do?” Both Sakura and Tomoyo looked at Kero.

“We can escape. Water Card has an unstable emotion. If we don’t run away, we will be drowned by it!”

Kero turned around and was about to fly towards the door on the second floor. There was nothing he could do. His current body didn’t have much magic power at all, and he couldn’t help her in battle at all.

However, Sakura stopped him when he flew away, “No, there are still many uncles on duty in the park. We can’t let her flood this place!”

“If you don’t mind, I can help a little.” At this time, Jerry squatted down and leaned over.

When Sakura heard that Jerry had a solution, she immediately let go of Kero, “Brother Jerry, what do you think we should do?”

It was Jerry who saved her from the attack just now. Obviously, Jerry seems to be able to do magic.

“I will use a fire spell, and then you will use the Windy Card. The wind will help the fire, and the power will increase greatly. I think it should be able to trap the Watery card that is about to go berserk now.”

“Water can put out a fire, and fire can also put out water. The Windy card can suppress the Watery card, but it is one of the four elements, and its strength is powerful. If your flame is not strong enough, we cannot suppress it.” Kero still has some insight after being influenced by what he has seen and heard.

Clow Reed created the cards. Although Jerry seems to be quite strong like him, it is uncertain whether he can use strong enough flame magic.

“If Clow Reed himself controls these magic cards, I’m not sure. But let’s give it a shot in this current situation.” Jerry shrugged.

The ownerless card spirits draw their magic power from themselves and rely on their consciousness to act. The intelligence of these card spirits is mostly similar to young children.

Jerry even remembered that there was a Jump card, which tripped himself down, fell unconscious and was captured by Sakura. Each of Clow Reed’s cards has a different personality and emotion, as well as different strengths and intelligence.

Like the Watery card in front of them, she has a very violent emotion. As the four elemental cards, her strength is strong, but her intelligence is not very high. Judging from the strength and magic fluctuations the Watery card shows, Jerry is really not afraid.

Although he may not be able to seal the card, but it’s not a problem defeating it. Besides, there is also the support of the Windy card.

“I can’t think about it that much anymore. She’s about to attack.”

At this time, the Watery card had gathered enough water together. With a wave of her hand, a huge wave of water fiercely rushed up toward the second floor.

Jerry pointed at the water waves and cast a Fire Dragon Spell, and a powerful heat wave suddenly appeared. Sakura and Tomoyo subconsciously took a few steps back, and when they settled down, they realized that there were already ten roaring huge fire dragons in front of them.

“Sakura, cast the Windy card!” Jerry turned around and reminded her.

Sakura hurriedly nodded and looked towards The Water card. After the Windy card understood, she wrapped the ten fire dragons together with a green wind and rushed towards the surging water waves.

The wind assisted the fire, and with the help of the wind card, the ten fire dragons condensed into a huge fire dragon that looked like a real dragon that directly split the big wave into two.

Watery Card was furious and was about to gush out more water, but the fire dragon entangled her and directly restrained her body.  This big dragon, combined with the power of the Windy card and Jerry, will be able to hold her for a while. No matter how hard the Watery card struggles, she can’t break free from the dragon.

“Sakura, you can seal it now!” Seeing that the Watery card was basically unable to escape, Jerry waved to Sakura.

He can seal the Watery card by taking out a thermos, but it is not necessary. He is not a descendant of Clow Reed, nor does he have any related bloodlines. Even if he caught it by force, the cards will not obey his orders and will not recognize him as his master.

Also, his purpose is not to grab the Clow card. His purpose is to help Sakura get the Clow cards and then borrow them to understand their magic and principles to enhance his magical strength.

Although Sakura is an elementary school student, she has inherited a lot of Clow Reed’s magical power. Her body is not comparable to that of ordinary elementary school students.

After chanting the sealing spell completely, the Watery card was immediately attracted by the power of her wand, turned into a Clow card, and fell into Sakura’s hand. Seeing that the Watery card was sealed, the Windy card also turned into a Clow card again and flew back into Sakura’s hand as well.

Jerry snapped his fingers, and the fire dragon disappeared instantly.

“You did it, Sakura! There will be more cards to get later!” Seeing that Sakura had sealed the Watery card and the possibility of more Clow cards increased again, Kero cried out happily.

Tomoyo switched cameras back and forth to Sakura and Jerry, wanting to record this exciting moment.

Sakura held two Clow cards and said a little embarrassedly, “I couldn’t do it without Brother Jerry’s help. Otherwise, this couldn’t have happened.”

Sakura was about to go forward to express her thanks to Jerry when suddenly there was a rush of footsteps outside. It turned out that the park’s night watch staff heard the movement in the aquarium and ran over to check.

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Published On: June 22, 2023

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