Nine in the evening.

Standing at the window on the second floor, Jerry looked at the figures who appeared like thieves in the yard diagonally across the street, carrying small schoolbags.

At the gate of the park, Sakura landed lightly and said nervously to Kero, “It’s bad. Can I really do it?”

Since taking over the Windy card last time, Kero has given her special training, and she has also learned a lot of magic knowledge.

But during the day, Kero also said that the “Watery card is one of the four element cards, and it’s a bit hard to handle. Although the Windy card is also one of the four element cards, its behavior is gentle.

“It doesn’t matter. It will be fine if I accompany you!” Kero flapped his wings and put his little hands behind her back.

“The two beasts created by Clow Reed really have very different personalities.” Jerry, who was hiding in mid-air, looked at Kero below.

Kero, who symbolizes the sun, has a lively and outgoing personality. He sleeps, eats, likes to watch TV, and plays games.

“Someone is coming.” At this moment, two cars and a large car suddenly drove up in the distance.

Three cars stopped at the gate of the park, and Tomoyo came down with four bodyguards.

“Sakura, have you been waiting long?”

“No, but what’s all this?” Seeing the four bodyguards, Sakura was dazed.

“Ms. Sakura, Ms. Tomoyo. Do you have any orders?” The four bodyguards greeted Sakura, then turned to look at Tomoyo.

Tomoyo smiled and waved her hands, “I’m sorry to bother you. You guys can go back, and I’ll call you guys when I’m done here.”

Jerry looked at the scene below and couldn’t help sighing, “What a rich girl.”

He saw Tomoyo asking the bodyguard to open the car, revealing a full of different styles of magical girl battle clothing that she had prepared inside.

Jerry goes down and continues to invisibly follow Sakura and Tomoyo into the park. For some reason, he suddenly understood Dumbledore a little bit at this moment.

“There! The magic power is big in there!”

Next to the cafe in the center of the aquarium, Kero pointed to the huge marine life exhibition hall. She immediately ran over and recited a spell.

“Watery card, come out now!”

With Sakura’s words, the Watery card swimming in the opposite glass seemed to be irritated. Several water arrows shot out, directly smashing the glass, and rushed away with a large number of water waves and sea fish.

Sakura hurriedly and nervously took out the Fly card and went to the second floor.

However, compared to Sakura’s nervousness, Tomoyo was much calmer. Although the water was already raging below, she was still holding the camera calmly, steadily filming Sakura’s move.

Jerry can only sigh. Tomoyo is so young. It is not ordinary for a little girl to have such a calm expression in a situation like this.

Seeing Sakura flying away, the Watery card below was not willing to give up. It immediately directed a large amount of water to turn into water arrows and shot toward Sakura. But she managed to dodge them all easily.

“Sakura, use the Windy card!” Kero put Tomoyo in a safe place and shouted at Sakura.

Hearing this, Sakura turned over and landed. Took out the Windy card and moved towards it. The green wind wrapped around the water as if it wanted to seal its magic power completely.

“Now, Sakura!”

Sakura didn’t move too slowly and quickly rushed to the Watery card and began to recite the sealing spell, “Return to your original for- Argh!”

It turned out that Sakura hadn’t finished chanting the sealing spell, and the Watery card rolled up the flood on the first floor, breaking through the blockade of the Windy card abruptly. Obviously, it is really difficult to seal the Watery card with the Windy card alone.


Seeing the water waves soaring into the sky, it hit Sakura directly below, who was holding her magic wand. Kero and Tomoyo on the second floor were so frightened that they screamed at the same time.

At this critical moment, a young man wearing a black wizard robe suddenly appeared behind Sakura out of nowhere. He gently picked her up and disappeared on the spot a second before the water wave hit her up.

When the two reappeared, they were no longer on the flooded first floor but on the second floor.

This person is none other than Jerry, who has been observing the situation all the time and is ready to help at critical moments.

Just now, he saw that Sakura could not deal with the situation. He dispelled the Disillusionment Charm, stepped forward, and used Apparition to take her away from the attack.

“Sakura, are you hurt?” Jerry put down Sakura, who was still a little dizzy because of the Apparition spell, and asked with concern.

“I’m okay. You are… Brother Jerry?!” Sakura looked at the figure in front of her and was stunned.

The person in front of him just appeared in the past few days, and it’s the same Jerry who was with Touya before. How could he be here? And how did he manage to save her from the Watery card’s attack?

“Sakura, Sakura!” At this time, Tomoyo and Kero also ran over from the other side of the second floor.

After seeing Jerry’s appearance, Tomoyo also showed a little surprise. Because she had only met Jerry this morning, and she also received a handmade muffin from Jerry.

The moment Kero got close to Jerry, he was shocked because he felt a very powerful magic power in Jerry’s body.

In terms of the amount of magic power, he felt that except for his original creator Clow Reed. He had never felt such huge magic power from other people.

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Published On: June 21, 2023

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  1. Now that Jerry has revealed himself, it’s time to teach her meditation so that she has enough magic power to support Tsukihiro. It’s a good trade for examining the cards; a proper exchange of magic techniques.

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