The following day, at ten o’clock, at the gate of the park.

“Jerry! Come here!” Wearing big silver-rimmed glasses and wearing an orange coat, Tsukishiro saw Jerry on the side of the street. He quickly waved and shouted at him.

Jerry walked over and said with a smile, “Tsukishiro, you came so early.”

“I don’t want you to be the one waiting, so I arrived fifteen minutes early.” Tsukishiro answered in a gentle voice.

“That’s good to hear, then.” Jerry patted Tsukishiro on the shoulder and walked into the park with him.

He didn’t really like getting late. After all, getting late is going to cause problems later, and it is very impolite to be late. But since he learned Apparation, things like getting late can be avoided.

Jerry was still in the suitcase one minute before coming to the park, constantly trying various methods of using Shadow magic and studying its principles.

“There is a very good coffee shop in the aquarium, and Touya’s job is to feed the penguins fish in it.” Tsukishiro took Jerry here, squeezed through the crowd, and bought a ticket directly into the aquarium.

Today is Saturday, and there are several times more tourists than usual.

“Is Touya already at work?” Walking in the aisle of the aquarium, Jerry looked at all kinds of sea creatures swimming around behind the glass and felt as if he had returned to the Slytherin dormitory.

Except, the aquarium doesn’t have any magical creatures.

“He should be feeding the fish in the penguin area now.” Tsukishiro thought for a while and replied.

“Let’s go say hello to him.”

Jerry turned his head as if he saw something suddenly, turned his footsteps, and walked straight towards the penguin area. He didn’t object when he heard the words and immediately followed.

In the penguin area not far ahead, a group of elementary school students wearing white hats and sailor uniforms is watching a female trainer inside the glass, performing a penguin performance. This group of elementary school students is from Tomoeda Elementary School, and among them is Sakura.

“Could it be that today is the time to discover the Watery card?”

“Sakura?” At this time, Tsukishiro obviously saw Sakura and immediately waved with a smile.

Sakura bounced up and down in front for a moment and was shocked when she heard the familiar voice behind her. She straightened her hair and turned around, “Tsukishiro? Jerry? Are you guys coming to the aquarium too?”

“Yeah, in order to thank Jerry for taking care of us these days. Touya and I want to invite Jerry to come here for a walk and have something to eat.” Tsukishiro replied.

“Brother is here too?” Sakura had a surprised look on her face.

“He works here, you know?” Tsukishiro pointed to a staff member in the glass who came out with a bucket to feed the penguins.

Sakura took a closer look and found that it was really her brother.

“Sakura, is this your school’s activity?” Jerry looked at Tomoyo and several of her classmates who came with her.

Sakura nodded, “Today is an off-school teaching day. The school arranged for us to be divided into several groups to visit various public facilities, and our group visited the aquarium.”

“Ohh, alright then.” Jerry can roughly confirm that the Watery card should be in the aquarium now, but he doesn’t know the exact location.

Turning his head to look at the pool in the penguin area, he didn’t feel the magic fluctuations for the time being.

“My name is Jerry Carmen. I’m Sakura’s brother’s classmate. It’s the first time I’ve met you guys. Here, take this. You can eat them as snacks when you’re hungry!”

Reaching behind his back, he pulled a bag out of thin air and opened it, taking out boxes of muffins inside. He then handed them to Sakura and the classmates behind her.

“Thank you!”

“Thank you, brother Jerry!”

“Thank you, I’m Naoko Yanagizawa.”

“Thank you and I’m Chiharu Mihara.”

Sakura, Tomoyo, and the three classmates behind them happily took the packaged muffins and bowed down to thank Jerry.

“Hey, Jerry, where did you get the bag?” Seeing Jerry suddenly bring out a bag, Tsukishiro blinked suspiciously.

“From here? It’s a white bag. Maybe you didn’t notice before. Oh yeah, this is for you and Touya.” Jerry stuffed the last two boxes of muffins in the bag into Tsukishiro’s arms.

Seeing the muffin in his hand, Tsukishiro suddenly felt hungry again, so he no longer worried about the bag.

“Argh! Help me!” At this moment, a shout suddenly came from the penguin area.

Everyone collectively turned their heads and looked over. He saw the female trainer was directing the penguin performance in the pool, but something suddenly entangled her feet and pulled her into the water, forcing her to grab the railing and shout for help.

“There it is!” Feeling the magic fluctuations under the feet of the female trainer, Jerry knew that the Watery card had appeared.

Stretching his hand towards the pool, he cast a spell, and all the water in the pool disappeared instantly.

The Drought Curse is a spell that can drain water. He can even drain the water in an entire lake if the magic power is enough. It is a spell that is taught in Hogwarts’ fourth-grade textbook.

The water in the pool disappeared instantly, and everyone was stunned for a moment. The female trainer stood directly at the bottom of the pool, stopped calling for help, and Touya, who was about to come to help, also stopped.

But soon, it turned into a little girl, gave Jerry a look, then looked at Sakura, Tsukishiro, and Touya. It plunged into the water and disappeared.

“Could it be a Clow card?” Sakura looked at the little girl who appeared and immediately guessed that it might be a Clow card.

Only people with magical powers can see the Clow card spirit unless it is revealed deliberately. When the Watery card appeared just now, no one else saw it except Jerry, Sakura, and Touya, while Tsukishiro couldn’t see it clearly.

“It ran just now. I’ll probably get it later in the evening.” Seeing the Watery card escape, Jerry stretched out his hand and finally put it down.

Fighting with the Watery card here at this time will inevitably hurt innocent people, so he should come back at night. Besides, since Sakura discovered the Clow card, she probably will come over at night. He wanted to see if cooperation could be reached between the two.

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