“So, you’re the one that Tsukishiro has told me about? I’m Jerry Carmen, your brother’s classmate. I just transferred from New York three days ago.” Jerry smiled and waved his hand at Sakura.

“Really? What did Tsukishiro say about me?”

Sakura was initially a little surprised about this person who suddenly appeared. She had never seen him before, but as soon as she heard Tsukishiro say she was cute, her whole face instantly turned red. With that, she had a great feeling towards Jerry.

Touya glanced at her and said, “Cute? It took me 5 minutes to wake her up. How is that cute?”

“Brother!” Sakura immediately changed her expression from shy to angry.

“Good morning, everyone!” Not far ahead, Tsukishiro is standing in front of his yard and is waving at this side.

“Oh? Jerry is here today too!”

“I ran into him by chance.” Jerry shrugged his shoulders.

All of them talked along the way to school, and now Sakura talks in a low voice.


It was after 5:00 p.m. The last class was over. Jerry just closed his magic book. He saw Tsukishiro smiling and walking towards his side. He thought Tsukishiro was looking for Touya, so he didn’t care.

Whenever it was the end of class time, Tsukishiro would come over to Momoya’s side, and it had been like that for the past few days.

“Jerry, do you have time for a break tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow? Yeah, I do.”

A smile appeared on Tsukishiro’s face, “I’ve been eating your bento for the past few days, so I wanted to treat you to something in return.”

Tsukishiro’s appetite is big, so Jerry changed a bento box three times bigger in the past two days. It doesn’t take much effort for him to make one.

“Yeah, I have no problem with that.” Although a little surprised, Jerry did not refuse.

“Is Touya coming along?”

“Touya is going to work tomorrow, but the place I invite you to eat is where he works. Touya can come over and eat with us when he’s done.” Tsukishiro put his hand on Touya’s shoulder and explained with a smile.

“My work is rather time-consuming, I may not be able to finish on time by then. You can eat first when the time comes, my treat.” Touya told them in advance.

During these few days together, Touya found that Jerry really did not seem to take the initiative to do something suspicious. Compared to the beginning, his attitude towards Jerry is a lot better. The matter of inviting Jerry to dinner was also a decision that he and Tsukishiro discussed together.

“Where exactly is the location?”

“Near the Park in this town, tomorrow morning at ten o’clock. We will meet there.” Tsukishiro replied.

Jerry could not help but freeze for a moment but quickly reacted, smiled, and nodded to indicate that he had no problem. In fact, it’s the place he just went to scout last night.

According to his memory, the Watery card, one of the four elements in the Clow cards, was found in the aquarium at the Park. But unfortunately, last night, he went to inspect the park and did not find magic fluctuations. He certainly did not find traces of the Watery card.

After these two days of research for the Shadow card, he found that Clow Reed created these Clow cards in a much more complex system.

It involved the sun, moon, yin and yang, the four elements, the weather, time, space, and many other profound magic theories that touched on the laws of the world.

He was able to seal the Shadow card because it had a very obvious weakness. But for the Watery card, he was confused regarding how to counter it once he found one. The reason why Sakura can freeze the Watery card is because of the Windy Card.

He might be able to get the Water card later.

Moreover, he had a guess. Many Clow Cards cards that Sakura tried to collect did not maximize their resistance or go all out with their strength to attack Sakura.

Clow Cards are magic cards created by Clow Reed, and although each has its thoughts and personality, they are definitely very loyal to Clow Reed. They may not recognize Sakura as the new master, but they will not really hurt Sakura as the descendant of Clow Reed.

Otherwise, Sakura’s process of taking in the Clow Cards will definitely not be that easy.

If it were him, an outsider, it would be different. He suspected that if he really wanted to seal the Water card, something big might happen, and the town might be flooded by it. He is now also considering whether to reach cooperation with Sakura.

Letting Sakura collect the card, he assisted her on the side and then borrowed it to study after it was successfully collected. This is not only efficient but also safe.

He searched his memory and knew where most of the decks appeared, but the exact time was unknown. In his previous life, when watching TV, the timeline was not so obvious regarding what month and day of the week the card appeared.

He could only stare at the locations where the cards appeared or at Sakura. But he is not that free. His main focus is still to spend on the study of magic.

Therefore, if he can cooperate with Sakura, then everything will be easier. Sakura will find the cards, call Jerry over, he went over to help collect the cards and borrowed the card for study.

With his current amount of red stars, he can last until Sakura collects all of the cards.

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Published On: June 20, 2023

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  1. He still needs to let her fight, or she won’t have enough magic power to contract all the cards. The collection was itself a test to become Clow Reed’s successor.

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