Late at night. After a crackling sound, Jerry’s figure appeared out of thin air.

“Shadow Card, let’s take you back first.”

The Shadow Card will mess up at Tomoeda Elementary School tomorrow, piling up all the desks and chairs in the school into a small mountain, and tomorrow night Sakura will come over and seal the Shadow Card with the Windy Card.

So, he intends to get a head start and see if he can catch the Shadow Card early and take it back to study it. He did not intend to rob Sakura’s card but just wanted to study the magic principle of the Clow card and would naturally return it to Sakura.

The Clow card is a magic card created by Clow Reed. Jerry is not considering actually taking it for himself because there is no need for that. Using Clow cards to fight is too complicated, but if it’s for daily use, it’ll be a great help.

He can make a set himself when he has mastered the magic principle of Clow cards. Of course, he can give it to his sister, who is obsessed with magic every day. Aisha had no magic talent and couldn’t learn meditation. Making a set of magic cards for her could also protect her at all times.

Just after landing from the air on the square in front of the school, the humanoid stone statue in the fountain in the middle of the square was lifted as if by something. Obviously, the Shadow Card hidden within the elementary school had already discovered his arrival.

Jerry’s hand reached out, a direct Freezing Spell to the humanoid stone statue in the air, and then slowly placed it on the ground.

“It’s not a good boy to destroy public property.”

See the fountain next to the Shadow imprinted on the ground. Jerry threw a Lightning Ball. However, the Shadow has no entity and can ignore physical damage. It might not be resistant to magic damage. The shadow instantly exploded into countless pieces.

As if angered by Jerry’s attack, countless elementary school-like shadows throughout the schoolyard quickly poured out of the school building. The ability of Shadow card not only can rely on a shadow to lift heavy objects for physical attacks but also to collect the Shadows of creatures to enhance their strength.

During the day today, the Shadow card had already collected the shadows of most of the elementary school students and teachers at the school. Now it’s fusing all the shadows to enhance its power and directly attack Jerry.

Looking at the shadow that turned into a huge wave, Jerry also did not dodge, quickly recited the incantation, and said, “Lumos Maxima!”

A small sun-like light emanated at once, directly dissolving the giant wave-like shadow, leaving a black shadow with a hood frozen on the spot.

The advantage of the Shadow card is that as long as it does not find its body, no matter how many times Jerry blasts the Shadow with magic, the most he can do is blow away the Shadow attack it created. The only disadvantage is light. An intense light can directly dispel all the shadows.

Seeing that all the shadows were dispersed, the Shadow hurriedly fled towards the nearby places where there were more shadows and used them to run away.

“Expecto Patronum!”

Jerry’s other hand pointed forward and summoned the Giant Patronum.

Although he did not know the principle of making the Clow cards, he was at least a powerful wizard who was proficient in many magics.

He could also guess that the essence of a card like the Shadow card was most likely a combination of special magic power and spiritual power.

The Shadow card’s ability was suppressed to the minimum, and its movement speed was greatly reduced, and the Giant caught up with it in two strides, then grabbed it in his hand. The hood of the Shadow card immediately began to struggle violently.

However, without the master’s magical power, the Clow card’s strength is much worse and weakened by lights. No matter how hard it struggles, it can not escape the hands of the Giant.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. I’m just going to check you out and return you to your new master.” Jerry smiled as he stepped forward, then took out a thermos.

“Seal!” Magic wrapped around the Shadow card and pulled it into the thermos.

Tonight, he intends to communicate well with the Shadow card to see if he can create a special magic by manipulating the shadow.

His power comes from the accumulation of countless magical knowledge. Jerry wants to become a more powerful figure in the future. He must continue to draw more magical knowledge that he does not understand.


Three days since his arrival to this world. Jerry casually rode his bike on the road.

In these three days, he had already gained some insight into the study of the Shadow card. It was estimated that in two days, he might be able to rely on his magic power to make the magic of manipulating shadows.

The Shadow card belongs to dark magic. Jerry is proficient in researching magic, especially after obtaining Voldemort’s notes. From Voldemort’a soul, he really learned a lot of forbidden or dark magic.

“Hey, it’s Sakura and Touya.”

Seeing two figures coming out of the house in front of him, Jerry immediately got on his bike and chased after them.

“Good morning, Touya!”

Touya was riding his bike and talking with his sister Sakura. He heard a somewhat familiar voice behind him. It was Jerry Carmen, who came from New York three days ago.

“Who is this?” After catching up with Touya, Jerry pretended to be curious and looked at Sakura, who was next to him.

“Oh, this is my sister. Her name is Sakura.”

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Published On: June 20, 2023

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