The particle ball blasted into his own shadow and blew a black thing out. As if not expecting to be attacked, the dark thing seemed a bit confused after being blown out, but quickly reacted and quickly scurried into the shadow of the school building and disappeared.

“Could that be “Shadow” Clow Card?”

Seeing the black shadow fleeing through the shadow, Jerry immediately thought of the “Shadow” Clow Card.


Hearing a number of footsteps approaching this way, Jerry immediately used the Mending Charm to repair the blasted wall.

“The magic that can manipulate the shadow has not been touched before.” Walking in the corridor of the school, Jerry thought back to the “Shadow” Clow card that he had just scared away.

In the three kinds of magic systems he learns at present, there is no magic related to the operation of shadow attacks. But this type of magic is quite practical. The main thing is that it’s very stealthy, hard to be noticed, and the attack reminds him of Sectumsempra Curse.

Especially against Light type enemies because physical attacks are entirely unable to cause damage to the shadow.

“I’d love to give the Shadow Clow Card a good check.”


“Jerry-san, your bento is really delicious. Here’s your bento box!” Back in the classroom, Tsukishiro returned the cleanly washed his lunch box.

“If you guys like it, I’ll bring more next time.” Jerry’s face also showed a smile.

Now he feels that he needs to have a good relationship with Tsukishiro and Touya. There is still Eriol, who inherited the memory and magic power of Clow Reed in this world. Only by becoming friends with all of them could he communicate and learn magic in a more friendly way.

This matter also seems not difficult. Bring more delicious food every day, and he can be a really good friend with Tsukishiro, like today’s bento meal.

“Jerry, have you thought about which club you want to join?” After school, Tsukishiro rode a bike on the same road and curiously asked.

Jerry originally wanted to trail Touya after school to see where Sakura’s family lived, but it turned out that the three of them went back in the same direction.

“What are the available clubs at school?”

Tsukishiro thought briefly and said, “A lot, the big ones like soccer, kendo, and archery. Smaller ones are Social Study Group, Chess Club, Science Club, and many more.”

“Forget it. I have no interest in joining a club.” He might as well study more about magic if he has that time.

“Alright then. Touya, Jerry, see you tomorrow!” Tsukishiro waved his hand and stopped in front of a large courtyard with beautiful flowers.

“See you tomorrow!” Jerry and Touya likewise waved.

Tsukishiro looks quite rich, and the big yard doesn’t look cheap.

“Touya, I feel as if you have some misunderstanding about me?”

After Tsukishiro, only Jerry and Touya were left to go together, and the atmosphere immediately dropped to a freezing point.

Touya turned his head to look at Jerry. His tone was full of alertness, “Who are you? What is your purpose in approaching Tsukishiro?”

Touya had seen Tsukishiro’s original body when he first saw him. He thought that Jerry, who possessed powerful magic power and was exceptionally mysterious, suddenly transferred to their class at this time. Could he be targeting Tsukishiro?

“My purpose? Touya, don’t worry. I don’t have any intention toward Tsukishiro. I mean, you guys are perfect for each other.” After Jerry froze for a moment, he immediately explained with a face full of seriousness.

“What are you talking about? I don’t mean it like that!” Hearing Jerry’s explanation, Touya’s face instantly flushed.

When Jerry saw this, he burst out laughing, “I’m kidding, Touya. Don’t get so excited.”

“It’s not funny!” Touya’s mouth twitched.

“Well, actually, Touya. You really don’t have to think too much. I don’t have any ill will towards you and Tsukishiro. To be honest, I am a magician and came to this town to hear that there are very powerful magicians here. So, I come over here to learn some magic.” Jerry gave his answer in a calm tone.

He did not lie to Touya. He came here really wanting to learn magic.

After hearing Jerry’s answer, the heart he had been carrying was finally considered to be put down. He was born with a particularly strong perception ability. Just now, he could clearly feel the sincerity in his words, Jerry should not lie to him, or at least he doesn’t have any Ill intent towards them.

“It seems that you live here, right?” Jerry’s eyes skimmed just in time to see the second-story window of a small house on the side of the road, revealing the figure of Sakura.

Touya also snapped out of his thoughts and braked his bike in a panic.

“Well, see you tomorrow, Touya.” Jerry carried the bike and disappeared on the spot.

“He’s really telling the truth.” Watching Jerry with the bike suddenly disappear in place, Touya was also startled.

Although he has powerful magic power and also has some special abilities, he can not systematically learn the knowledge of magic and, therefore, can not be like a normal magician that can release a variety of magic at will.

In fact, this is also the first time he meets a magician who can actually do magic.

“Huh, it’s not so far away.”

Jerry went back into the courtyard of his house when he suddenly realized that he did not seem to have moved much farther. Because he could still see through the gate of Touya’s house or, specifically, the house he bought is across the road from Sakura’s house.

“It’s better not to venture out at this time.” Parking the bicycle in the yard, Jerry pushed the door into the house.

Although, the persona of the mysterious magician that he had prepared before instantly collapsed just because he had just demonstrated his magic in front of him.

However, it’s good to live close to them. At least when Sakura goes out at night to collect Clow Cards, he can know it in advance.

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