“Jerry, your lunch looks delicious!” Jerry just opened the bento box. Tsukishiro was attracted by a strong aroma and looked over with stars in both eyes.

Students that bring bento often go cold. The school will not have a microwave oven to provide them to reheat the food. Jerry’s bento is freshly made, still smoking hot, and Tsukishiro was instantly attracted to it.

“I brought a lot of portions to eat. You can try it.” Jerry pushed the bento toward the front of the table.

“Don’t mind if I do!”

Tsukishiro is very delighted when he saw Jerry push the bento in his direction. He immediately picks up chopsticks and grabs away two pieces of roasted pork. One of the pieces was quickly placed in Touya’s bento.

“Jerry’s bento is still hot after such a long time. I don’t know how you could even do that.” Touya did not eat the piece of roast pork in the bento.

“The bento box is just an ordinary bento box. I can do some magic to keep the way it is now.” Jerry said jokingly to Touya.

Touya looked stunned and suddenly stopped talking.

“This is pork meat is cooked well. It feels just different again. It’s really delicious, Touya. Try it quickly! It will be cold for a while!” Tsukishiro chewed the roasted pork. He quickly picked up the roast pork in Touya’s bento and stuffed it into Touya’s mouth.

“You guys can eat. I’m not hungry. I’m going out for a stroll.” He put his bento in front of Tsukishiro. Touya turned his head and left the classroom.


His looks were still too conspicuous in the school, so after leaving the classroom, he immediately cast the Muggle Repelling Spell again. Wandering out of the school building and finding an unoccupied corner to cast the Disillusionment Charm and the Flight spell, Jerry flew towards Tomoeda Elementary School next door.

“There are magic fluctuations.” He just flew to the elementary school, and he immediately felt a burst of magic fluctuations.

He quickly landed and flew in the direction of the magic fluctuation, and soon a somewhat incantation sounded into his ears.

“O’ key that hides the power of darkness, show your true power in front of me! Now in the name of your master, I command you!” Looking down, a girl with short brown hair and dark green pupils was chanting an incantation with her eyes closed.

Next to her was a dark-haired, dark-eyed girl wearing the same uniform. Her eyes are full of excitement and thrill. Meanwhile, next to the dark-haired girl, there was a small yellow doll with wings flying in the air, cheering for the brown-haired girl.

“That’s Sakura, Tomoya and Kero!” Jerry quickly saw that the two girls and the winged doll in front of him were the very same trio that collected the cards.

The name is Cerberus.

Because each card has its own will and unique power, Clow Reed fears that after his death, the cards will cause harm to ordinary people, so he created the Clow Book.

Flying to the wall and sitting down, Jerry began to eavesdrop on the conversation between the two girls.

“Looks like it’s just getting started.” It didn’t take long for him to figure out the timeline now.

“It’s about time. Let’s go back.” After demonstrating magic, the two girls looked at the time, hurriedly collected their lunch boxes, and walked toward the classroom.

“I feel like there’s something there.” Before being stuffed into her school bag, Kero glanced toward the empty wall behind.

When the two girls completely disappeared, Jerry’s figure slowly appeared on the wall that Kero just looked at.

“As expected from him. Even though little magic power is left in him, his senses are so sharp.”

“Windy and Fly? Not bad.”

The Windy card is one of the four fundamental element cards. If he can study its magic principle clearly, then Jerry will definitely have a very big breakthrough in wind magic.

The current wind magic that he can do is a Whirlwind Spell. After he can operate a whirlwind to hinder the enemy’s movement, maybe after he figures out the magic principle of the Windy Card, he can use Whirlwind Spell not only to hinder the enemy’s movement but directly blow the enemy away.

In the future, if he is more powerful, he may wave his hand, and it will be a massive tornado that can destroy the city.

As for “Fly”, this is a card that can fly. Although not powerful, it might help with his Flight Spell if he figured out its magic principle. His Flight Spell had been fully mastered, but the speed aspect still didn’t satisfy him because the fastest flight speed was about the same as a typical magic broom.

“What the heck?” Just when Jerry was thinking about the two Clow cards that appeared now and how they might help him with his magic.

Suddenly, he sensed something that was quickly leaning toward him. So immediately, his hand reached out and coalesced a ball of magic particles without the need to recite a spell.

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Published On: June 20, 2023

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