He turned on “Refreshing”, trying to extract the memories of his previous life about an anime called Cardcaptor Sakura. Those long-forgotten details of the story once again came to mind.

“Maybe, this will really be a good magical world.”

Some magicians exist and seem to have a well-organized, as well as well-developed system of magic knowledge. Among them, the most famous and powerful one should be someone named Clow Reed.

The ability to create a whole set of powerful magic cards and each magic card seems to have its own personality and wisdom, is indeed not something that ordinary magicians can do. Especially in this whole set of magic cards, certain cards’ magic abilities can even be on par with Jerry’s magic.

Suppose he can learn the magic of this world or study the magic cards of Clow Reed. It should be a big help to his magical strength improvement. Overall, this should be considered a very good magical world.

“I don’t know whether or not Sakura had collected some magic cards.” Looking at Touya and Tsukishiro, who came down from the podium, Jerry decided to wait until after school and follow them over to take a look.

Or if he had time at noon, he could go directly to Sakura’s school to take a look. If he remembered correctly, Tomoeda Elementary School seems to be next to Seijou High.

“Repello Muggle-tum.” He instantly became a person everyone would ignore, and Jerry began his daily magic study.

Learning various magic systems in various different worlds is beneficial because he can fuse multiple magic systems to create more magic. His magic strength is all accumulated little by little with time.

“Jerry, what are you reading?”

Jerry was holding a magic book he brought back from Asgard, concentrating on the theory about the use of magic energy when a very gentle voice rang in his ears. As this voice rang out, it was as if it broke something in an instant, drawing the eyes of all the students in the class.

“O-oh… it’s just an old book!” Jerry froze for a moment, then quickly returned.

He forgot that the Muggle Repelling Spell could only shield ordinary people without magic power, and there were two other guys with magic power in this classroom.

“An old book, huh? Where are my manners, I’m Tsukishiro, and he is Touya.”

“Hello Tsukishiro, Touya.”

Touya was tapped on the shoulder by Tsukishiro and had no choice but to turn around and say hello to Jerry. However, Touya looked into Jerry’s eyes with the slightest hint of caution.

“Hello there!” Jerry closed his magic book and responded with a smile.

“Is there something wrong?” At Momoya’s wary gaze, Jerry knew what was going on after roughly thinking about it.

If he remembered correctly, Touya’s father, Kinomoto Fujitaka, seemed to be the reincarnation of Clow Reed. But he did not inherit Clow Reed’s memories. So, Sakura and Touya were born with very powerful magic power.

Touya also inherited Clow Reed’s ability to predict the future and a very powerful perception. Just now, Touya either sensed the huge magical power in his body or sensed that he had just performed magic and was alerted to him.

As for Tsukishiro, his identity is also unusual. He is one of the guardians of Clow Reed. However, Tsukishiro does not know his true identity and seems to like Touya very much.

When watching the anime in his previous life, Jerry’s main focus was on Sakura and the magical cards she had taken.

“You just got here, if there is anything you don’t understand? You can ask me or Touya. We can help you.” When the bell rang, Tsukishiro said to him and went back to his seat.

Tsukishiro is very kind and gentle to everyone, and no wonder many people like him.

Once the bell rang, Jerry once again cast a Muggle Repelling Spell. Touya had perceived him that he had magic power and could do magic. Jerry did not care because he did not intend to hide his identity.

This is a relatively harmonious world, and he does not intend to do anything bad. There is no for him to go to such an extent. Later he might borrow a card for him to study it, as well as to find other magicians to exchange information.

At lunchtime, students began taking out their lunchboxes or rushing out of the classroom to buy bread from the kiosk. Japanese Schools in the 1990s basically did not have cafeterias.

So most of the students’ lunches were made in advance by their parents at home, and the few who did not have lunches went to the kiosk to grab some food.

“Jerry, you did not bring a bento? I can share one with you.”

At this time, Touya is eating bento with Tsukishiro. He turned his head to see Jerry still sitting there reading a book and thought he did not bring lunch. The Muggle Repelling Spell was lifted again, and all the students in the classroom who were eating bento immediately reacted and focused their eyes on Jerry.

A few of the more outgoing female students had even gotten up with their own bento, seemingly wanting to use it to come over and get to know their new classmates.

“No, thanks. I brought one. It’s just that I’m so invested in reading to the point I forgot about the time.”

Jerry saw the situation in a hurry to reach into the school bag, open the bag, quickly cast a Transfiguration Charm and took out a box of bento he had just made

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