“It actually gave a new identity again.” Jerry roughly read the memories in his mind, and a trace of surprise appeared on his face.

Originally, the last time he went to the world of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, no identity was given, and he thought it was because he was stronger, so the panel felt that there was no need to give an identity. But now it seemed that it was not what he had thought.

His identity in this world is that he is a transfer student from New York and the location he is now in Japan. In other words, this time, the new world should be some magic world in Japan.

Which world would it be? A magic world in a Japanese Anime He had seen a lot of anime of this type in his previous life, but he didn’t know if this world was one of them. Seijou High School, the name sounded and felt somewhat familiar.

“It’s better to go to the school first. I guess there will be some clues then.”

Based on the experience of the first two worlds, Jerry felt that the location where he appeared and the identity given by the panel must be related to this world plot.

He got out of bed, followed the information given in his memory, and found the school uniform of Seijou High in the locker.

“Shirt, tie, and blue suit jacket. This school uniform is quite big.” Jerry changed his clothes three times and then went to the mirror.

After graduating from elementary school at eleven, he opened his first magical world, spent two full years at Hogwarts, one year and four months in the main world, and more than three months in the world of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”.

Overall, he has reached fifteen years of age.

He has short brown hair, angular facial contours, sky blue eyes, a height of about one meter seventy-five, and an extremely well-proportioned body. Jerry is still very prominent in terms of appearance.

Picking up his school bag and going downstairs, he pushed open the door in front of him.

The place where he lived was a typical Japanese two-story small residence with a small yard at the entrance, which from memory, he had bought after coming from New York.

“I didn’t expect that the first time I came to the island would be in this way.”

Considering that he might appear in different countries in the future, Jerry had learned the languages of other countries in his free time, and Japanese was certainly one of them. The good thing is that, given his status as a foreigner, it is normal to speak in a non-standard way.


Seeing a bicycle parked in the yard, Jerry froze for a moment but was soon relieved. According to memory, the year now is 1996. There is this style of bicycle is actually quite normal.

Without using flying techniques or a flying broom, he used the bike, opened the gate, and rode in the direction of the High School. It was better to act like an ordinary person and keep a low profile as the world was not yet clear.

It’s always better to be cautious, although it’s quite peaceful. But he can’t be too sure about it.

Lively streets, with cherry trees planted, left and right. The sky is full of flower petals flying in the wind in this weather. Perhaps this world was not as dangerous as he imagined.


“Okay, everyone is here. Today we introduce a transfer student. Come in.” Hearing the Teacher’s voice from inside, Jerry pushed open the classroom door and walked in.

“Hello, everyone. My name is Jerry Carmen. Nice meeting you all.” Jerry smiled and gave a brief introduction to the class.

“Wow, it’s a foreigner?”

“How strange, there are actually transfer students at this time.”

“He looks cool.”

The teacher coughed, listening to the buzzing discussion of the students in the class, “Jerry is a student from New York. I hope all of you get along well.”

After that, she pointed to an empty seat and said to Jerry with a smile, “Jerry, there is an empty seat right there behind Touya. You can sit there!”

“Okay, sensei!” Jerry nodded with a smile and walked over to the empty seat.

“Huh? There’s magic?” Sure enough, following the memory of the arrangement, he could soon find a magician or wizard of this world.

When he just passed by the table of the student called Touya, he instantly detected the magic power hidden in his body, and it seemed to be not weak. In other words, the student named Touya sitting in front of him is probably a magician of this world.

“Okay, everyone. Open your textbooks and turn to page thirty-five. Today we will learn about derivatives.” Seeing that Jerry was already seated, the teacher began today’s math lesson.

Jerry snapped his fingers lightly and released detection magic. Detection Magic is a branch of magic that Jerry had learned that could be used to scan the surrounding area for people or objects with magic power.

“There is another one?”

In addition to the student named Touya, who sat in front of him in the far right corner, another student surprisingly also contained magic power within his body.

There were two magicians in one classroom? It seems that the number of magicians in this world is not small.

“Kinomoto Touya, Yukito Tsukishiro. Come up and solve this equation.”

Just when Jerry was contemplating what excuse he would find to approach these two magicians after class later and then see if he could extract information about this world, the two names called out by the teacher suddenly made him flinch.

“Touya? Tsukishiro? Could it be that it’s the world of “Cardcaptor Sakura”?”

If the name is “Touya”, he might not be impressed. After all, there are quite a lot of people with this name in Japan.

But if you add the surname “Kinomoto” in front of it, now that’s a unique name. Then there is a “Tsukishiro”, which is pretty normal. Given that the two exist in this high school simultaneously, this leads him to conclude that it’s the world of Cardcaptor Sakura.

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  2. from the school name, i guessed it was an korean school. card captor, i never watched it, so i have no clue how the magic system works.

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