One month after school starts.

Jerry sat in a chair on the lawn in front of the house, concentrating on studying “Outline of Biology”.

It has been half a year since he returned to the main world. Most of his energy in the past six months has been spent on improving his power and researching magic.

However, thanks to the help of “Refreshing”, he still completed most of the knowledge in junior high school and high school through self-study. He began to come into contact with some professors at a university gradually.

It’s just that because they are basically self-study, he doesn’t really understand many majors and in-depth biological theories. If he wants to reach the level where he can study and purify the blood of wizards by himself, then he needs to have a better learning environment in the future, and it is best to have expert guidance in this field.

Not far in front of him, Ebony Maw stepped on a pile of sand and flew in the air, constantly using his ability to pile piles of dirt and stones. Farther away, Cull Obsidian dug deep pits with his pickaxe and planted large trees of different varieties.

You can also see various magical animals in the forest, as well as a large number of giant spiders.

In the sky above the forest, from time to time, a dragon can be seen flying around and will spew out mouthfuls of flames randomly. Next to the forest is a small artificial lake with an area of more than 40,000 square meters. There are many water creatures that Jerry brought in from the Black Lake.

In the center of the lake is a small island the size of a football field. Twelve robot soldiers on the island are undergoing combat training. On the right side of the small villa, Sun Lok directs the house elf using magic to make dinner.

“This suitcase will really become a real small world if it continues developing like this.” Jerry put down the book in his hand and looked at the scenery in front of him. It has become more than a hundred times larger than when he took it from Quirrell, and couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

Continuously casting the Extension Charm and various weather spells made it feel like the real world. But if he can really expand the area here to be larger than the area of the Earth in the future, will the people who live and be born here still think this is a false world?

With the continuous learning and research of magic, Jerry sometimes thinks about a problem.

That is, what is this strange panel that can take him into different worlds, and why can it take him into different magical worlds?

He couldn’t figure it out before because he was just an ordinary person at that time. Now, he has some theories in his heart.

With his current strength, he can build a small world. Will there be one or some very incredible existences that have created these worlds one by one?

There are countless parallel worlds, and each different parallel world also has subtle differences. Like the movie he has seen, there are multiple versions.

He may also be one of those countless worlds, picked out by this or this group of powerful beings, given something like a strange panel and then thrown into this world.

The strange panel can stop the time of the entire Marvel world when he travels through another world. It means that the person who created the strange panel may have reached an unimaginable level in the law of time.

As for why he was chosen and why he was thrown into this world. Is it because that person to see something fun might happen?

“Are you all watching me from somewhere I don’t know?” Jerry looked up into the sky, looking through the endless dimensions, looking at that group of great beings that might exist.

“Maybe I’m overthinking it, and working hard to improve my strength is better.”

When he returned to his senses, he felt it was useless to think about that stuff now. If those mysterious groups were really looking at him, maybe they would know what he was thinking.

[The upgrade is complete, and another world has been captured successfully. Please check the instructions for more details.]

At this moment, his panel suddenly emitted colorful lights, and a line of striking characters appeared on the panel. Jerry immediately withdrew his thoughts and clicked on the explanation in the upper right corner.

After some reading, a bright smile appeared on his face immediately.

The function of the upgraded panel has not changed much, but a rule has been changed. A change that makes Jerry feel that it is beneficial for him.

Originally, the time between the main and small worlds did not circulate. No matter how long he stayed in the parallel world, the main world was in a state where time stopped. No matter how long he stayed in the main world, the parallel world was also in a state where time stopped.

However, the time between the parallel worlds is interlinked. As long as he stays in the world of “Harry Potter”, the same amount of time will pass in the world of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”.

Thus a problem arises. He couldn’t stay in other worlds for long if he wanted to guarantee his studies at Hogwarts. Otherwise, he would miss the start of school. But now, this problem panel has been adjusted after the upgrade.

In the new rules, the time between the parallel world no longer progressed at the same time, but it progressed separately.

Now, as long as he has enough red stars if he stays in the world of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” for ten or eight years, the time in the “Harry Potter” world will still stop.

In other words, he doesn’t have to worry about the time when returning to the world of “Harry Potter”.

Therefore, he only needs to worry about his red stars usage. If his red stars are enough, he can continue to improve himself.

“Let me see what the new world is.” Jerry left the suitcase and decisively reached out and clicked the button of the new world on the panel.

After being in a trance for a while, the surrounding scene changed when he opened his eyes again.

At the same time, a strange memory and introduction appeared in his mind.

[Jerry Carmen, 15 years old. As a transfer student from New York, USA. You will enter Seijou High today as a new student.]

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Published On: June 17, 2023

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  1. i really doubt he can learn to splice genes from an modern university, if the teachers don’t know how, how can he? the blind leading the blind. he should just enslave Bruce, and get him to help.

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