“It has been upgraded again?”

Originally, Jerry planned to return to the “Harry Potter” world after Haas and Belle married. After all, he now has more than 400,000 red stars, which is enough for him to stay in that world for another year.

Unexpectedly, the panel has been upgraded again, and a new world will appear after the upgrade.

After thinking about it, he thought it was fine. In his current state, if he went to the world of “Harry Potter”, apart from spending more than a year studying magic and improving his power, there seemed to be no major breakthrough.

Because he has basically mastered all the magic taught by Hogwarts for the next years. What more can he learn? Maybe he can get a Time-Turner when school starts.

At the end of his second year, Snape approached him alone, saying that Professor McGonagall had applied for a Time-Turner from the Ministry of Magic for Hermione. He had also applied for a Time-Turner for Jerry.

The purpose is to prevent Slytherin from losing to Gryffindor. But when it comes to the effect of this Time-Turner, it’s really not particularly useful for Jerry.

As far as he knows, the Time-Turner can go back in time but can’t change what has happened. No matter what you do with the Time-Turner, things will end up the same for a variety of reasons.

It is also very dangerous. If used indiscriminately, it may cause one to disappear into the past, present, and future completely.

The biggest function of the Time-Turner is to allow you to have several times more time than others to learn knowledge.

For example, if you use the Time-Turner to go back to a day ago, your physical condition will not go back to a day ago, and your body’s age is still increasing. Although you have more time to learn knowledge, you will only feel more tired.

This is not very useful for Jerry because if he uses the Time-Turner to obtain two or three times more time than others, it also consumes two or three times more than his normal red stars consumption.

If he brought it to the main world, he is worried about what unforeseen things will happen after using it. Things related to the law of time are not that simple.

Therefore, he felt that it would be good to upgrade the panel, and then there would be a new world, which might bring him some nice surprises.

At present, his first two worlds have given him a lot of help.

In “Harry Potter”, he learned all kinds of magic, had a basic understanding of magic, and laid a solid foundation for magic.

In the world of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, he learned how to extend his age, got a meditation technique to improve his power, and learned another kind of magic.

Now after the upgrade, a third world will appear, and he is looking forward to it.

Because the Chitauri army invaded last time, he has more than 400,000 red stars. He can stay in it for a while if it is really a good small world.

However, he doesn’t know how long this panel upgrade will take to complete.

At the gate of Midtown High School, Jerry was carrying a suitcase, looked at Haas, Belle, and Aisha with some anxiety, and explained earnestly.

“If it’s okay, I’ll go home to see you on weekends. But when I’m not around, you have to take care of yourself.”

In Midtown High School, you can live in a dormitory or go to school normally.

But in order to better study and study magic, and to further improve his knowledge, as well as to make things more convenient in daily life. Jerry did not choose to go to school like he used to anymore but chose to live alone.

He didn’t really live in the school dormitory. He just told Haas and others that he would live in a dorm despite the fact that he just bought another house to live in.

In this way, he will be away from Monday to Friday. The three had to handle all the food and housework at home. That’s why Jerry is a bit worried.

However, he must let go when it is time to let go. It is impossible for him to always stay with Haas and Aisha. They must learn to take care of themselves in the future. Besides, Belle is married to Haas now, so it’s time to experience the life that a normal family should have.

“Jerry, you just need to rest assured and study hard. If you need anything, just let me know.” Haas patted his chest and promised.

Other families send their children to high school boarding because they are worried that their children will not be able to care for themselves after living independently.

“Brother, promise me to come home every weekend.” At this time, Aisha had thrown herself into Jerry’s arms and began to sob.

Although Jerry usually likes to supervise her studies and care for her, the two grew up together and never separated for a day. In the past, Jerry took care of Aisha’s daily life when Haas was not around.

Therefore, she is very dependent on Jerry. Aisha is known as a bully in school, but in front of Jerry, she always behaves like a child who can’t grow up.

“Of course. You have to go to junior high school when school starts, and you can’t be as lazy as before. You should be obedient at home and call me anytime if you need anything.” Jerry touched her head and wiped her tears.

During a summer vacation, Aisha grew a lot taller. Although she is still not taller than Jerry, she can be regarded as stepping into the ranks of girls from a young girl.

Maybe Jerry doesn’t feel it very clearly because of being together every day. Aisha, in his eyes, has always been a little girl.

“Okay, thank you, everyone. I can take care of myself.” After waving with Haas and others, Jerry pulled the suitcase and walked into the dormitory.

In the boys’ dormitory bathroom, Jerry disappeared in place with Apparition, and when he reappeared, he was already in a decorated house.

After putting the suitcase away and pushing open the bedroom window of the house, Jerry could see the magic house with two iron eagles squatting on the roof not far away.

The house he bought outside is not far from where Haas and the others live now. Since he can apparate, he can live anywhere and take care of anything.

He doesn’t live at his previous home just because doing things at ordinary times is inconvenient. As for the school, he has already made a plan with magic, so he doesn’t have to worry about accidentally letting Haas know about his disappearance.

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