The next morning, in the living room. Haas looked suspiciously at the staff member who claimed to be from the real estate company in front of him.

“Officer Haas, I’m not lying. I’m entrusted to handle the relevant real estate procedures for you. This is my certificate.”

“You mean I really won a lottery for a house?” After seeing the certificates of the salesperson of the real estate company, Haas still didn’t believe it.

After yesterday’s lottery draw, they went to find a place to eat and then went home. In Haas’ view, the so-called house may have been deliberately a publicity stunt, and there is a high probability that there will be no follow-up in the future. At most, a house model will be sent to them the next day.

But unexpectedly, a salesman from a real estate company came to their door the next day. After some inspection, he is a real salesman.

“Officer Haas, I don’t know about the lottery, but someone entrusted me to hand over a house to you. That exact same person has paid all other fees. You just need to go to the relevant department with me to go through the registration with your documents.” The salesman replied helplessly.

In fact, he was still quite confused. Half a month ago, he was very lucky to sell a very expensive house and receive an extremely generous commission. Unexpectedly, half a month later, the man who bought the house would hand over the house to another person.

Of course, he got a lot of money from this, which he would definitely not refuse.

“Haas, I don’t think he’s lying to you. Why don’t you take the documents with him to have a look?” At this time, Belle, who was sitting on the side, spoke in a low voice.

Haas hesitated for a moment, then finally nodded. Although he didn’t believe there was such a great thing as a freebie, he still wanted to check it out. If it were really a scam, he would immediately cease their operation as a policeman.

A smile appeared on Jerry’s face when he saw Haas walking out of the house with the documents with the real estate salesman.

As long as Haas goes out with the salesman, he will find that everything has been taken care of and he has really won a house from the lottery.


At four o’clock in the afternoon, Haas seemed to have been in a good mood, opened the door, and returned home.

“What’s the matter, Hass?” Seeing this, Belle hurried forward and said concernedly.

Jerry and Aisha also surrounded them. Haas looked at them, and then there was ecstasy on his face, “The lottery is real. We really won the lottery. A house located not far from our neighborhood. This is simply unbelievable!”

All the formalities were completed without spending a penny, and finally, he got the real house document. He had to believe it no matter how much he didn’t believe it.

“This is a gift, simply a blessing from God.” Belle covered her mouth, with tears in her eyes, and hugged Haas.

“What a really great wedding gift we have.” Jerry showed a satisfied smile.

“Come on, let’s go see what the house looks like.” After the excitement was over, Haas took the car keys and a large bunch of house keys he got from the real estate and led them to the location of the house.


“Wow, what a big house!”

Half an hour later, when the four of them stood at the entrance of the house, they were first attracted by the two five-meter-high stone lions placed at the entrance.

Haas picked up the key and opened the big iron gate of the house, facing a small garden with a fountain made of marble in the center of the garden. In the center of the fountain is a meandering Chinese dragon, and the water of the fountain is constantly spitting out from the mouth of the dragon.

The fence near the small garden is also very unique. A soldier statue is embedded in the fence, holding a spear.  Across the small garden is a large three-story house in a typical European style.

“The previous owner of this house must be a statue lover.” After visiting the entire house, Belle couldn’t help sighing.

It turns out that not only outside the house, but you can see various stone or iron statues inside the house. But fortunately, the statues in the villa are all kinds of cute animals, and they are painted with beautiful colors.

For example, a panda, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and many more statues are slightly big. They are basically two meters tall, and they all carry various carved things. Like the panda one is holding a thick bamboo, Mickey Mouse is holding a huge donut, Donald Duck is holding a cane, and so on.

“Let’s move here tomorrow. Next time I can bring Annie and the others over to play!”

After visiting the house, Aisha was the one who was excited the most

“Okay, we can move in tomorrow.” Haas and Belle nodded immediately.

Usually at home, many things are not very convenient to be done at home. Now that they have this house, they finally don’t have to worry about a thing or two.

When Haas and the others got back in the car and were about to return, they didn’t notice that all the statues in the house lowered their heads slightly to them as if they were bowing.

In this house, apart from the Protego Charm that the house elves can activate at any time, all the statues inside have already been imbued with spells and Transmutation Magic by him. Once someone wants to invade this house, the statues will attack them.

After Haas and others moved into this house, Jerry basically didn’t have to worry about their safety anymore. Because if there is really an irresistible danger, the house elves can use Apparition to take them to the house to hide at any time.

In the middle of the night, on the last night of living in the neighborhood. Jerry was about to go out to patrol around to earn some red stars when suddenly he was taken aback when he opened the panel.

[The panel has been upgraded. Some features will be optimized, and a new world will be available.]

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