Inside a very famous wedding studio in Queens, New York.

Haas is taking wedding photos with Belle while Jerry and Aisha sit on the sofa beside them and wait. The photos of the two of them have been taken.

“Fortunately, Teacher Belle doesn’t teach mathematics. Otherwise, I would definitely not agree with her being with Dad.” Aisha licked the ice cream Jerry bought for her just now.

At this time, Jerry is not here. Because what is sitting on the sofa is actually just a clone controlled by him from a long distance. His real body is on the side of the street.

“Just do as I said; the remaining 50,000 U.S. dollars will be sent later.”

“Don’t worry. We are professionals and promise to complete the task.”

A man in his thirties patted his chest and assured Jerry, who had turned into an old man with a smile all over his face. They were a small team doing roadside activities for others and suddenly received a big order in the morning. The customer paid a deposit of 50,000 in advance.

After more than an hour.

Haas took Belle, Jerry, and Aisha out of the wedding studio. Never think that taking wedding photos is such an easy task. You will know how tiring it is to make up, change clothes, and pose all day long once you experienced it.

Haas experienced this kind of thing more than ten years ago, and this is the second time. Unlike Belle, Haas now wants to find a place to eat quickly and then go home and lie down.

“Ladies and gentlemen, don’t go anywhere and look this way to celebrate the heroic Avengers who repelled the alien invasion of Earth. One of our elderly gentlemen, who was lucky enough to survive this crisis, decided to hold a giveaway!”

“As long as you are willing to stop and spend ten seconds to draw a lottery, then the prize is yours! No strings attached!”

Not long after the four left the studio, they saw a man promoting something on a temporary stage opposite their parking lot. Behind him are small dolls, large washing machines, air conditioners, and vacuum cleaners, all piled up in a pile.

“It seems that there is a lottery. Let’s go and have a look.” Belle suggested.

For some people, in a lottery, the prize size is unimportant. The important thing is whether they can win the prize. Given Belle’s family background, she is not attracted to any gift and mainly does it just for fun.

“Forget it. Let’s find a place to eat now.” Haas shook his head.

In his opinion, nine out of ten of these lottery giveaways are scams, and there are no prizes to draw. It is only made to scam someone.

“Aww, alright then.” Seeing that Haas was really tired, she didn’t force it.

“Congratulations to this gentleman, you have won a washing machine worth a thousand dollars, and you can take it away immediately!” As soon as the four of them got to the side of the car, there was a cheer from across the road.

Haas shook his head when he heard the words, “What?”

“That gentleman over there! Do you want to give it a try? One person has only one chance. The four of you will have four chances to draw an air conditioner, washing machine, anything!” Just as Haas was about to open the car door, the man on the opposite side shouted directly in the direction of Haas.

Haas shook his head and smiled, “No, thank you.”

The man did not do something illegal, it can only be regarded as a means of sales, and he will not participate in it or deliberately destroy it.

However, after Haas refused, the man did not give up but continued to shout, “You sir, just walked out of the studio. You must be getting married soon. Now is the happiest and luckiest time in your life. Come and try it. I believe you will win the biggest prize here!”

“Wow, you’re really relentless, huh?” Haas sighed secretly when he heard the words and was about to refuse again, but Jerry next to him gave him a wink.

At this time, Belle was attracted by that man’s words, and Aisha seemed eager to try.

“Okay, let’s go try it.” Haas nodded helplessly.

He knew that after this time, there was a high probability that he would spend money on some useless things for a while. But if Belle was happy and the children were happy, it didn’t really matter much.

“Let’s go try it.”

Haas, Belle, Jerry, and Aisha put their hands together and pressed the button of the lottery machine. Immediately, dozens of small balls of different colors in the machine began to spin rapidly, and at this time, Jerry snapped his fingers quietly with his right hand in his pocket.

A small black ball quickly rushed through the obstacles of other small balls and bounced out of the lottery machine.

The man picked up the ball, opened it in front of the audience, then pulled out the note inside and read aloud excitedly, “Congratulations to this newlywed couple! They have won our biggest prize today, which is a luxurious house!”

“A house?”

Everyone suddenly showed disbelief. Belle even covered her mouth in disbelief. God must have blessed her marriage with Haas to be so lucky to win the first prize.

If the prize were just a car, Haas would have believed it a bit. But a house?

“Okay, please leave your address, and a dedicated staff member will come to handle the documents for you tomorrow.” The man took a piece of paper and a pen and handed them to Belle.

Belle filled in the address without saying a word. Seeing Belle’s happy appearance at this time, Haas had no choice but to put away his hand that wanted to stop her.

He knew that Belle didn’t care about the villa. But they won the first prize, especially when they just left the studio.

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Published On: June 16, 2023

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