Hermione quickly realized during the conversation that she and Jerry shared a similar kind of personality. He didn’t memorize as many books as he did, but he was well-knowledgeable about numerous spells and magic theories.

She became intrigued right away and, at the same time, her heart began to identify Jerry even more.

In addition to becoming more animated and fascinated as they talked more, Jerry and Hermione also became more animated. Before Jerry knew it, the Hogwarts Express had already departed the station without his knowledge.

“You… Hello, is anyone around here? The other spots are occupied.”

The conversation between Jerry and Hermione was suddenly cut short by a stammering voice.

A round-faced, chubby little wizard was dragging the bag in the private room while carrying a golden-backed toad in his left hand. He occasionally cast a quick peek at the vacant seat next to Jerry and Hermione.

“No one, please take a seat across from us.” Jerry smiled as he answered.

As soon as the toad was in his arms, the child happily shoved the suitcase to the corner of the box and sat down.

“Neville Longbottom is my name, and I’m a freshman this year. Call me Neville if you want!” The boy sat down and hesitantly introduced himself.

“Jerry Carmen!”

“Hermione Granger!”

Jerry and Hermione exchanged glances. They smiled and introduced themselves at the same moment since they noticed that the boy across from them was a little uneasy. The child eventually calmed and joined Jerry and Hermione’s conversation after perhaps sensing the friendliness in their tone.

However, as Neville hadn’t yet given a preview of the textbook, the three of them diverted their conversation from magic to their individual births and upbringings at this point. Neville seemed a little nervous and less reserved when talking about his family.

“My grandmother raised me, yet for a very long time, my family has always thought of me as a Muggle. My Uncle Algie often tries to take advantage of people’s gullibility and will use whatever strategy to make me demonstrate my magic…”

Neville then described his horrible experiences, including being tossed from an upper floor and nearly dying, as well as being thrown into the Black Lake by his uncle Algie.

Hearing Jerry and Hermione, it’s clear that pure-blood magical family elders are something else.

Actually, Jerry is aware that Neville’s parents appear to be both Aurors. They were taken prisoner by Death Eaters during the First Wizarding War, and they used the Cruciatus Curse to torment them until they went insane.

Neville, who was only a year old, was put under a “Forgetting Curse” by his grandmother to help him forget the horrifying vision of his parents being tortured. Neville may have been too young when the Forgetting Curse was cast, which led to undesirable repercussions. He has a damaged mind and has become incredibly forgetful.

By the way, can a one-year-old really remember things?

Neville’s parents are both Aurors (policemen in the wizarding world), who have attacked Voldemort at least three times, and Neville was also born in July, according to rumors Jerry has heard. Neville was also born in July.

It was able to employ magic to tighten the blanket around itself, even as a newborn.

Neville’s magic talent might not be worse than Voldemort’s if it weren’t for the harm the “Forgetting Curse” can inflict on the mind and the difficulty in smoothly regulating the magic force in the body.

However, Jerry doesn’t genuinely consider these to be major issues. Whoever is the son of prophecy doesn’t matter to him. The issue he must take into consideration is how to seek advantages and build up his personal strength through the way the overall narrative progresses.

Hermione started chatting about numerous anecdotes about her childhood before obtaining the admission letter and the changes after receiving the acceptance letter when Neville finished speaking.

Hermione is a normal Muggle who doesn’t understand magic, unlike Neville who was born into a family of pure-blood wizards. Her parents are both dentists, and she lives in the suburbs of London.

Hermione may have felt the need to prove herself constantly because she was not from a wizarding family. Her upbringing was actually very joyful because becoming a dentist pays well and her family also comes from a happy, peaceful household.

They both looked at Jerry simultaneously after finishing their sentences.

After a brief moment of shock, Jerry reacted and remarked, “I’m an orphan. Since I was a little child, I’ve been abandoned at an orphanage. I had no idea if my parents were Muggles or wizards. Prior to receiving the Hogwarts acceptance letter, I was unaware that magic existed.”

“Orphan?” Looking at Jerry, Neville and Hermione gradually expressed pity.

Despite the fact that Neville’s parents are both in the hospital, he is still loved by his grandmother, uncle, and aunt, and he hasn’t experienced a lot of hardship since he was a youngster.

Hermione was an only child who was born into a Muggle family. Since she was a little child, she had always been the family’s prize possession, and her upbringing was not unhappy.

Jerry, on the other hand, is in fact a little bit miserable in this world.

“I didn’t expect that your life would have been so awful, but you are still able to face life with a grin, and you are so upbeat and optimistic. You’re truly brave and strong.” She said.

Hermione observed that Jerry didn’t display any sign of sadness or unease while discussing his life experiences. Instead, he demonstrated openness and carelessness about everything. She immediately experienced appreciation and sympathy in her heart.

“Honey, do you want to buy something to eat?”

There was a loud clicking sound coming from the aisle just then. Then the door to their room was pushed open by a smiling, dimpled woman. It turned out that the three of them were engaging in a lively conversation, and before they knew it, it was past noon.

The three of them began to feel queasy as they stared at the assortment of goodies on the trolley.

“A chocolate frog, please!” Neville was the first to rise and sprint for the cart.

Jerry and Hermione both stood up at the same time and immediately started pulling items from the trolley. In the end, Jerry requested three pieces of pumpkin pie and a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, while Hermione simply accepted a cauldron cake. Neville returned to his seat with a collection of chocolate frogs.

Jerry received an annual allowance from Hogwarts of one hundred gold galleons. There were four or five gold galleons left after purchasing all the basics, which was sufficient to cover his daily costs for a full year. You should be aware that Hogwarts offers free food and housing as well as inexpensive magical treats.

Three pumpkin pies, a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, plus three silver sickles and fifteen copper knuts were all Jerry needed.

He consumed the three pieces of pumpkin pie on his own to sate his hunger. He still favors pumpkin pie over the snacks when it comes to eating. He intends to keep the box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and give it to his sister Aisha when he gets home.

The popular product of the World Jelly Bean Company, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, is believed to offer more than 700 distinct flavors.

From common flavors such as chocolate, strawberry thin, mint candy, and orange marmalade, to special flavors such as spinach, pork liver, and tripe, as well as heavy flavors of vomiting, earwax, and snot.

Presumably, his sister must like this magical snack very much.

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