“Jerry?” Jerry had been sleeping for perhaps ten minutes when suddenly, from nearby, a happily surprised voice could be heard.

He opened his eyes gradually, turned his head, and took a glance outside the box. A little child with fluffy hair, dressed simply in trousers and a knit sweater, was standing in the aisle dragging large leather luggage while looking slightly astonished. It was Hermione Granger whom he met in Diagon Alley.

“Ms. Granger, we meet again!”

Jerry grinned and gave Hermione a warm welcome before standing and approaching to collect the box. “There are still vacant seats here. Please sit!”

“Thanks!” Hermione hurriedly thanked Jerry as she watched him assist her in placing the hefty suitcase on the shelf above the box.

She left her parents as a young wizard raised in a Muggle family and entered the enigmatic Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to pursue her studies on her alone. Hermione gave off the impression that she was a strong girl, and she frequently even adopted a slightly haughty demeanor to hide it.

After all, she is just eleven years old. She will turn twelve in 18 days, but for now, she is still just a young girl living on her own.

Her anxious heart instantly calmed down when she encountered the lone wizard her age on the train to Hogwarts at this hour.

Hermione had few friends while attending Hogwarts and hardly any friends while attending a Muggle elementary school due to her haughty nature and stellar academic achievements.

She presently only feels that she can be friends with Jerry and that she doesn’t despise herself.

“Is that your pet? wow, it’s so gorgeous!” Hermione sat down, and her eyes lit up when she noticed the snoring Crookshanks in the seat. As if she had seen the cat of her dreams.

“Pretty, yes?” Jerry twitched as he cast a quick glimpse at Crookshanks’ persimmon face, which appeared to have collided with a wall.

He must admit that Crookshanks is an excellent cat with excellent self-care skills. Jerry scarcely has anything to worry about. The majority of the time, he can even resolve the issue of eating alone, and occasionally, he will give Jerry a small amount.

But Jerry disagrees if you think it is pretty. One can only conclude that people that like the Bull Terrier, the Chihuahua, and the Cornish Rex cat, do not all have the same aesthetic tastes.

Despite the fact that most people think these animals are unattractive, many people nevertheless find them to be incredibly attractive. There is nothing he can do if Hermione truly likes Crookshanks looks.

Jerry handed the dozing Crookshanks to Hermione. Quickly and carefully, Hermione grabbed it in her arms and hugged it.

Crookshanks shook his whiskers in displeasure, but when he sensed Hermione’s heart was filled with affection for him, he went back to sleep contentedly.

“Just refer to me as Hermione. I didn’t have any extra cash to spend on pets since when I purchased books at the bookstore, I also purchased a large number of magic books and the required textbooks.” Hermione replied with some regret while stroking Crookshanks.

“Ah, typical.”

Hermione possesses not only the talent that typical wizards cannot match, but also the diligence and perseverance that the majority of wizards her age lack.

“So Hermione, you must have studied magic extensively beforehand?” Jerry’s tone contained a hint of adoration.

Hermione cocked her chin with pride and said, “Of course, I not only memorized all the first-grade textbooks, but also tried a few spells at home, and all of them worked, and I also finished reading “Modern History of Magic,” “The Rise and Fall of Dark Magic,” and “Important Magical Events of the Twentieth Century.”

“Wow, what a little genius you are!” Hearing this, Jerry couldn’t help but express his respect.

He didn’t mean it as sarcasm. Rather, it was a heartfelt praise. Without mentioning additional things, learning all the textbooks in a month is quite equivalent to this memory.

Jerry also learned the texts for the four courses, but the “Refreshing” ability was the main reason for this.

You must be aware that it was not an easy task to review and recite the classical and ancient poems that you had learned in the previous semester when you were in school. This was true even during the two months of summer vacation, in addition to previewing and memorizing textbooks for the upcoming semester.

Hermione was ecstatic in her heart to get two compliments from Jerry, but her little face also became somewhat flushed.

Hermione’s appearance caused Jerry to stop closing his eyes and instead engage in a pleasant conversation. Of course, the majority of the conversation revolves around the many forms of magic knowledge found in textbooks.

Jerry memorized all the books, including “Magic Theory” and “Standard Spells, Elementary,” and learned all the first-grade spells in them, despite using the “Refreshing” ability. It probably uses it more skillfully than Hermione.

As if a modern person has discovered an ancient book that was entirely written in an ancient language. He memorized every word in it, but he can fairly guess from his comprehension what kind of story it is telling.

However, it actually indicates that you comprehend the main idea of it. You won’t be able to comprehend many aspects at all if you don’t have an expert to lead and explain you through them.

Additionally, even after reading a book with identical content, different readers may not comprehend it exactly the same way.

In “Journey to the West,” for instance, some people read the adventure tale about Xuanzang and his four disciples traveling to the west to study Buddhist texts while others read about a spirit that dared to defy the restraints of the feudal system.

The sage’s calculations using the heavens and the earth as the chessboard and everything as a chess piece, as well as the sophistication of a world where “every sentence is a matter of gods and immortals in heaven, but utilitarianism and secular heart can be seen everywhere,” were what some people saw.

Some only observed monkeys and a variety of stunning female fairies and queens. As a result, in order to embrace all rivers and advance together, it is essential that people interact and learn from one another.

With Hermione’s talent, she learned most of the spells on her own and devoured numerous magic books in the month leading up to the start of school. She must have special views on the magic of her own. There would be no gains if he didn’t talk to her.

Jerry took the initiative to invite Hermione to sit in his room right now for this reason.

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Published On: February 15, 2023

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