But even though there was an accident now, Thanos also knew the information he wanted.

First, Odin never left Asgard to fight in person but sent a thousand Asgardian warriors to assist in the battle. Most likely because he was too weak to make a move. As long as he leads the army with strength, dealing with the Chitauri army, Ebony Maw, and others don’t take much effort.

Second, The Ancient One didn’t really follow the rules that much. At least she sent her own powerful disciples to assist in the battle.

Third, humans on Earth are not as weak as he imagined, and there are still some powerful individuals. He felt that his subsequent plans still needed to make some adjustments.

“Go call Gamora and Nebula.”

“Yes, my lord.” The Chitauri turned around respectfully and left.

Moments later, a female with green skin and a cyborg body is in front of Thanos’ throne.

“Why do you call us father?”

Thanos turned around with a smile on his face, “Gamora, I need you to go find news about the Soul Stone, and Nebula, go find Ronan and tell him that you can find the Power Stone.”

“Yes, Father.” Gamora nodded expressionlessly.

Nebula Yun knelt on the ground on one knee and replied, “Father, I will not let you down!”

After Gamora and Nebula went away, Thanos fell into deep thought again. Losing the Ebony Maw and the Mind Scepter was nothing to him. Ebony Maw was a good follower, but only good in his opinion. As for the Mind Scepter, he doesn’t care much for now.

He values Power, Time, and Reality Stone the most among the six Infinity Stones because these few stones can exert their greatest power in his hands. The other stones’ effects are nothing.

The Time Stone is in the hands of The Ancient One, and The Reality Stone is said to have been sealed in an unknown place by Odin’s father, so now the first thing to do is to get the Power Stone. His strength can be greatly increased with the Power Stone, and other stones can naturally be collected again.


“What a big reward!”

Late at night, in the suitcase box, Jerry looked at the 400,000 red stars displayed on his panel, and his mood immediately improved. He knew that this battle was definitely rewarding. He defeated Ebony Maw and assisted and even rescued many civilians who should have died in this war.

However, 400,000 red stars still exceeded his expectations.

Last time he prevented the Rainbow Bridge from breaking, and the war in the Nine Realms was only 300,000 red stars, but this time it was 100,000 more than last time. You must know that in this battle, he did not kill the entire Chitauri army alone but with the assistance of other superheroes and the Asgardian army.

Of course, he would have been surprised by the amount of rewards he was given.

“It’s a pity that the Mind Scepter is also a very good thing, but I can’t just take it.”

The Tesseract and The Mind Scepter contain two of the six Infinity Stones. However, after thinking about it, he felt that it was better for him not to get it for the time being.

The Tesseract was brought back to Asgard by Odin. Suppose he went to compete with Odin for the Tesseract. Isn’t that a bit too much?

As for the Mind Scepter, it is not too difficult to steal it silently.

However, although the security is not as good as Asgardian, once it’s in his hands, he will definitely attract the attention of all groups in the world, making himself the target to steal from.

This is not what he would’ve wanted, and his Mind Stone doesn’t have a particularly great effect on him at present. If he wanted to control people, he could use the Imperius Curse.

Now he still has a very good impression in the hearts of everyone, including Odin and The Ancient One, who he never met. Enthusiastic about doing good deeds to save people, concentrating on studying magic, and standing up when the Earth is in danger. All these deeds have shaped his image very well.

But if he steals the Mind Scepter secretly and takes it as his own, then the image he has worked so hard to create may collapse.

All in all, stealing the Mind Scepter is not worthwhile for him. Spending more time studying magic and trying to improve his strength is better. When he has the strength of Odin and The Ancient One, he doesn’t need to take that to fight any powerful enemies.

Besides, he may go to many magical worlds in the future. He may encounter treasures in other worlds that are better than the Infinity Stones.

The thing about Infinity Stones is not that whoever gets it can show the greatest strength. It mainly depends on whether you know how to use it, and Jerry obviously doesn’t have much research on Infinity Stones.


“Now, let me see if I can make a Contract with you.” Turning off the strange panel, Jerry walked in front of the unconscious Obsidian and Maw.

Both Obsidian and Maw are alien creatures. Their recovery is astonishing. When it was first sealed into the thermos, they were on the brink of death, but now they have recovered a lot. Fortunately, not long after Jerry returned home, he released them and applied a Stunning Charm on each of them.

“Huh, it failed?” Seeing that the two Contract Magic circles were broken when they entered the head of Obsidian and Maw, Jerry suddenly showed a look of surprise on his face.

However, he did not give up immediately. He raised his hand to point at Obsidian and Maw, cast the Forgetfulness Curse, directly cleared all the memories of the two, and then cast the Contract Magic again.

This time, the Contract Magic circle did not break upon contact but still broke after it was half-integrated.

“Wow, you’re really that resisting, huh?”

Jerry raised his hand again, “Crucio!”

After casting dozens of Cruciatus Curse in a row, the two were tormented and screamed for more than ten minutes before he re-cast the Contract Magic on them again. This time, the Contract Magic circle was finally inserted into the foreheads of Maw and Obsidian very smoothly, and the contract was finally successful.

“I’ll give you another False Memory Charm.”

After the magic was a success, Jerry fabricated a large piece of false memory in the minds of the two and then gradually awakened the two of them with the Reviving Charm.

“Now, meet your new master.”

Maw and Obsidian slowly opened their eyes. The moment they saw Jerry, they immediately knelt down on one knee, their eyes filled with reverence.

Seeing this, the corners of Jerry’s mouth began to rise gradually, “Very nice.”

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