In space, inside the Chitauri mothership.

“What should we do now? The strength of our ship is less than one-tenth. Should we continue to send more soldiers?” A Chitauri officer asked the elder Chitauri in a black cloak with some fear.

The Elder Chitauri gritted his teeth and sighed, “Master Ebony Maw and Master Cull Obsidian have all been defeated. Ninety percent of our soldiers have died, but the Asgardians and those Earthlings have suffered few casualties. Let’s retreat.”

“But will Lord Thanos blame us, or should we use the mothership’s main weapon to bombard Planet-53 directly?” The Chitauri officer suggested.

Elder Chitauri’s face suddenly changed, “No, I will explain to the lord himself.”

As the elder of the Chitauri army, he certainly knows Thanos’ fear of Planet-53, which has The Ancient One that guards it. If he dared to order to use the mothership’s weapons to bombard the planet, then it is estimated that everyone on the mothership would be killed by The Ancient One before the attack started.

“It’s a pity that Master Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian, and our Chitauri soldiers lost the Mind Scepter.”

Elder Chitauri waved his hand, and the entire mothership began to turn around. They flew towards a certain planet where Thanos was located.

“Shut down all the weapon systems left on that planet, and don’t let them use our weapons.”

“Yes, sir.”


“Tony, turn off the portal!” Seeing Chitauri’s mothership evacuate, everyone was slightly relieved.

After all, such a large mothership is still very frightening from a distance. Besides, although Jerry treated the Asgardians, there were too many injured warriors, and it will take him a long time to treat them all.

The alien machine exploded instantly with a loud noise, and the Tesseract returned to its normal appearance.

“Since the enemy has been repelled, we have to go back. But according to Odin, we will bring the Tesseract back to Asgard for safekeeping.”

Seeing that the portal was closed, Sif brought the Warriors Three to the wizard, bowed, and saluted. Jerry’s strength and the healing he had just done on the Asgardians made Sif and other Asgardians respect him a lot.

In the eyes of Sif and others, Jerry is the representative of the people on Earth, not Captain America, Tony, and the so-called S.H.I.E.L.D.

“The Tesseract has enormous energy. Once it falls into the wrong hand, it will cause great harm. Back then, the King thought that mortals could not master how to use it, so he put it in Midgard. Now it seems that it is no longer safe to be placed in Midgard, and it will bring disaster to you.”

At this time, Thor came over to explain something because he was afraid that Jerry would not understand.

Jerry turned his head to look at Tony, “Can you contact Director Fury? Tell him about the situation here and see what he has to say.”

“Okay, wait a minute!”

Tony replied and then used the communication equipment on the iron suit to contact Nick Fury. About four or five minutes later, Tony walked over with the Tesseract.

“Fury said thank you for your assistance to Earth this time. Since Asgard wants to take back the Tesseract, of course, we have no objection.”

Sif looked at Jerry and Thor. Jerry and Thor breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, and then she used a special instrument to contain the Tesseract.


Sif finally bowed to everyone and then shouted to the sky, “Heimdall!”

A thick colorful light descended from the sky, and all the Asgardians disappeared in an instant. After all, the Asgardians disappeared, and Jerry brought everyone back to the ground.

Tony said, “Fury asked us to go to his carrier with the Mind Scepter. But now I want to go two blocks away to eat shawarma. Is anyone willing to come with me?”

“You guys go, I’m afraid I don’t have time. I’ll visit him next time.” Jerry suddenly remembered that he had just hurried out to buy groceries and hadn’t returned yet. Belle must have been worried.

After taking Norbert and his robot soldiers, who had all returned to the suitcase, he Apparated.

“Teleportation, huh? That’s a neat magic. Sorry, I promised Jane that I would have dinner with her tonight.” Thor flicked the hammer and flew away.

“We are going to report the situation here to Director Fury.” Black Widow took the scepter from Tony and stood beside Hawkeye.

Both are S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, so of course, they must follow Fury’s command. Tony looked at Captain America, then looked at Hulk and shrugged helplessly, “I think it would be nice to go back and have dinner with Pepper. Let’s make an appointment tomorrow when everyone is free.”

After speaking, he activated his iron suit and flew away.


In Queens.

There was a crackling sound, and Jerry, who had returned to his normal attire, appeared out of thin air.


As soon as he appeared, Jerry heard a voice. He turned his head and saw that an old man was carrying a garbage bag and was about to throw it into the large garbage bin in the corridor.

“Grandpa George?” The old man is Jerry’s neighbor, Grandpa George.

“Jerry, why are you here?”

“Sorry, Grandpa George, just forget why I’m here!”

Jerry smiled helplessly, raised his hand and cast Obliviate on the old man, and added a False Memory Spell to him along the way. Then he immediately took out the beef and some vegetables from the suitcase.

Jerry raised a lot of cattle and sheep in the suitcase, and there are also a lot of fish and shrimps in the artificial river. He also specially opened dozens of acres of land to let the house elf grow a lot of vegetables and fruit trees. He took all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and meat directly from the suitcase.

“Jerry, why don’t you take the elevator?” Grandpa George’s expression changed for a while, and after returning to normal, he immediately looked at Jerry kindly.

Jerry took out two oranges from the bag and handed them to Grandpa George, “I like to take the stairs, so I can exercise.”

“What a good boy. My grandson only plays games at home every day. It would be great if he could be half as sensible as you.” Grandpa George took the orange handed over by Jerry, and when he thought of his grandson, who was still playing games at home, he immediately became upset.

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Published On: June 13, 2023

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