“Tony, what’s going on?”

In the sky, Jerry and others are on Norbert’s back. At the same time, Tony constantly scanned and probed around the alien machine.

Tony stopped scanning and pondered for a moment, “I have roughly figured out how this machine works. With the assistance of this scepter, coupled with Jarvis’ calculations, I should be able to turn him off if I have another ten minutes.

“Can you let tell your dragon not to touch my ass? It’s uncomfortable.”

Jerry stretched out his hand and patted Norbert’s face, and said with a smile, “Norbert is not hostile. Norbert is just curious!”

Norbert has been living in the suitcase the whole time, and everything outside is new to him. When he saw Tony standing in front of him, he couldn’t help but hit it with its huge head.

“Alright, I guess, as long as it doesn’t bite me.”

With one hand, Tony inserted the scepter into the shield of the Tesseract to reduce its strength. On the other hand, he began to send out various signals continuously, as if he was cracking something.

“Let’s go and help Thor get rid of the remaining aliens.” They can’t help Tony here, so why not just take care of the remaining enemies?

Captain America and the others nodded in agreement. Under Jerry’s order, Norbert turned his head and quickly flew toward where the Asgardian and Chitauri armies were fighting.

“Big man, come on!”

When he was approaching the battlefield, Jerry cast a spell on Hulk. The powerful impact immediately flew Hulk directly to the body of the space behemoth closest to them. With a roar, Hulk berserk toward the space behemoth.

Under Jerry’s order, Norbert also started spraying hot flames toward those Chitauri soldiers. Hawkeye stood on the dragon’s back and was about to start shooting arrows but was stopped by Jerry.

Pointing at the quiver behind Hawkeye, a ray of magic light shot out. He saw the quiver exactly like his own appeared under his feet, and the various high-tech arrows inside were also exactly the same.

“This is amazing.”

Hawkeye never misses. The only problem is that once he runs out of arrows in the quiver, he must collect them individually. Jerry has duplicated a bunch of arrows for him, and he no longer has to worry about arrows.

“Here you go.” Immediately afterward, Jerry took out a few laser guns from the suitcase and threw them to Black Widow.

She is a top-notch agent who is best at lurking and spying on intelligence. Her physical fitness is also at the top; she is proficient in various languages, hacking techniques, fighting, and firearms.

At this time, she couldn’t fight the Chitauri soldiers in close quarters in the air, so Jerry gave her a laser gun.

“Thanks!” Black Widow picked up the laser gun and shot toward the Chitauri army, driving an aircraft in the distance, which fully demonstrated her shooting level.

“Captain, you should throw your shield.” Finally, Jerry looked at Captain America.

Captain America’s shield-throwing technique is the best, and his shield is indestructible. Although its strength is not as strong as Hulk, it is still very powerful.

“I can’t guarantee that the shield will come back to me later.” Captain America said helplessly as he looked at the battlefield where the lasers were shooting everywhere. He is better at close-quarter combat, but he is unable to do so.

“It’s okay, just throw it away, and tell me if it doesn’t fly back!” Jerry waved his hand indifferently.

After hearing the words, Captain America thought about Jerry’s amazing magic and nodded.

“Let’s go!”

With a charge, the shield was thrown out like lightning by him. After a series of collisions and hitting down four Chitauri soldiers, it ricochets back again to his hand.

However, after throwing it several times in a row, something happened. Because of being hit by Chitauri’s random lasers, the shield did not ricochet back as expected but was shot down.

“My shield!” He immediately cast a Summoning Charm when he heard Captain America’s words.

The shield instantly seemed to be guided by some mysterious force, flew towards Jerry, and grabbed it with his hand.

“Here, call me when the shield falls. Again.”

“Thank you.” After taking the shield from Jerry, Captain America froze for a moment, then subconsciously nodded.

After giving the shield, Jerry continued to wave his wand and shot out Sectumsempra Curse one by one. At this time, Jerry’s use of the Fire Dragon Spell must be more lethal. But it is easy for Asgardian to be accidentally injured when cast.

Also, the mana consumption of the Fire Dragon Spell is too big. Although the total amount of his magic power is not low, most of it has been consumed in the previous battle with Ebony Maw. It is really a waste to kill these Chitauri soldiers with the Fire Dragon Spell.

Most importantly, the Asgardian army has always had the upper hand. It is better to use single-target spells.

When passing by an Asgardian spaceship, he saw an Asgardian soldier wounded in the abdomen by a laser weapon. Jerry cast a Quick Healing Spell to help him treat the wound quickly.

Asgardians is three times better than humans in terms of physical fitness, and their recovery ability is also three times faster. Coupled with Jerry’s Quick Healing Spell, they didn’t take long to regain their power.

In the center of the battlefield, Norbert breathed fire. Hawkeye shot his arrows, Black Widow shot with her gun, Captain America threw his shield, and four robot soldiers guarded the dragon, opened the Protego Charm, and used machine guns and weapons in their hands to fend off the enemies.

As for Jerry, who stood on Norbert’s back, all kinds of spells were thrown out, and he became an all-around player who could provide attack and defense simultaneously.

Occasionally, he picked up Hulk with the Levitation Charm and then threw him out again to the next space behemoth. Ten minutes later, Tony shouted excitedly.

“Okay, I have cracked this alien machine, and it can be shut down at any time!”

When he finished, he realized that in the middle of the battlefield, no Chitauri soldiers and space behemoths were left. He turned his head and looked in the direction of the black hole. No one was there except for the huge Chitauri mothership.

All the Chitauri army and space behemoths that attacked this time have been completely wiped out.

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Published On: June 13, 2023

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