Chapter 240 Sealing the Ebony Throat

In the eyes of Ebony Maw, his steel and concrete spears all hit the Giant’s vitals with great precision and also left densely packed holes in the Giant’s body. However, the Giant didn’t dissipate but continued moving towards him, and all the holes in his body recovered instantly.

When he was about to activate his ability again, the Giant had already flown in front of him.

The Giant’s punch firmly hit Maw’s face, and he was thrown backward like a cannonball. Although Maw is an alien, the Giant’s punch almost killed him instantly.

Enduring the severe pain on his face, he quickly activated his ability to let the nearby concrete behind him move toward him. Preventing him from falling to his death on the ground. It’s a pity that just as he stopped, the Giant stepped forward again and gave another solid punch.

This time, his body finally couldn’t bear it and passed out directly. Its physical defense is not very strong, but as long as Jerry has magic power, it can be continuously regenerated, allowing it to recover quickly. There are only two ways to deal with the Patronus: defeat the caster or completely defeat the Patronus at once.

However, whether it is to deal with Jerry or completely defeat the Patronus, it is not easy.

If someone wants to deal with Jerry, they will find it difficult because Jerry knows too much magic at his disposal to deal with certain enemies.


On the ground, Hulk roared angrily and smashed Obsidian to the ground. He jumped up in frustration and bounced heavily on him a few times. His power is comparable to Hulk. He also has armor on his body and holds a pickaxe.

Even Hulk didn’t have much advantage battling with Obsidian at first and was even knocked away by the pickaxe for a while. Fortunately, Hulk came out of the top.

After the battle, Obsidian still lost to Hulk and was forcibly pressed to the ground by Hulk.

On the other side, with the help of four powerful robot soldiers, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye almost cleared all the nearby Chitauri soldiers who slipped through their guard.

Just as everyone gathered to discuss the next plan, an unknown object fell from the sky. Taking a closer look, it turned out to be the Ebony Maw.

“It seems that they have also dealt with the enemy there.”

At this time, a voice came from the sky. It was Jerry standing on the dragon’s back, and next to him was a Giant floating.

“If I’m not mistaken, that should be a dragon, right?” Captain America looked at Norbert, who landed in front of him, flapping his big wings, and couldn’t help showing a look of surprise on his face.

Sure enough, as Fury said, the world is changing too fast. It doesn’t matter if an aircraft can fly from the sea. There are even legendary creatures like dragons.

“Yes, it is a fire dragon. It is also my pet, and the name is Norbert.” Jerry jumped off Norbert’s back.

“Come on, Norbert. Say hello to everyone!”

Norbert looked at the crowd in front of him and then roared.

“Norbert basically says hello to all of you.” Jerry translated.

Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye looked at the huge dragon head with a ferocious face and waved their hands in response to Norbert.


After greeting the others, Jerry walked up to the fainted Ebony Maw and took out a red thermos. With the sound of a spell, Jerry opened the thermos cup, pointed at him, and he was turned into a puff of smoke and put into the thermos cup.

Then he came to Obsidian, took out another thermos, and sealed Obsidian as well.

After returning to the main world, Jerry bought dozens of thermos cups of different colors in a row and engraved a magic circle on them. The purpose is to take it out and use it when encountering this exact situation.

Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian are quite strong and Thanos’s favorite henchmen. Especially when they cooperate, the destructive power is even more astonishing.

As for why Jerry wants to seal these two guys now? That’s also because he suddenly had an idea just now.

He had just learned Sealing Magic before. In addition to the special rules and restrictions other than not being able to contract with humans, it is possible to make a successful contract with any creature or humanoid creature.

He thought that Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian seemed to have nothing to do with the humans on Earth. Technically they can also form a contract.

Just like the House Elf he has right now. If he can, he will have two capable henchmen in his suitcase.

When encountering a strong enemy, it can be taken out as a helper and can also contribute to doing some activities inside the suitcase.

The Extension Charm can only expand the space. If he wants to have flowers, trees, mountains, and rivers inside, he has to move it from the outside to the inside bit by bit by himself.

When he was studying at Hogwarts, he often went out to dig soil and drain the water from the Black Lake into the suitcase. Ebony Maw’s telekinesis ability and Cull Obsidian’s physique are definitely suitable to take over such a job in the future.

Putting away the two thermos cups, Jerry said to them, “Would you like to go up together and see what’s going on with Tony?”

“Okay, but we can’t fly.” Looking at Tony floating in the sky at this time, Captain America said helplessly.

Jerry jumped onto Norbert’s back and smiled, “It’s okay, we can go together with Norbert!”

He then looked at Hulk again, “But big man, I have to give you a levitating spell. Otherwise, Norbert won’t be able to carry you.”

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Published On: June 12, 2023

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  1. technically he can also “contract”/mindcontrol humans as well, or any living thing, he can already control intelligent life, why not humans?

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