The Hungarian Mirror World. This is a highly complex mirror magic, much more difficult than the Hungarian Mirror Trap Jerry used before. Jerry has only recently mastered this magic.

Unlike the Hungarian Mirror Trap, which seals the enemy in a small mirror world. The Hungarian Mirror World directly opens a mirror world that is completely opposite to the real world.

In this mirror world, there are no creatures. But all other items that exist in the real world have reflections in the mirror world, and all items are reversed. It is not like the Hungarian Mirror Trap that as long as he releases a powerful attack, he can break it and return to the real world.

If you want to get out of the mirror world, you must find a mirror in the mirror world, and then you can return to the real world through the mirror. If all the mirrors in the real world are broken, then the enemy will never be able to leave the mirror world unless he can destroy the entire world by himself.

Of course, it is impossible to break all the mirrors in the world. But as long as all the nearby mirrors are broken, the enemy can be temporarily trapped.

In fact, this magic is not very effective in cities. But if it is used in deserts or remote areas, it can still play a significant role because finding a mirror in such places is not easy. Jerry wants to use this magic at this time not to trap Ebony Maw but to give them time.

He knew how Mirror World Magic worked, but Maw didn’t.

Suddenly being thrown into a completely opposite world without any living things is something that probably would trouble Maw for a moment.

“It should be there.”

Letting Norbert stop at the position where Maw just now, Jerry quickly took out a mirror that was only a little bigger than a palm and then quickly cast the magic on it again. Then he quickly reached out and grabbed something in the mirror. He had caught something and pulled it out violently.

Taking a closer look, he pulled the Mind Scepter out from the mirror.

Smashing the small mirror with a flick of a finger, Jerry quickly flew in the direction of the Tesseract. Maw in the mirror world, seeing the Mind Scepter was taken away, he was mad.

It turned out that after being bumped into the mirror world just now, he was indeed confused by the sudden change of scene in front of him. Everyone disappeared, all objects were reversed, and everything seemed uncanny.

However, before he could think about how to leave here and return to the normal world, a small mirror suddenly appeared on his right hand, and an arm quickly stretched out from the small mirror, grabbing the Mind Scepter in his hand.

Although the arm didn’t look stronger, it was unexpectedly powerful. With a sudden pull, it forcibly took the Mind Scepter away from his hand, pulled it into the mirror, and disappeared.

“It turns out that the mirror is a medium. If I find a mirror, I can go back.” Although the Mind Scepter was taken away, Maw also found a way to leave this world just now.

He turned his head and looked around and soon saw the large piece of glass on the wall of the Stark Building,

“Got it!” Jerry took the Mind Scepter and stabbed fiercely at the device that used the Tesseract.

However, it did not directly pierce the protective energy of the Tesseract Cube and close the portal like in the movie. But was blocked halfway through, which seemed to be missing something.

After carefully thinking back on the movie he watched, Jerry realized that the device made by Erik was used to activate the Tesseract at that time. But now, here is a device made of Ebony Maw.

At this time, Maw slowly squeezed out from the mirror on the wall of Stark Tower.

He thought it would take a while for Maw to find the secret of the mirror world, but he didn’t expect it to be so soon.

“Tony, I leave it to you. You are better at these things. Find a way to turn off this machine, and I will deal with the enemy!”

Most of the Stark Tower has been destroyed, so the Tesseract and the device are now suspended in mid-air. After Jerry handed the scepter to Tony, he rode Norbert directly toward the direction of Ebony Maw.

Jerry did not understand this kind of equipment. It is more reliable to leave it to Tony, an expert who specializes in machines.

“Jarvis, scan the analysis structure.” Tony took the scepter and began to test the entire device.

Seeing the angry Ebony Maw, who once again controlled a large amount of concrete to kill him, Jerry stood on Norbert’s back and cast the Fire Dragon Spell again. After fighting for so long, Jerry already fully understood Maw’s abilities.

Maw’s mind control ability is very powerful. It can even lift half of a building directly and then manipulate it to carry out various attacks. However, it has some flaws.

Jerry discovered that Maw’s ability could only control dead things, not living things. He can lift half a building, but he can’t use his mind to control or restrain a person from moving. Although Jerry’s magic can only control the weight of a few hundred kilos at most, it can affect anything.

However, the premise is that there should not be too much energy in the opponent’s body. Otherwise, it will be ineffective.

Moreover, Maw’s attack method is only that. He has no other abilities. Although it is indeed very powerful, Jerry already knows which magic can be used against him through observation.

The Fire Dragons collided with the concrete, and an explosion resounded through the sky. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Jerry began to recite another spell.

“Expecto Patronum!” Immediately, a giant with a height of eight meters appeared in front of Jerry.

After the Patronus appeared under Jerry’s control, he moved through the concrete and attacked Maw from the side.

Maw is now much more cautious. While attacking Jerry, he also kept dozens of concrete spears by his side to prevent accidents. Seeing the giant attacking, he immediately controlled dozens of concrete and shot at it.


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Published On: June 12, 2023

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