Because Jerry has Norbert, he can move quickly in the air without using magic on himself, and he doesn’t have to worry about the attacks of those Chitauri soldiers. Because most of the weapons were dodged by Norbert, and Norbert’s flame would easily destroy them.

Those who wanted to attack in close quarters were torn in half by Norber’s sharp dragon claws. However, when they were about to approach Ebony Maw, a huge space behemoth slammed into them.

So far, ten space behemoths have emerged from the black hole. Three of them have been killed by Thor, and among the remaining eight, the Sif killed one, and the others and the other two were bombed by the Asgardian army.

Now there are five on the battlefield.  Seeing that Jerry was going to attack Ebony Maw, another space behemoth was called in.

However, when Jerry saw the space behemoth, he didn’t let Norbert slow down at all but quickly chanted a spell. Ten fire dragons appeared again, lined up in a straight line, and shot at the space behemoth like a string of bullets.

The continuous bombardment sounded. Before the space behemoth hit Jerry, a hole was blasted out of its entire body while Norbert accelerated and passed through the hole directly.

As soon as he passed through the hole, a figure quickly flew upside down in the direction of Jerry. Taking a closer look, it was Tony with his almost broken armor.

“Are you OK?”

“It’s nothing. But the iron suit is damaged and almost unusable, and the energy is almost completely exhausted. This guy is indeed a bit difficult to take care of.” Tony’s panting voice came from the broken steel suit.

Almost all the weapons on his iron suit can’t attack the opponent’s body, but the densely packed steel and concrete controlled by the opponent make it difficult for him to dodge. The flight mode of the iron suit is similar to the previous robot soldiers, mainly relying on the jet engines on the hands, feet, and back for high-speed flight.

However, the weakness is also apparent. It is not flexible enough within a specific range, especially when he uses his weapons and only relies on the back and feet to stabilize the body. The steel bars controlled by Maw are not lasers, bullets, or bombs. But it’s effective as it has a blunt impact on him.

No matter how hard the material of the iron suit is, it is not easy to be damaged. But you might inevitably be swayed by a blunt force.

“Reparo!” Putting Tony on the dragon’s back, Jerry raised his wand and cast a Mending Charm on him.

A ray of magic light enveloped Tony’s iron suit, and in less than three seconds, Tony’s battle suit returned from tattered to a brand new condition.

“Sir, the suit has undergone an incomprehensible and unknown change, and its integrity has increased from 15% to 100%.” Listening to Jarvis’ report in the suit, Tony froze for a moment.

“Your magic is so good. You’ll definitely fit for Stark Industries.”

“What? Be a mechanic that repairs machines? I might as well repair antiques.” Jerry shrugged and made a joke.

“Can we fight?”

“I’m afraid not. My suit doesn’t have much energy.” Tony replied helplessly.

He could take off this suit through the device installed on the roof of the Stark Building and put on his newly made Mark VII with a laser-guided tracking and rapid deployment system. However, now half of the entire Stark Building has been demolished by Throat, so it is impossible to replace the armor.

“No electricity? That’s easy.”

With a flick of his wand, Jerry threw Tony towards Thor, who was summoning thunder and lightning to hit the space behemoth, and then shouted loudly at Thor, “Thor, use your hammer to give Tony a lightning charge!”

Thor was stunned for a moment, but out of trust, he still pointed at Tony, who was flying towards him, and a bolt of thick lightning blasted precisely on Tony’s battle suit.

“Sir, the power has reached 400%!” Inside the suit, Jarvis’ voice sounded again.

Tony immediately activated the device of the steel suit, “This is very nice!”

“Thor, you absolute beast, thank you!”

Watching Tony fly back again, Jerry whispered to him, “I will try to knock out the scepter in his hand and hold him back. You must hold the scepter to see if you can close the portal.”

“Be careful!” After the battle just now, Tony knew that Maw’s ability restrained him, and he couldn’t help much if he went up, so he followed Jerry’s plan.

After all, Jerry is not weak, and his magics are powerful. Maybe he can use his magic to remove the scepter in the opponent’s hand.


“You again.” Seeing Jerry riding toward him on a dragon, Maw immediately remembered how embarrassed he was just now. He became enraged in his heart and began to use his abilities with all his strength.

He saw him pull his hands upwards suddenly, and the buildings on the left and right sides of the Stark Building suddenly had countless concrete flying up and then condensed into spears.

“Go to hell.” Under the control of Maw, tens of thousands of spears shot toward Jerry and Norbert at full speed.

At this time, Jerry did not use Apparition to evade or use the Protego Charm to defend. Instead, he took out a large mirror prepared in advance from the suitcase and put it at the front.

Pointing at the mirror, ripples immediately appeared on the surface of the mirror, and the concrete spears shot over were all sucked in the mirror.

At this time, because Norbert had been accelerating, the mirror did not stop after passing through the spears and slammed into Maw, which hadn’t reacted yet.

Seeing Maw enter the mirror world, Jerry smashed the big mirror to pieces.

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Published On: June 11, 2023

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