The blackness dwindled, and the body’s consciousness came back.

Jerry opened his eyes once more to see that he was at the Edward Orphanage in London and not at his Queens, New York, home.

He took a deep breath, picked up Crookshanks, and pushed the tiny cart toward the orphanage’s gate after pulling up the large bag he had packed before leaving and placing it on it.

The current director of the Edward Orphanage has been waiting there in his car because of Professor McGonagall’s orders from a month before he left. Not all common people can stoically accept the enigmatic existence of wizards.

The realization that wizards actually did exist in this world certainly increased the dread and amazement felt by many common people during this time, especially the elder ones. The Edward Orphanage’s dean is like this.

The dean was nearly silent and cautious while Jerry was being sent to King’s Cross Station in London, and Jerry decided it wasn’t necessary to go talk to the dean.

King’s Cross Station in London is still far from the town. After more than two hours of driving, the automobile finally arrived at King’s Cross Station’s gate just before ten in the morning.

Jerry and his suitcase were placed down, and the dean formally bid him farewell before scurrying off in his own vehicle. It is predicted that the dean won’t pick King’s Cross Station once more if he rides the train in the future.

There is a platform here that has been made up especially for wizards, and he finds it to be too frightening.


Given that the scheduled departure time is eleven o’clock and the current time is just a little after ten, there is still plenty of time. Jerry is accustomed to planning everything out. If there is an accident, it is preferable to board the train a bit early rather than cause a delay.

He entered the station easily, holding the ticket Professor McGonagall had given him, and then used the directional signs to identify the wall separating the ninth platform from the tenth platform.

“The legendary Platform Nine and Three Quarters is here.”

Jerry realized he must have chosen the proper spot when he noticed that every passenger in the area would unconsciously avoid it as they passed the overturned wall while standing in front of it.

Instead of rushing in like in the movie, he cautiously moved closer to the wall while pushing the trolley.

Why was it necessary to run it through it? Wouldn’t you have to run into a sack with your head if you made a mistake? It’s not like you won’t be able to get in if you walk slowly. You too can have this unique sensation of going through the wall.

The little cart brushed against the tipped wall as though touching the air and sank in easily.

“Is this really an illusion or some sort of space magic?” Jerry experienced a certain amount of hesitation in his heart as he guided Crookshanks in pushing the trolley through the wall.

It was space wizardry, he claimed. He didn’t feel as confined in space as he did when teleporting alongside Professor McGonagall. Although he claimed that it was only an illusion, it didn’t feel that comparable.

Shaking his head, he remarks that he has just recently come into contact with magic and that a question of this magnitude is plainly beyond his comprehension.

A five-meter-long wrought iron archway emerged in front of my eyes after breaking through the wall. The top of the archway has the words “Platform Nine and Three-quarters” etched on it.

As he continued to push the trolley ahead, he could see the magical wizard platform slowly unfolding in front of him.

The first item that stood out was a large sign that read “Hogwarts Express” hanging from the side of a beautiful scarlet steam train.

The open area next to the steam train was crammed with wizards dressed in robes and other mystical animals. He could hear a variety of farewells and exhortations as he moved through the dense gathering.

Jerry quickly discovered a carriage that was just a little empty. Since he arrived earlier, most of the carriages still had a good number of open seats.

He nonchalantly opened the door of an empty carriage that was there, cleaned it up, activated the “Refreshing” ability, picked up the “Magic Potion and Potion” book and read it.

Jerry committed a month to learning magic theory and spells in order to deal with the four thieves’ crisis. He also needs to preview additional textbooks before the start of the school year now that the emergency is over.

Aside from all the weird spells in the “Harry Potter” magical universe, he thought potions were the most practical. a mixture that can fully transform a person into a different person.

The strongest potion that makes the user have to constantly speak the truth about anything is called a “Veritaserum,” which makes the user feel compelled to do so.

When used in the Marvel universe, these will unquestionably be incredibly useful. Jerry is still highly anxious about Potions as a result.

Additionally, the cost of effective potions is also exorbitant. In the wizarding realm, it may be argued that in general you won’t be short of money if you learn how to make potions well and eventually become a master brewer.

One can appreciate the significance of understanding Potions well by taking a look at Lupine and Snape. Lupin and Snape are on the same strength level, with Lupine’s strength not much inferior to Snape’s.

In terms of background, Snape’s father was a Muggle, or a Muggle who was an alcoholic, abrasive, and prone to domestic violence, but Lupin’s father was an official working for the Ministry of Magic.


The number of wizards aboard the carriage rapidly grew as time went on.

After reading “Magic Potion and Potion” for 30 minutes, Jerry turned off the “Refreshing” feature, put Since activating the “Refreshing” ability places a significant cognitive load on him, he typically activates it for 30 minutes before waiting one to two hours to prevent falling asleep instantly again. Restore before switching it back on.

While not the most effective approach, this one is the safest.

The most effective technique is to turn it on for a half-hour, go into deep sleep for a half-hour, turn it on for another half-hour, go into deep sleep for a half-hour, and so on.

But as soon as he entered a deep sleep, he became completely defenseless. Second, he really doesn’t have enough of a red star to utilize it every time.

It can be on for twelve hours a day if it is turned on for one red star each minute; if it is on for twelve hours a day, it will consume 720 red stars. He must consume 100 per day in the “Harry Potter” world out of a total of over 6,000. He must leave if he doesn’t have any more stars.

The point is that even with “Refreshing” on, the efficiency is quite poor if you only use for self-study. He intends to use red star as much as possible to preserve his days and use it sparingly to aid his memory and comprehension only when absolutely necessary for learning.

There will be a one-month cooling-off period after every exit from this world if you decide to come back.

He can learn as much magic knowledge as possible in the small world and store it in his brain. When he returns to the cool-down period, he can find a way to earn a little red star, and then turn on “Refreshing” to summarize his comprehension.

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Published On: February 13, 2023

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