After Jerry released the enhanced version of the Fire Dragon Spell, he released twelve robot soldiers who were in an invisible state. Jerry did not see the sneak attack from Obsidian because he was focusing on Maw below him, but the twelve invisible robots behind him saw it.

No. 6 and No. 7 were now beating down Obsidian with their maces.

Looking at the unscathed Maw, Jerry couldn’t help but let out a sigh. The damage of the Fire Dragon Spell is strong. Even the steel pillar that built the Stark Tower was blasted out by it.

Maw tried to defend himself with the things that are around him. But since there were too many, he could not block all of the attacks that Jerry threw.

“You have completely piqued my interest.” Maw held the Mind Scepter with an angry expression and rose to the same height as Jerry.

Those Chitauri army pouring in from the portal in the sky did not attack like in the original movie, but all came behind Maw. Obviously, the commander of this invasion is this Maw, and soldiers must obey his command.

“We must find a way to close the Tesseract or blow up the Chitauri’s mothership on the other side of the portal!”

As long as he gets the Mind Scepter, he can use its power of it to remove the energy of the Tesseract, which closes the portal. However, the Mind Scepter is currently in the hands of Maw, and he must be defeated to retrieve the Scepter.

Blowing up the mothership on the other side of the portal is also a choice. Because the lives of the Chitauri seem to be linked to their mothership, as long as the ship is blown up, all the soldiers, including the huge creature like a whale, will die instantly.

“Jay, it looks like there are quite a few enemies!” Just when Jerry was considering what he should do now. Thor rushed over.

“It’s a lot, and more are coming!”

In the beginning, he directly attacked Maw because he wanted to eliminate him before he opened the portal to end the incoming war, and it is estimated that a large number of red stars will be rewarded. But now that the portal has been fully opened, he needs to think of another plan.

Especially now that the Zeta Swiss soldiers on the opposite side did not attack immediately, so delaying the time can allow the nearby citizens to evacuate as many blocks as possible with the help of the police below.

“An Asgardian.” Maw saw Thor holding Mjolnir, and his face suddenly changed.

“Unknown alien forces. You are invading Midgard, one of the Nine Realms. As Thor, the god of thunder, I order you to leave immediately with your army. Otherwise, I will take it as a provocation to our realm!” Thor held his hammer, changed from his usual laidback appearance, and sternly reprimanded Maw.

“Thor.” Maw narrowed his eyes because he knew Thor very well..

“I am Ebony Maw, the Children of Thanos. Is it true that Asgard will go to war with our army because of Earth?”

“It was you who started the war. But we are not afraid of war.” The hammer in Thor’s hand flickered with lightning,

At this moment, a loud noise suddenly came from the Tesseract below, and then a figure flew to him. Jerry saw that it was Tony.

“Oh, well, I didn’t expect would be a lot of protective layers there.” Tony activated the booster of the suit, stabilized his body, and came to the side of Jerry and Thor.

It turned out that after Tony came, he didn’t go up directly as Thor did but took a turn and carefully lurked from the inside of the Stark Tower to the Tesseract portal machine. He wanted to close the portal first to prevent the enemy from continuing to come in.

However, the Tesseract was built with a multi-layered defense system. Tony’s attack failed to destroy the machine and was also recoiled into the air by the Tesseract’s energy.

“I have to find a way to kill that person. I think the scepter in his hand may be able to shut down the machine.” Jerry whispered the solution directly.

“Then let’s do it, or there will be more and more of them.” Thor heard the words and was about to raise his hammer.

“Don’t be cocky. Let’s delay them first since the civilians below are still evacuating.” Jerry quickly grabbed Thor’s cloak and pulled him back.

“Support is here.” At this time, Tony also received a signal from the Black Widow and reminded Jerry.

Jerry looked back, and sure enough, a dozen Quinjet planes from S.H.I.E.L.D. and hundreds of fighter jets from nearby military bases were flying over from a distance.

Looking at the jet fighters flying in the distance, Maw couldn’t help showing a mocking look. Compared with the tens of thousands of Chitauri soldiers and aircraft behind him, the quantity and quality of the fighters are not the same as theirs.

“Asgardian, and that wizard. You two alone can’t stop us.” In Maw’s eyes, Jerry and Thor can make him a little afraid.

“For the glory of Asgard!”

As soon as Thor’s voice fell, a ray of colorful light descended from the sky. Thousands of Asgardian warriors led by Asgard’s Warriors of Three and Sif appeared behind Thor.

“Tony, what’s going on?”

Flying in the Quinjet at the front, Black Widow, Steve, Dr. Banner, and Hawkeye were shocked by a bunch of golden spaceships that suddenly appeared before them.

“The Asgardian fighters from Thor’s side came to support.” Tony’s reply sounded in the plane.

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Published On: June 10, 2023

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