“Avada Kedavra!” The moment Jerry Apparated to the top floor of Stark Tower, he immediately raised his hand and threw a Killing Curse at Ebony Maw.

Maw’s mental power is strong, but his body doesn’t look strong. If a mage-type enemy took his Killing Curse, he will most likely be dead.

However, Maw is obviously not so simple to deal with.

The moment Jerry appeared behind him, Maw immediately sensed it. When Jerry tried to kill him, he didn’t even turn around. He just raised his hand, a solid steel and concrete on the roof flew up to block his attack.

The Killing Curse hit the hard concrete and steel, and it dissipated after that. The Killing Curse is indeed very lethal, but the physical attack ability is not good.

“Kill him.”

At this time, the alien equipment had fully activated the power of the Space Stone. A huge blue beam of light rose into the sky, Maw also turned around with the Mind Scepter, and ordered to Obsidian.

With a growl, Obsidian rushed straight at Jerry with his big pickaxe, obviously wanting to beat Jerry into a pulp with his weapon.

However, when Obsidian rushed towards Jerry. He did not cast any defense magic or a counter attack, but smiled and moved a few steps towards the edge of the building. Obsidian jumped up and hit Jerry with an axe, only to find that the pickaxe went straight through Jerry’s body, and he was stunned for a moment.

At this time, a voice suddenly sounded from his right side, and then a huge shock wave hit him fiercely, sending his whole body flying out.

Watching Obsidian fall from the roof of the building, Jerry reappeared.

It turned out that just after the Killing Curse attack failed, he directly used a clone to attract the Obsidian to the edge of the building while using Disillusionment Charm to hide his real body.  When Obsidian was distracted by the clone, he casted a Repelling Charm to swept him away.

Obsidian is obviously the same as Hulk, he belongs to the kind of guy with tough body and thick skin that is not easy to deal with. Instead of getting into a fight with him, it is better to throw him away from the fight.

Besides, there’s also Maw over there. Although Maw does not have as much magic as Jerry, he has reached the peak of his telekinesis ability.

He still has the Mind Scepter in his hand that makes Jerry very afraid.

“I didn’t expect that besides the Ancient One, there would be a person like you on Earth.” Maw didn’t pay attention to Obsidian who was blown away, but looked at Jerry with some interest. He was interrupted by Jerry raising his hand before he finished speaking.

“Sorry, give me a moment.”

After casting an Amplifying Spell on himself, Jerry yelled down the building, “I’m The Wizard. Listen up, an evil alien has opened a portal to space. Yes, that’s right, the one above your heads. Evacuate away from Stark Tower immediately!”

When Jerry shouted with the Amplifying Spell, the huge energy shot out by the Space Stone. On the other side of the hole, a dense crowd of Chitauri army rushed over.

“Okay, we can continue.” Jerry turned his head to look at Maw again.

At this time, Maw may have been interrupted because of his speech, or because Jerry said he was an evil alien.

“Since you want to die early, then I will fulfill that wish.”

He didn’t say any more. With a wave of his hand, countless cement, steel bars, and wires on the roof of the Stark Building seemed to be moving, and flying toward Jerry.

Without saying a word, Jerry Apparate above Maw’s head.


However, although the magic was invisible, the energy fluctuations emitted were still captured by Maw. His body dodged and escaped Jerry’s Sectumsempra’s curse.

He also raised the scepter in his right hand, sparking a yellow energy ray and shooting it at Jerry. Seeing this, Jerry quickly activated the Protego Charm to block it.

“Ugh, this is a problem.”

Maw control objects to attack and defend himself, plus the Mind Scepter does not require incantations to make an attack. Most of Jerry’s magic spells require incantations.

Although he can cast spells silently now, silence is not instantaneous. It just does not make a sound, and the spell still needs to be recited silently. This leads to his single-target magic attack hard to hit the enemy.

Moreover, Maw’s strength is strong, and he has a lot of combat experience. He can quickly detect and react to any energy fluctuations.

Jerry used a Lightning Ball that didn’t require incantations to see if he could sneak up on Maw again, but he was still blocked by the nearby concrete and steel bars controlled by him.

Once again using Apparition to avoid the attack of those concrete controlled by Maw, Jerry quickly chanted the spell and used the upgraded version of the Fire Dragon Spell.

He saw ten huge fire dragons more than 20 meters long condensed in front of Jerry, roaring and rushing towards the Maw. Seeing the fire dragons appear, Maw’s expression finally changed.

He quickly concentrated all his power, and gathered a large piece of steel bars, stones and other building materials above his head, turning it into a semi-curved solid protective layer.

Twelve consecutive loud noises appeared in the sky above Stark Tower, making the fleeing New York citizens and the Chitauri army who had just flown down from the portal collectively froze for a moment.

But at this moment, a strong figure suddenly can be heard by Jerry from behind. It was Obsidian that fell from the Stark Tower, and jumped over from other buildings about to attack Jerry with his pickaxe.

However, when Obsidian was less than ten meters away from Jerry. He suddenly seemed to be hit on the face by something.

Afterwards, twelve robotic soldiers flapping their mechanical wings and holding various weapons slowly appeared behind Jerry.

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Published On: June 10, 2023

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