After ten minutes, Jerry landed on the deck of the S.H.I.E.L.D. carrier with his Thestral.

“Good morning, Miss Wizard.”

“Good morning, Agent Hill. Can you tell me what’s going on?” Jerry floated slowly from the Thestral’s body and landed on the ground.

“The situation is very complicated. I’ll let Director Fury tell you the details, he is already waiting for you in the command hall.” Hill seemed to think of something, her face darkened, but she quickly returned to normal.

Jerry nodded and followed Hill to the command hall. Compared with the previous visit, the number of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents on the carrier this time has doubled, and many S.H.I.E.L.D. agents can be seen everywhere. They have guards with live ammunition, as well as the staff who control various mechanical and electronic equipment.

Passing through several mechanical doors that require biometric verification, Jerry followed Hill to the command hall.

At this moment, Nick Fury was standing on the podium with his hands behind his back, looking at the three monitors above which constantly popped out various data. Seeing Jerry in his robe appear, he smiled and reached out to greet him.

“Miss Wizard, thank you for coming. Compared to last time, you seem to have grown a lot taller.”

“It’s normal to grow taller. After all, I’m in the stage of my puberty. Now can you tell me why Coulson died and what happened?” Jerry and Fury shake hands and go straight to the topic.

The moment Fury shook hands with Jerry, he seemed to find something, his body paused slightly, and then he quickly returned to normal and smiled, “You can take a look at this first.”

As he spoke, he handed a tablet that had been prepared on the table in front of him to Jerry.

“The Tesseract, which was found in 1942 by a mysterious organization Hydra led by Red Skull, was found from a church in Tonsberg, Norway, and was later used to develop powerful weapons.”

After the video introduction about the Tesseract played on the tablet, Fury continued without waiting for Jerry to ask questions, “Since S.H.I.E.L.D. salvaged the Tesseract from the sea. We have been studying it, hoping to use its energy, but an accident happened three days ago.”

“It seems that this accident caused Coulson’s death, and judging by your words, it seems that there are still hidden dangers that have not been resolved?” Jerry interjected.

He can understand things like studying the Tesseract. After all, Hydra relies on the Tesseract to obtain a large number of super weapons. If it was him, he wouldn’t leave such a powerful treasure unused and throw it in the storage room for nothing.

It’s just that the Tesseract is beyond Earth’s technological level. Not only humans, but all major forces in the universe are eyeing it.

“Yes. Three days ago, the energy of the Tesseract suddenly exploded, and then a portal was opened. That’s when these two alien life forms appeared.”

Nick Fury reached out and swiped on the tablet, and another video was played immediately. In the video, there are two figures who can be known at a glance to be extraterrestrial creatures.

One of them was about two meters tall, with a thin body, wearing a high-tech battle suit, stepping on a pile of gravel and floating in the air. Although his appearance was ragged, he has a very elegant vibe.

However, his strength is terrifying. With just a slight wave of his arm, walls can be destroyed, controlling them to smash S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

Although Jerry’s magic can control objects to move and attack, it is only a few hundred kilograms at most. The alien in the video can make objects of tens of thousands of kilograms fly up with a wave of his hand without any problem.

Moreover, he held a scepter-like weapon in his right hand. Jerry immediately recognized that it was the Mind Scepter given by Thanos.

If this thin and tall alien is a ranged attacker, then the other one next to him is a melee attacker.

He is about four or five meters tall, and his body shape is pretty much like the Hulk and Abomination that Jerry has seen before. He is wearing thick armor and holding a huge mechanical pickaxe in his hand.

His mechanical pickaxe can also change into different forms, and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are as vulnerable as little ants in front of him.

In the video, the two aliens cooperated tacitly, and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were almost powerless to fight back. Coulson was also flown by the tall alien and was directly pierced by metal steels that are flying towards him. He fell to the ground and was finally carried away by several secret agents.

“The tall one calls himself Ebony Maw, and the strong one calls himself Cull Obsidian. They say they are the Children of Thanos. They are ordered by Thanos to invade the Earth because they want to take away the Space Stone.” Nick Fury’s face was full of solemnity at this time.

After meeting Captain Marvel more than ten years ago, he knew that there was an alien civilization outside the Earth. But if Captain Marvel hadn’t fought the Kree army by herself, the earth might have been destroyed at that time.

That’s why he has always been keen on forming the Avengers. In the hope of creating a group of powerful existences like Captain Marvel, so that aliens know that the Earth is not easy to mess with. This is also one of the reasons why he has been insisting on studying the Tesseract.

The Tesseract has the same kind of power as Captain Marvel. It’s just that they didn’t expect that the Tesseract and the others hadn’t come up with any major clues, which led the aliens to invade Earth.

“It seems that you suffered some heavy losses. Was the Tesseract also taken away by them?” Jerry put down the tablet in his hand.

The strength shown by these two aliens who claim to be the Children of Thanos is much stronger than Loki. Now they still have the Mind Scepter and the Tesseract in their hands. If they open the portal and bring the Chitauri army now, it will be really difficult to deal with.

But fortunately, at least Thanos didn’t directly bring all his troops to the earth. The current situation is still within the range that his plan can bear.

Nick Fury sighed when he heard the words, “The Tesseract was indeed taken away by them. At that time, we were no match at all. Most of the agents in the base died in battle. Only me, Hill, and Barton took some of the remaining agents, barely protecting Erik and other important figures to escape from the battlefield.”

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Published On: June 9, 2023

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