The principal recommended Midtown High School. Jerry did not object, and Haas naturally did not object either.

In this way, it was confirmed that Jerry skipped a grade and entered Midtown High School. When the summer vacation is over and school starts on September 1st, he can go directly to Midtown High School to attend.

Everything went very smoothly. However, shortly after returning home, the double-sided mirror on Jerry’s waist vibrated.

“Coulson, looking for me at this time. Could it be something happened?”

When Jerry handed over the double-sided mirror to Coulson and Tony, he mentioned that if it is not very important, don’t contact him during the day. Because if Haas and others were around during the day, it would definitely be inconvenient for him to take out the magic mirror.

But the time now is ten o’clock in the morning. Finding an excuse to return to his room, leaving a clone just in case, Jerry jumped into the suitcase and opened the magic mirror in his hand.

“Fury?” Seeing that it was not Coulson who appeared in the mirror, but Director Fury, Jerry couldn’t help showing a surprised expression.

“Where is Coulson, why did you contact me?”

Hearing Jerry mention Coulson, Fury couldn’t help showing a touch of sadness on his face.

“What’s the matter, is something wrong?” Jerry immediately noticed something strange on Fury’s face.

Fury took a deep breath, then said slowly, “About Coulson, he’s dead. I need your help and we can discuss your service in return later.”

“Coulson is dead?” Jerry was taken aback for a moment, with an incredulous look on his face.

He remembered that Coulson was indeed dead in the first Avengers movie, but he was stabbed to death by Loki. But Loki is now locked in Asgard’s dungeon, but why is he still dead?

Jerry suddenly thought of something, and then said to Fury, “Okay, I’ll be there in ten minutes!”

Seeing the magic mirror in his hand dim, Fury raised his eyebrows in surprise. The position of the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier will not remain static but will change its position every once in a while.

The wizard didn’t ask him about the specific location, but he was sure that he would be there in ten minutes. Was he able to grasp the location of the carrier in real-time, or was there a way to find it in a short time?

In Fury’s eyes, he has detailed or rough data on the abilities of almost every one of the Avengers members he has identified so far. They also know the general functions of Iron Man’s iron suit, and they also have records of the strength, speed, and defense of Dr. Banner’s Hulk.

Captain America had detailed assessments and records of all aspects of his abilities during World War II.

Even Thor, who just appeared recently, had come out to fight criminals through him. They had a rough assessment of his ability.

But The Wizards is the only one that doesn’t have the specific statistics.

It’s not that the evaluation is impossible, but that after each evaluation, it is found that it has to be re-evaluated. Because every once in a while, they will find that the Wizard has some more abilities.

In the beginning, they only used the wizard as an auxiliary treatment for emergency treatment of injuries that the Avengers might have in battle.

But later, he gradually showed his fighting ability like the dragon magic, the lightning ball magic, and the mirror magic that can isolate the enemy.

When it came time to fight against the Destroyer Armor in New Mexico. The wizard’s fighting power increased again, and all kinds of strange magic expanded again.

At present, Fury’s attitude towards wizards is contradictory. The increasing strength of The Wizard and his sense of justice are of course a great help to the safety of the earth. Just like this time, the sudden appearance of powerful aliens urgently needs the help of the Wizard.

The point of contradiction is that he has not grasped the specific information of the Wizard until now, and knows nothing about his true identity.

It is the responsibility of S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect the safety of the earth. All discovered supernatural beings must be included in the directory, and all information is fully controlled. This is the principle of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s work.

The existence of wizards broke this principle.

Under normal circumstances, this kind of thing would not happen. But now, considering the Wizard’s power and all kinds of magic he can use, as well as his reputation among the entire New York public. It is not easy to use any coercive means about getting that kind of information.


Hanging up the magic mirror, Jerry went back to the living room,

“I’m going to buy some vegetables, I’ll be back in a while.” Jerry greeted the three that are currently watching TV, turned around, and walked out the door.

“Jerry, bring me an ice cream on your way back!” Aisha said hurriedly.

Her teeth have been replaced, and she can eat sweets without any problem.

“Alright.” Jerry left the room, immediately Apparate.

“By the way, can you get me… um… where is he?” Haas remembered that he was out of cigarettes, and wanted Jerry to bring a pack for him when buying groceries. But when he opened the door, he found that Jerry had disappeared.


New York suburbs.

Jerry’s figure suddenly appeared, wearing a wizard robe, riding a Thestral, and heading straight for the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. With a Thestral around, he didn’t need to know the exact location.

Coulson died, and Fury urgently asked him to help. There will be a reward for him and there was only one possibility he could think of.

That is, Thanos sent his men to Earth.

Jerry had already expected this before. Otherwise, he would not have tried his best to strengthen his strength during this period. The only unexpected thing is that Coulson died.

For him, as long as Haas and Aisha are not dead, he doesn’t really care about the others.

He may feel a little bit protective about Belle too. He also feels the same about Thor and Tony who have been in frequent contact during this period.

At most, he would only sigh like now.

But after thinking about it, this alien invasion is not a bad thing. Although it is a bit dangerous, he can definitely gain a lot of red stars if things like this are going to happen.

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Published On: June 8, 2023

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