There are three main aspects to the strength of a wizard.

First, master the amount of magic. The more magic you master, the more solutions you will naturally have when facing danger, and achieve your goal in the simplest way.

Just like you want to open a door. If you only know fire magic, then you can cast fire magic to melt the door. But if you have learned the Unlocking Charm, you can open it with just by chanting the spell.

Jerry has learned most of the magic in he knew. In terms of the number and types of magic, he has temporarily reached the limit of his learning ability.

Second, the power of magic. The greater the power of magic, the stronger the lethality. The power of magic depends on the research and in-depth analysis of this magic.

This is what Jerry has been doing all the time, and it is what he is mainly doing now. Because the amount of magic he has mastered is already enough, what he needs is a foundation, improvement, and fusion to enhance the power of magic.

The third, and most fundamental aspect, is the total amount of magic power in the body. In the beginning, it is the wizard blood given by the panel, which is slowly developed through age.

Later, he learned meditation, which can actively absorb and increase magic power, and accelerate the development

Today, his magic power exceeds that of most adult wizards because of the effect of meditation.

However, after the wizard’s bloodline was fully developed, the speed at which his magic power increased had been greatly reduced by practicing meditation every night.

If he wants his total magic power to reach the level of Odin. It would take thousands of years, or even tens of thousands of years, to rely on meditation alone, even with the “Refreshing” and Ring of Merlin.

Conventional methods cannot achieve rapid growth of magic power, he can try to use scientific methods to assist him. Super soldier serum, gamma rays, and others may be useful as this world has a powerful technology. Many scientists can create an existence comparable to the strength of gods only by relying on their own knowledge.

What he wants is to use the knowledge of this world to find a way to strengthen and purify his wizard blood.

According to his current theory, the wizard’s bloodline is likely to be extended by ancient humans who fused the bloodline of magical animals into their bodies.

Then, with the support of more advanced equipment and related theories, it is impossible to purify or stimulate the wizard’s bloodline to become more powerful for no reason.

It’s just that his current level is only what he learned in high school in his previous life. That’s why he had to skip a grade, quickly learn more studies, and get in touch with those truly professional scientists in order to become an expert in biology.

In fact, he also thought about finding some experts in this world, like Dr. Banner or some doctors in biology to conduct experiments on the purification of these wizard bloodlines. But after careful consideration, he still gave up this method.

Because he couldn’t fully trust those biologists at all, and he didn’t want his wizard blood to be leaked into the world. Even if he could control those top biologists with the Imperius Curse, it’s still not safe.

Because when the Imperius Curse is cast multiple times, it will be resistant to a certain extent, and the person who is determined enough can also be immune to the control of the Imperius Curse. Just like Fury and many top agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Although he looked down on Fury’s character, he had to admit agents like Fury. Its willpower is simply unmatched by ordinary people.

Moreover, he always felt that even if those scientists developed a serum that could purify the blood of wizards. He wouldn’t understand the principle of serum production, so he couldn’t safely inject it into his body.

It’s better to take some time out to learn by yourself, master the technology by yourself, and only then can you feel at ease with what you make. He has the aid of “Refreshing”, so the learning speed is going to be hastened.

Maybe he could become the most powerful scientist in the world in the future. Not only researching the blood of wizards but also other aspects that may be useful in the future.


Inside the principal’s office.

“Mr. Witt, your son is so outstanding, he is simply a genius. I think it is a waste of time for him to stay in junior high school. You can rest assured that with his talent, he can definitely compete with high school students learning progress.” Principal Brian smiled and handed Haas the consent form for grade skipping.

Although Jerry is not Haas’s biological son. But he raised him with full care, so he has long regarded him as his own.

“Jerry has been eager since he was a child. I always thought he would become a great person in the future. Since the principal said that he has no problem skipping a grade, then I should not be worried about it.”

While talking about Jerry’s various genius deeds when he was a child, Haas quickly signed the consent form.

“At present, I recommend him to Midtown High School. Although it is a public school, its students often win prizes in various competitions. It is a very good high school, and their principal and I are also good friends. He is very interested in Jerry’s situation. As long as you agree, Jerry can go to school there after the summer vacation.”

Midtown High School, this is the high school chosen by Jerry. The main reason why he chose this middle school is that it is close to home. Part of the reason is that Peter graduated from this high school.

Although he didn’t know if the Spiderman of this world was also in this school, he still chose this school.

It doesn’t matter which high school he goes to. After all, he has already learned all the knowledge in high school by himself during this period. High school is just a springboard for his short stay, and his goal is university. A university with the world’s top science degree.

If it’s feasible for him to skip junior high school to university instantly, he would do it. But sadly, he can’t do that. He only planned to stay in Midtown High School for one year before skipping to university.

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Published On: June 8, 2023

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  1. the thing with science, is that just memorizing theory isn’t enough, it requires actual genus and creativity, just being able to memorize stuff isn’t going to make him anywhere near an top scientist. it’s highly unlikely that he can distill his own magic blood, or hope he’s part incubus like merlin was.

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