In fact, it would be nice if Haas wouldn’t know it. Because it means that he has been safe all the time and would raise suspicion regarding what’s happening around him.

“No. 1, come here and give Little Stell a physical examination.”

After testing what it can do, Jerry waved over and called out No. 1, who was waving a long-handled sword and undergoing combat training.

Compared with the No. 1 one year ago, there are some new changes. Jerry used alchemy to add many new intrinsic functions to it, such as the Disillusionment Charm and the Protego Charm.

He isolated a small space on his new suitcase and expanded the suitcase with the Extension Charm to store some ammunition and use it as a temporary safe house to save ordinary humans under special circumstances.

The appearance has not changed much, mainly because the original one-handed sword in his hand has been replaced with a long-handled broadsword. From Jerry’s point of view, attacking the enemy with bare hands is definitely not as effective as attacking the enemy with weapons.

Imagine that when the robot soldiers are fighting the enemy, all the long-range bullets and rockets are depleted, and they need to fight hand-to-hand.

The twelve robot soldiers now are equipped with a melee weapon in order to deal with various situations. There are long-handled broadswords, halberds, daggers, hooks, axes, hammers, etc.

Every day, he will play various videos or movies using those kinds of weapons in front of robot soldiers, allowing them to learn and practice with each other. Most of the alchemy skills he learned this year were basically used on these twelve robot soldiers, and each of them can be used independently.

It’s just that they are spiritually activated with a spell. If there is no order from Jerry, their self-judgment ability for some situations will be much worse.

In addition, in order to prevent energy problems. Jerry also carved a lot of magic circles to absorb magic power inside these robots, so that they can absorb magic power independently. Therefore, these twelve robot soldiers currently serve magical power.

No. 1 came to Little Stell, inserted the sword on the back, and pressed his hands on the body of Little Stell. A burst of information flows through the electronic eyes:

“Master, there is no problem. There is no monitoring equipment in Little Stell’s body.”

“Very good, you can continue to practice.” Jerry waved his hand and asked No. 1 to return to the original place to continue practicing his fighting skills.

“Sure enough, Tony is quite reliable.”

After a year, the intelligence of the twelve robot soldiers has also made great progress, and they can now fully control their bodies. Therefore, the monitoring equipment that S.H.I.E.L.D. left in their bodies had already been taken out by themselves.

No. 1 come over to check Little Steel’s body, just to prevent Tony from installing monitoring and GPS equipment. After all, he has always acted like he doesn’t know much about technology. But now it seems that although Tony sometimes can be troublesome given his character, he is more reliable than S.H.I.E.L.D.

Leaving the suitcase, Jerry Apparate to the garage. After using a spell to temporarily disable the surveillance camera, he quickly swapped Haas’ police car.

Riding in a Haas police car all year round, Jerry is very familiar with all the layout and details of the police car. After replacing all the contents on Little Steel, there is basically no difference.

He Apparates back again to the suitcase.

“Okay, done!”

The safety of his family is basically guaranteed, so he doesn’t have to be so careful in doing things in the future. If one day his identity is accidentally exposed and someone plans to threaten his relatives, then they will be very pleasantly surprised.


After more than a month.

On the way to Jerry’s school, Haas is chatting with Jerry in the passenger seat, “I don’t know why, but recently my police car has been driving more and more smoothly. I was thinking of applying for a new one before, but now I feel that it is more comfortable to drive an old car.”

“Catching those fugitives with this car seemed to be easier than before.”

Jerry flattered Huss on the surface, but secretly smiled and said, “Of course it’s smooth. This is basically an entire rework of the car itself combined with magic.”

Haas thought that he was able to catch the fugitive mainly due to his excellent driving skills. He didn’t know that if he was driving the old police car from before, he would not even be able to see the taillights of his car.

“I don’t know how many of those midnight speedsters have been arrested by me.  There was a racer named Dominic, who was so arrogant and ruthless back then. He was sent to prison for two years.”

“Dad, the school is here. You can go and come for a while. The school principal, Mr. Bryan, has agreed for me to skip a grade and enter a high school next year.” Jerry pointed to the school in front of him, interrupting Haas’s story.

“Ah, okay. But Jerry, are you really planning to skip straight to high school? Is it a little too fast? You’ve only been in junior high school for a year.” Haas parked the police car in the parking area near the school, and looked at Jerry with some concern.

“Although you are growing fast, you are only twelve years old after all.” Nearly two months after he came back, Jerry has slowly adjusted his height to a normal height, so now Jerry is not much shorter than Haas in height.

“Don’t worry, I have learned all the knowledge of junior high school, and I have passed all the tests required for skipping grades. The principal and all the teachers have also agreed with my choice.”

“Well, I just didn’t expect you to be in high school so soon.” For Haas, his son graduated from elementary school last year, but this year he is going to high school, which is indeed a little too soon.

“Heh, if only Aisha was one-tenth as smart as you. Belle said that she failed in math in the final exam this year.”

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Published On: June 7, 2023

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  1. Uh oh. Time to bribe Aisha with magic lessons so that she studies math.

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  4. can tony be considered responsible if he gives an kid an death bot, and not even give it tracking? isn’t his whole arc about not knowing where his weapons ended up?

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